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Rachel Scott Yoga was created to provide a holistic and mindful approach to yoga that makes the practice more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Rachel wants to give her students the opportunity to build body awareness, strength, and flexibility with movement-based exercises designed around their individual goals and needs. She greatly values the mental health benefits associated with yoga, making it a great choice for both physical and mental wellbeing. Rachel strives to foster an inviting atmosphere of self care so that people can cultivate a deeper consciousness of themselves while creating long lasting changes in both body and mind.


The practice of yoga has become increasingly popular over the years, with an estimated 35.8 million people in the United States alone practicing yoga. Worldwide, the number of people regularly practicing yoga is close to 300 million. Research over the years has found that someone who practices yoga on a regular basis can expect to experience physical and mental health benefits such as improved flexibility and posture, greater muscle strength and tone, better respiration and energy levels, improved cardiovascular health, increased concentration levels, decreased anxiety and stress, better sleep patterns and improved overall feelings of well-being.

Rachel Scott Yoga offers a unique take on the traditional practice of yoga that is particularly beneficial for those looking to heal from physical or emotional trauma. Her classes involve a combination of traditional postures practiced with an emphasis on gentle movements and breath work. She also incorporates restorative poses designed to increase relaxation and mindfulness along with meditation techniques aimed at helping students release deep-rooted emotions as well as cultivate mental clarity. Each class also includes self-reflection activities that help support healthy life decisions. These combined techniques allow Rachel’s students to develop more mindful movement patterns while gaining greater insight into how they move through their lives both emotionally and physically.

Benefits of Yoga

Rachel Scott’s yoga practice provides students with a variety of physical, mental and emotional benefits. On the physical side, her practice helps to enhance flexibility, strength, balance and coordination through mindful body movements as well as breath-work techniques. On the mental side, Rachel Scott’s yoga practice helps to promote relaxation and calmness of the mind by focusing on breath work. The meditative component aids in reducing stress and creating a sense of ease that allows for an overall feeling of deep contentment. Emotionally, Rachel Scotts yoga practice helps to increase self-confidence and intuition by deepening the understanding and awareness of oneself. Students have access to living a more conscious life with self-compassion plus connection to one’s unique energy or “spiritual spark.”

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Rachel Scott often referred to yoga as a “bridge” between the physical body and the spiritual realm. She believed that by using different movements, postures and breathwork, one could connect with their higher self and experience joy and inner peace. Furthermore, she also utilized meditation to help awaken the awareness of unity amongst all living things – “If we are master of our mind, then unifying forces within us can create a compassionate environment and enthusiasm in life.” Additionally, she favored creative sequencing which incorporated slower paced styles of practice such as Yin Yoga with more energetic forms like Ashtanga Vinyasa. Ultimately, Rachel Scott sought to empower her students through her teachings – “The true power is within you; my approach is only one part of beginning your journey. To live authentically, you must find yourself in your expression of yoga.’


Rachel Scott Yoga is renowned for its innovative and holistic approach to fitness and living. Rachel has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years, and has shared her knowledge with countless individuals who have acknowledged the positive changes that yoga has brought into their lives.

The style of Rachel Scott Yoga focuses on movement, understanding, relaxation and working towards individual goals while staying mindful of the grand spectacle that is life. Rachel’s classes are full of creativity as she constantly experiments with different poses, yoga sequences and breathing techniques. She also encourages students to take their practice at their own pace as they progress in their journey.

In order to get a better idea of Rachel Scott’s teaching style it is helpful to use visuals such as photos and videos which show Rachel teaching or demonstrating her techniques. Photos can be used to show unique poses along with the instructions provided by Rachel, providing the perspective of both the teacher and the student from multiple angles. Videos can also be used in order to watch longer demonstrations showing more complex moves being performed with form and control under Rachel’s guidance. Additionally, videos can provide evidence of her passionate instruction style which helps her students gain insight on how to move forward in their practices safely and effectively.

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“Rachel Scott’s yoga practice has completely changed the way I look at body movement. Her classes are challenging, but encouraging and have helped me to tone my entire body and improve my posture and stability. After a session with Rachel, I feel strong, light and mentally clear.” -Kathy Cooper, Yoga Practitioner

“I was hesitant to try yoga for the first time until I took one of Rachel Scott’s classes. The class was incredibly welcoming and motivating! She made it easy to push myself while never feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Her energy is truly infectious!” -Greta Spaulding, College Student

“When I started doing Rachel Scott’s yoga classes, I found that not only had my flexibility improved but also that my mental clarity was soaring! She identifies areas of struggle during the session and offers helpful advice outside of class which keeps me progressing.” -Henry Booth, Professional Athlete

“Rachel is an amazing teacher who truly understands how the body moves. Her alignment cues are thoughtful yet simple enough for beginners like myself to pick up on quickly. Now after a few months practicing with her I’m seeing great results in my strength and balance.” -Emily Jones, Amateur Athlete


If you’re looking to find a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellness, you won’t want to miss out on Rachel Scott’s yoga classes! With her carefully curated instruction, you can create a practice of body-mind self-care that will make all the difference in supporting your overall well-being. Sign up today and take advantage of Rachel’s expert guidance so you can be well-equipped with the tools needed to bring balance back into your life.

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