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Real Hot Yoga Hoboken is the perfect place for anyone looking for an intense and invigorating workout. Hot yoga uses heated rooms to activate the muscles, deepen stretches, and create a stimulating sweat session that can help lead to improved strength and increased flexibility. The heat also helps you stay focused while freeing your mind of all the day-to-day stressors. Moreover, hot yoga has scientifically proven benefits like improved cardiovascular performance, fat burning metabolism, stimulation of the lymphatic system and detoxification of the body through sweating more quickly than in a typical (non-heated) yoga class.The combination of heat and postures at Real Hot Yoga Hoboken also encourages deep breathing which can reduce stress levels, replenish energy levels, make joint movements easier as well as enhance digestion. Finally hot yoga produces endorphins that stimulate inner happiness and create a sense of joy during each practice session. All these benefits associated with a regular hot yoga practice are why we love teaching it so much at Real Hot Yoga Hoboken!

Overview of Services

Real Hot Yoga Hoboken offers an incredible range of services that sets it apart from the rest. With their focus on providing a stress-free and welcoming environment, Real Hot Yoga gives practitioners the perfect opportunity for self-exploration and growth. Unlike other studios, Real Hot Yoga offers classes specifically designed for all levels from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. By tailoring each class to its individual students, they guarantee the best possible experience and outcomes.

The team at Real Hot Yoga is committed to helping attendees reach their highest potential in the practice of yoga with their highly qualified teachers and advanced instruction methods. They take great pride in introducing people to the healing benefits of traditional yogic postures as well as modern sequences and variations while maintaining an authentic community atmosphere that connects with others in a genuine way. Real Hot Yoga also offers additional specialty classes such as Yin sessions and meditation workshops which bring a greater range of benefits than regular practice alone can provide. Further adding to their diverse offerings are lectures by international instructors where practitioners can learn even more about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As if everything already mentioned wasn’t enough, visitors also have access to nutritionists at the studio who offer meal advice based on holistic principles and help guide you towards your goals.

Experienced Instructors

Real Hot Yoga Hoboken has a talented team of experienced instructors, each with their own unique style. Together, they form an incredibly dynamic and effective combination to help you reach your health and wellness goals through yoga. Their classes range from a therapeutic, gentle flow to power flow and slow flow — all designed to meet the needs of every student regardless of their experience level. The instructors blend alignment cues with breath work to challenge your body and mind while helping you build strength and flexbility. They use their deep knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, traditional practices, modern concepts and intuitive guidance to design unforgettable classes that will leave you feeling powerful and energized. Each instructor brings their distinct approach in order to provide a variety of styles for students on their journey towards greater physical health and mental clarity. Every class is created to take you one step closer towards achieving your goals.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Real Hot Yoga Hoboken offers a variety of benefits for those who practice this form of yoga. Through the warmth and humidity, hot yoga sessions help to improve cardiovascular endurance, increase flexibility, build strength, and reduce stress levels.

The heat also assists in helping body toxins to release from muscles more easily so that oxygen can easily be circulated throughout the body; decreasing muscle tension gives the student a chance to safely get deeper into each pose while still being comfortable with their limits. The added humidity helps lubricate joints as well as soften tissues. The result is a strong and healthy connection between mind, body and spirit.

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In addition to these physical benefits, hot yoga also includes practice poses that focus both on breathing exercises which help connect an individual’s inner energy fields with one another. These poses work not just on strengthening physical muscles but also connects and links mental stability by creating a balance through synchronizing breath with movement.

Specific postures taught at Real Hot Yoga Hoboken include Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), Tree Pose (Vrksasana), Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasna), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Shavasana) as well as many other variations of traditional yoga postures. Each of these poses has specific purpose based upon alignment, body placement and its own unique ability to provide liberation within the self – both physically and spiritually. For example, Triangle pose opens up chest area by strengthening thighs while gently stretching shoulders while still toning up waist.

Class Types

Real Hot Yoga Hoboken offers classes ranging from the traditional hot yoga to high intensity modern styles. Among the most popular classes available at Real Hot Yoga are 26 & 2, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Open Flow.

26 & 2 is a traditional yoga class that is practiced in a heated room of 40C (104F). It follows an order of poses printed on the floor of each studio which helps practitioners flow through a series of postures. This class is designed to detoxify the body and joints while relieving stress and tension.

