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Reach Yoga Glencoe is a special yoga studio nestled in the heart of Glencoe, Illinois that specializes in providing an inclusive, supportive environment for its members to help them reach their fitness and wellness goals. Reach Yoga hosts classes like Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga as well as advanced levels of meditation training and prenatal yoga workshops.

What sets Reach Yoga apart from similar studios is the warm, welcoming atmosphere that they create. The studio goes out of its way to make sure each person who attends feels welcome and comfortable throughout the class. All instructors are certified in their respective fields and aim to ensure that everyone gets the individualized attention they need in order to succeed. Not only does this provide a sense of safety for all participants, but it can also mean considerable progress for those looking for more intensive instruction.

Reach Yoga also provides a variety of additional services that enhance each students experience. They often host events such as health workshops or movie nights, private classes that allow individuals to customize their practice, memberships with special discounts on lessons, as well as low cost introductory classes for beginners to get started without committing too much money or time at once. With all of this available at Reach Yoga Glencoe, it’s easy to see why more people are drawn to this truly unique studio every day!

The Ambiance of the Studio

Reach Yoga Glencoe is a welcoming and peaceful studio located in the heart of town. With high ceilings, large windows, and strategically arranged decor, the atmosphere of this wonderful space is sure to envelop you with a sense of calmness. The dimly lit lighting adds an air of serenity to the room and encourages relaxation as soon as you enter through the doors.

The customer service at Reach Yoga Glencoe is top-notch. Upon arrival, guests are warmly welcomed and offered assistance with anything that they may need throughout their visit. Water, tea, and snacks are available during class times to make any post-yoga rituals more comfortable. Mats and yoga props are also provided for all attendees if needed. Private classes are also available if requested before arriving or upon entrance into the facility. The instructors often offer individualized guidance tailored to meet each person’s personal goals and needs throughout their practice. It’s easy to see why this studio has become so popular!

Convenient Studio Amenities

Reach Yoga Glencoe is the perfect yoga studio for all yogis who are looking for a truly immersive experience. The studio offers an impressive array of amenities to help you get the most out of your practice, such as spacious private changing rooms, secure valuables lockers, complimentary yoga mats and towels, shower facilities, and a comfortable lounge area with complimentary tea and snacks. For those who like to practice outdoors, Reach Yoga also provides classes in their beautiful garden courtyard with plenty of natural light and access to fresh air. In addition, Reach Yoga has all the latest technology available to help you track your progress, including digital touch screens that connect you to the instructor, virtual reality platforms that guide you through each pose step-by-step, and fitness bands that monitor your heart rate and calories burned throughout class. Beyond these amenities there are special features unique to Reach Yoga Glencoe such as infrared saunas which offer physical and mental rejuvenation while soothing sore muscles post-workout. Whatever your style or level of ability may be, at Reach Yoga Glencoe there’s something for everyone!

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Classes Offered at Reach Yoga Glencoe

Reach Yoga Glencoe offers a wide variety of yoga classes for students at all levels. For beginners, classes include Vinyasa Yoga and restorative and yin-style classes that focus on relaxation and calming the body. For those looking for something more challenging, power vinyasa classes are offered and suited to provide an energetic workout. Intermediate and advanced level practitioners will find satisfaction in classes like ashtanga, Iyengar, kundalini, slow flow vinyasa and arm balances/inversions. Reach Yoga also offers specialized yoga workshops in alignment, breathing techniques and meditation to further progress your practice.

The instructors at Reach Yoga Glencoe come with a range of experience levels to ensure that each student is matched with an instructor who can effectively assist them in their yoga journey. The studio is proud of their teachers’ qualifications which range from beginner yoga teachers trained under 500 hour certification programs to highly experienced instructors who have been teaching for years and hold advanced certifications such as 1000 hour or even 1500 hour marks. Reach Yoga’s team also consists of speciality instructors teaching relaxing gentle flows all the way up to athletic hot styles such as Power Fusion. By offering instruction from such a range of talented teachers, students can be sure they’ll get personalized guidance suited to their individual goals.

The Instructors

At Reach Yoga Glencoe, visitors have the privilege of being taught by certified and experienced instructors. All instructors are certified through nationally-recognized governing boards and possess many years of experience in teaching various disciplines such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow yoga, meditation, and breathwork. The primary goal of the teachers is to inspire their students and provide a space that encourages learning, spreads positive energy, and allows all students to feel comfortable while they practice.

The instructors at Reach Yoga all hold a minimum 200 Hour teacher training certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Beyond this core qualification most of them also specialize in different branches of both physical and spiritual aspects encompassed within yoga practices, such as anatomy & physiology lessons, alignment basics & adjustments classes, pranayama regulations, the history & philosophy behind Maha Yogha systems & Shri Vidya meditation techniques.

Taking following classes with the skilled and experienced teachers at Reach Yoga Glencoe can have numerous benefits for students – from physical postural adjustments resulting in reduced injuries or illnesses to emotional balance that helps foster mental clarity. It can also act as a support system for discovering one’s true self beyond their body image or judgements from society. Working out with a group may also lead to improved communication skills within class environment since a part of their practice includes cultivating mindful connections with peers and learning to collaborate on the mat or off it.

The Benefits of Yoga

Reach Yoga Glencoe is an excellent place to begin your exploration of the many amazing benefits that practicing yoga can bring. Yoga’s holistic approach works on both the physical and mental levels, establishing a balance between the body and the mind. Regularly attending yoga classes at Reach Yoga Glencoe can help you to gain strength, improve flexibility, reduce tension and stress, and increase consciousness of your overall wellbeing.

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The mental and physical health benefits of regularly attending yoga classes are wide-ranging. For instance, on a physical level, it can help to improve posture, support joint integrity, increase muscular strength and tone your abdominal muscles. On a mental level, it helps with clarity of thought by helping you to focus on breathing techniques which allow the mind to come back into balance after stressful or demanding activities. In addition to this, yoga has been found to be good for stress relief as it allows you to tap into what is causing stress within yourself in order to better manage it. By connecting with breath work during poses and meditation times between poses, practitioners learn how to acknowledge their emotions as well as re-frame them in healthy ways in order to dissolve any sense of tension or suffering they may be feeling. Additionally yoga also teaches its practitioners how to cultivate self-compassion so that they are better able to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

When practiced regularly over time with dedicated commitment, people have experienced a transformation in their quality of life through their yogic practice. They have seen improved levels of health and happiness; enhanced relationships; improved concentration; increased relaxation; greater sense control; observation without judgement; connectedness with oneself and others; reduced anger outbursts; improved digestion; improved sleep patterns; greater stress management ability; increased feelings of joy and contentment…the list goes on! All these benefits make Reach Yoga Glencoe an excellent starting point for those looking explore the wonderful world of yoga!


Reach Yoga Glencoe is more than just a place to practice yoga ” it’s a community of students, teachers and professionals dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels accepted and comfortable. With a variety of classes and styles of yoga to choose from, Reach Yoga Glencoe is designed to make the practice accessible and enjoyable no matter your experience level. Whether you are a beginner looking for a calming reconnection or an experienced yogi wanting to refine your poses, Reach Yoga Glencoe has something for you. We invite all levels of yogis to come take part in this unique practice and join us in building a supportive environment for one another through mindful movement that helps relax, restore and strengthen the body.

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