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Set Yoga is a popular method of yoga that combines modern exercise and postures with traditional yoga methods. It encourages practitioners to strengthen their body, mind, and spirit while achieving physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Although it is similar in style to other forms of yoga, Set Yoga is focused on using breathwork (pranayama) to help practitioners modify their bodies’ physical structure to achieve increased flexibility and alignment.

The popularity of Set Yoga has grown in recent years as more people strive for physical wellness while maintaining their mental wellbeing. Many have credited Set Yoga with helping them become healthier, build strength and stamina, reduce stress levels and increase overall flexibility.

To highlight the success stories of others engaging in Set Yoga, we have compiled comments from many enthusiastic practitioners:

“I’ve been doing Set Yoga for several months now, and I’m amazed at how much my body has changed! Not only can I do more postures now than before but my lunchtime runs are also quicker – even when carrying a backpack filled with heavy books.” – Jennifer

“Since starting Set Yoga my back pain has significantly decreased; I never thought that would be possible until I started this practice.” ” Mark

“Doing Set Yoga regularly has helped me become connected with my body – it’s something I look forward to doing each morning!” – Steven

These inspiring stories serve as evidence that practicing Set Yoga can benefit anyone who chooses to take up the practice. With continued practice of breathing techniques and postures tailored by experienced instructors, anyone can achieve better overall wellbeing through the health benefits of this unique form of yoga.

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Set Yoga is proud to offer a variety of unique retreats and special events throughout the year. Our upcoming retreats include an outdoor yoga and nature retreat, a transformational yoga and meditation retreat, and a luxury spa yoga retreat. During our outdoor retreat, we’ll be connecting with nature, practicing yoga, doing guided meditations and activities on the beach, visiting local markets for vegan cuisine tastings, and lots more. Our transformational yoga and meditation retreat will take place in Costa Rica at an eco-resort surrounded by tropical rainforest. We’ll be focusing on personal transformation through breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, different asanas (yoga postures) that help open up blocked energy centers in the body, group discussions about physical and spiritual wellness topics, and more. Finally our luxury spa yoga retreat will be taking place at a world-renowned five-star resort. What makes this one special is that is will include spa treatments from experienced therapists in addition to daily yoga classes and some extra workshops focused on nutrition and food therapy.

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We hope these events inspire you to explore new kinds of practice or just deepen your current yogic journey! Book now before spots fill up!

Feature instructor interviews

Set Yoga is a popular fitness class that combines the practice of yoga with aerobic interval-style training. The instructors are dedicated to helping students achieve long-term fitness goals, and to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for students to practice yoga. Through instructor interviews, potential students can learn more about how the instructors teach and the unique approach they bring to Set Yoga.

For instance, some instructors might focus on teaching meditation alongside physical exercises, or use music to create a powerful emotional experience during class. Some may emphasize alignment or offer classical Indian music as an accompaniment in each session. Through instructor interviews and by trying out different classes with various teachers, people can find the instructor whose approach best fits their individual needs and wellness goals.

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Set Yoga is a yoga practice developed by Yogarupa Rod Stryker in the early 1990s. It combines meditation, breathwork, and postures that emphasize steadiness and correct alignment of each posture. Here are some helpful resources to help readers learn more about Set Yoga:

1. The Four Desires: What is Set Yoga? – This article provides an overview of the roots and aims of Set Yoga:

2. How to do Sri Vishnusana Krama – this YouTube video provides step-by-step instructions on how to do the Sri Vishnusana Krama, a foundational Set practice:

3. A Beginner’s Guide To The Philosophy Behind Set Yoga – this article presents an overview of how yogic teachings inform Set practices:
New Direction Practitioner Reflections – This article from the International Association for Set Yoga studies explores how practitioners experience profound shifts through their practice of Set Yoga:

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1. Set a schedule: Scheduling your practice time can help make sure you stay motivated and don’t forget to do it. Even just committing to at least 15 minutes of Set Yoga a day can be enough to work on certain poses or breathing exercises. To help stay on track, consider setting reminders in your phone or calendar so that you’re reminded when it’s time for yoga practice.

2. Experiment with different poses: Trying out new poses provides variety and keeps things interesting, which may help you stay motivated. Plus, getting familiar with a wide range of poses can be beneficial for both your body and mind as you find new ways to challenge yourself each day.

3. Set reasonable goals: Setting reasonable goals that are achievable within a reasonable amount of time is key! Try journaling or writing down some short-term goals along with the big ones that would motivate and encourage you in the long run.

4. Make it social: You could ask friends and family if they’d like to join you, like organizing Skype-yoga sessions when possible or inviting them over to practice together if you live close by. Making yoga part of your daily routine is much more fun with others!

5. Reward yourself: Lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself when reaching milestones or successfully completing each session – this will help keep motivation high as you continue practicing Set Yoga regularly. Consider treating yourself to a massage, taking up a hobby, or even just simply reflecting on how far you’ve come – whatever it is that gives your morale an ip!

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