Inferno Hot Pilates is a fusion of traditional Pilates exercises with interval cardio training which helps improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It takes place in a heated room up to 37C (98F) and can be modified for all levels beginning at beginner and progressing toward more intermediate intensities.

Open Flow connects aspects of different body movements into one smooth practice – including vinyasa flow, hatha yoga and restorative sessions. The space is non-heated, allowing sweat-free participation without compromising vigorous exercise intensity. Whether you are trying to build core strength or find your zen after work this style brings something for everyone no matter their level!

Special Events

Real Hot Yoga Hoboken hosts a number of special events throughout the year, keeping members informed of upcoming classes and activities. Some of their most popular events include AcroYoga workshops where members can learn how to practice this dynamic form of yoga, as well as monthly yoga classes with special guest teachers from around the world. Other specials events hosted by Real Hot Yoga Hoboken may include dance classes, sound healing and wellness seminars. In addition, the studio often partners with local businesses to offer discounted memberships or products that are exclusive to Real Hot Yoga Hoboken. During special events, members have the opportunity to mingle and socialize with instructors and other yogis. Members can stay up-to-date on upcoming events on the Real Hot Yoga Hoboken website which is updated regularly. On occasion, members can enjoy free treats or refreshments after attending a class or event. So if you want to be part of an inviting and inspiring hot yoga community, look no further than Real Hot Yoga Hoboken!


Real Hot Yoga Hoboken offers many different packages that cover various time frames and budget plans. Choose from single session, class pass, five-class pack bundles, monthly memberships, and annual subscriptions – all of which give varying levels of discounts the more classes you attend. If you want to save even more, there are family discounts that allow you and your family to get in on the hot yoga goodness at an affordable rate. Students or military personnel can present their ID’s for a special student/military rate too. In addition, Real Hot Yoga Hoboken also offers discounted rates for seniors (60+ years) and teachers/educators! Gift certificates are also available for those looking for a unique present idea. With so many different plans and tiers in place, it’s easy to find something that fits your style and budget plan with Real Hot Yoga Hoboken no matter what it is!

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Real Hot Yoga Hoboken is located in the heart of Hoboken, New Jersey. The studio is situated on Monroe Street, just a few blocks away from the popular Hoboken waterfront.

Parking – There are several public parking lots near Real Hot Yoga Hoboken, making it easy and convenient to visit the studio. For those driving in from out of town, there are a few metered parking spaces located on Monroe Street as well as the surrounding streets. Many of these spaces can only be used during certain hours though, so make sure to refer to signage or check online ahead of time for specific rules and regulations. Some nearby hotels also provide complimentary guest parking depending on availability – it’s always worth asking!

Public Transportation – Lucky for visitors to Real Hot Yoga Hoboken, the studio is easily accessible by both bus and light rail services. The 118 bus route runs directly past the studio and will take you straight there from several parts of New Jersey including Jersey City and Newark. Other buses operating in the area include 126 from Newark and 130 from Bayonne. The PATH train service also operates in Hoboken and takes you directly to Monmouth Street station which is within walking distance from the studio.

Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews, Real Hot Yoga Hoboken is a great place for yoga enthusiasts to practice. Many customers have commented that the studio is welcoming and friendly with an amazing staff that is supportive and encouraging. Customers have praised the variety of classes offered, noting that they can take a more intense class or one that’s better suited to beginners. Furthermore, people note that they really appreciate the cleanliness of the studio as well as the temperature of the heated rooms. Finally, customers seem overwhelmingly pleased with their experience practicing at Real Hot Yoga Hoboken, regularly commenting on how beneficial it has been for both their physical and mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hot Yoga?
A: Hot yoga refers to a type of yoga practiced in a heated room, typically between 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of heated rooms is to relax the muscles, allow deeper stretching, increase flexibility, and detoxify the body through increased sweat. Real Hot Yoga Hoboken offers a variety of traditional hot yoga styles and hybrid specialty classes designed to maximize performance.

Q: Are there any age requirements or restrictions at Real Hot Yoga Hoboken?
A: At Real Hot Yoga Hoboken, our classes are open to clients of all ages but expecting mothers should consult their doctor first prior to attending a class. Please inform the instructor and studio staff if you are pregnant as specific postures should be avoided during pregnancy. Furthermore, clients under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult for In-Studio classes and must provide written consent from a parent/guardian prior to enrolling in our membership program.

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