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Ride The Wave Yoga stands out from other yoga studios because it was designed to provide a space for individuals of all experience levels to come together, build relationships with their teachers and each other, and grow in their practice together. What makes Ride The Wave Yoga unique is its non-judgemental atmosphere that encourages everyone to pursue the practice in their own way. Moreover, Ride the Wave Yoga has an extensive library of classes available both virtually and in-person. We also offer specialized workshops with world-renowned teachers, giving our members access to exclusive teaching styles and new methods of practice.


Ride The Wave Yoga was founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife duo, Paul and Anne Green. After having taught and practiced yoga for many years, they understood the incredible benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, and wanted to make it easier for others to do the same.

From the start of Ride The Wave Yoga, Paul and Anne prided themselves on providing high quality studio sessions that were easy to access and encouraging to attend. They employed experienced yoga teachers with a welcoming attitude so they could help people lead better lives through the practice their know-how.

In their early days as a small business, Paul and Anne’s mission was simple but crucial: to get more people off the couch and into classes with passionate instructors who truly engrossed their students in a positive culture of good health. To this day, customers who come to Ride The Wave Yoga are welcomed like family by those same inspiring instructors. Many of those same customers still return for each session with stories about how much the studio has improved their well-being over time.

Paul and Anne have always made it a priority to invest back into Ride The Wave Yoga, from purchasing top of the line yoga mats to investing in new instructors as needed. Recently, they have expanded their studio to include certified therapists who offer one-on-one consultations at deeply discounted prices every month or so. While word continues spread about these great services being offered in Denver, Colorado – where this unique studio opened its doors – more people than ever before are finding motivation here at Ride The Wave Yoga for creating good habits that last for life!


Ride The Wave Yoga offers a variety of physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Physically, this form of yoga challenges the body to build strength and stamina while also developing flexibility. Each class is designed to involve a range of invigorating poses, strengthening postures, calming relaxation techniques, and specific breathing exercises to create an overall feeling of well-being.

On an emotional level, Ride The Wave Yoga helps bring greater awareness and control over one’s thoughts and feelings. This type of yoga also encourages practitioners to be present in their lives with acceptance and inner peace. Through this practice individuals can learn how to cultivate stronger connections with themselves and their environment.

Mentally, Ride The Wave Yoga promotes creative thinking as participants navigate their way through various sequences while finding balance between efforting energy and easing into poses. With repetition comes concentration so the mind learn how to stay focused on the present moment more effectively. Practicing this form of yoga increases memory power which can have positive impacts on student learning or work performance.

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At Ride The Wave Yoga, there is a variety of classes designed to suit all levels of yogis. For those new to yoga, there are Beginner’s Basics classes that focus on the fundamental poses and techniques. These classes will provide an introduction to various postures and breathing exercises that help the yogi build confidence in practice. Intermediate classes incorporate more postures, sequences and variations into the practice. They explore further breath techniques and techniques for calming the mind. Advanced classes challenge experienced yogis with dynamic flows, backbends and longer holds of difficult postures.

Restorative Classes are available for those looking for a gentle practice. This style is based on classical Hatha yoga foundations, where props may be used to explore complete physical and mental relaxation while restoring strength and balance in the body. Yin Yoga places emphasis on stretching connective tissues around lower parts of muscles found in the hips and pelvis to go beyond surface layers of muscles while building the capacity to sense what your body needs in order to remain healthy, strong and flexible. Lastly, Chair Yoga allows practitioners to move their bodies through gentle poses while sitting or standing next to a chair to increase balance-muscle awareness, coordination range between movements, body listening skills


Ride The Wave Yoga is proud of our many satisfied customers who have benefited from our classes, workshops, and retreats. Our customers come away with a personal transformation – improved strength, flexibility, balance, focus and relaxation in their daily life.

To show how we’ve helped our customers reach their goals, we’ve included video clips and interviews with some of our past customers. Through these clips you can get a sense of how our classes have impacted them and even learn some helpful tips on getting the most out of your practice. No matter if you are an experienced yogi or just starting out, Ride The Wave Yoga will help you find the right class to fit your needs. We invite you to watch the following video clips and interviews so that you can experience first-hand how we strive to give each customer the best possible yoga experience!


Ride The Wave Yoga has two main locations, each located conveniently for the surrounding communities.

The first location is found on Cooper Street in downtown Louisville. This studio has an airy, modern setup that welcomes all yogis wishing to explore their practice further and deepen their connection with the breath. It is easily accessible; just take exit 3B off the Watterson Expressway and turn left onto Cooper Street. After driving approximately three city blocks, you’ll see Ride The Wave Yoga on your right-hand side (look for the bright blue sign!) There are plenty of free parking spots near the facility so that you can get to class with time to spare.

The second studio is located 10 minutes away in beautiful Northfield Park. Here, we offer unique classes every day that range from full body Vinyasa flows to detoxing Yin sessions”all suitable for any level! To get here, exit 4B (Alice Avenue) off the expressway and drive north-east until you reach the intersection at 42nd street and Alice Avenue. Turn left onto 42nd street until you find the “Ride The Wave Yoga” banner up on a hillside meadow”it’s hard to miss! As always, there will be plenty of free parking when driving up here as well.

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No matter which location you choose, our friendly community of teachers are ready to welcome anyone into their practice and expand one’s appreciation for yoga. We look forward to seeing your face soon!


Ride The Wave Yoga is proud to offer its clients a talented and diverse instructor team that specializes in teaching all levels of yoga. Our instructors have a variety of backgrounds, qualifications, and specialties, making them the perfect choice for any student.

Our instructor team includes:

-Alice: Alice has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has studied Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, as well as specialized training in meditation practices, philosophy, and nutrition. Alice believes that having a strong foundation helps to further your exploration of the practice.

-Ethan: Ethan is an experienced teacher who incorporates elements of pranayama and vinyasa flow into his classes for an energizing experience. He also likes to focus on muscular endurance and proper alignment to help students build strength and stability during their practice. Ethan has practiced both acro-yoga and jivamukti techniques and loves sharing his knowledge with other students.

-Adrian: Adrian is a certified Teacher Trainer focusing on anatomy, psychology, and philosophy within her lessons. Adrian encourages her students to explore how the mind affects body movements through breath work and Yang energy flows during her classes. She has trained in various styles of yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & Yogic Philosophy & History.

Our instructors are passionate about helping their students reach their highest potential within each class! With their many years of combined experience our instructors can offer you personalized guidance so you can discover more about your yogic journey with Ride The Wave Yoga!


We hope this has given you a better understanding of what Ride The Wave Yoga has to offer. If you’re ready to get started on your yoga journey, sign up for our classes today! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced instructors and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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