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Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks is an extraordinary yoga and bodywork center nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas. Here, we offer a unique avenue to physical and mental wellness through our wide variety of hot yoga classes as well as expertly-crafted massage therapies. Our classes range from beginner’s flows with minimal intensity all the way up to advanced hot vinyasa for experienced practitioners. This enables both first-time yogis as well as seasoned pros to find their perfect practice within a safe and welcoming community atmosphere.

At Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks, we strive to create an environment that will foster long-term health benefits for our customers. We pride ourselves on our expert-level instruction that blends modern science with Eastern spirituality in every class. Our instructors are highly skilled professionals trained in anatomy, biomechanics, meditation and yoga philosophy who ensure that each student gets the most out of their practice. On top of this, we host weekly workshops exploring various topics related to physical and emotional wellbeing such as pranayama (yoga breathing), nutrition, body alignment and injury prevention strategies.

In addition to our award winning hot yoga classes, Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks also has an extensive menu of bodywork treatments including therapeutic massages that cater to one’s individual needs. From muscular chronic tightness to postural rehabilitation – we have something for everyone! At Prana Hot Yoga + Bodysworks you can trust you will receive the highest quality service attainable while accompanied by knowledgeable experts guiding you on your journey toward wellbeing!

Location and Atmosphere

Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks is located in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas. Its modern, open exterior belies the calm and peaceful atmosphere within. The moment you step into the center, you encounter a sense of tranquility. With its soothing decor, dim lighting, and aroma of incense or essential oils present in the air; Prana is truly a unique oasis of serenity amid the hustle and bustle of urban life. With supportive instructors who take your individual needs into consideration and promote healthy living within the hot yoga room” along with services like massage therapy, nutritional counselling, and acupuncture” Prana Hot Yoga +Bodyworks offers a holistic approach to wellbeing that encourages mental and physical balance within their members.

Additional Services

Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks offers a comprehensive range of therapies to help clients achieve physical and mental balance. These include massages, energy healing, and life coaching. Massages use techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and acupressure to relieve pain, release emotional stress, and loosen tight muscles. Energy healing assists in clearing physical and emotional blockages that can keep us from achieving our goals or reaching a sense of equilibrium in our lives. Life coaching helps clients identify purposeful change through goal setting, time-management strategies, mindful communication techniques, and helping them become more self-aware. Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks also offers forms of exercise such as yoga classes (hot yoga), Pilates classes, and martial arts which allow the body to experience relaxation while strengthening the immune system. Through their comprehensive wellness services offered at Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks each person can gain clarity on life choices that will enable them to develop better habits for lasting change.

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Class Offerings

At Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks, we offer a wide array of hot yoga classes designed to meet the needs of all levels of practice. With options like heated, slow flow, yin, vinyasa and core power classes, you are sure to find something that suits your personal goals.

Heated classes at Prana Hot Yoga will raise your body temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit”this added heat helps to open stiff muscles and promote an increased rate of sweat production. This deepens the practice as poses become more flexible and calming. Slow Flow classes move with a relaxed pace, providing time for deep stretching while still incorporating meditative elements and stress-releasing breath work. Yin yoga is meant to be a relaxing practice that targets deeper layers of fascia in the body; clients use props such as bolsters and blocks for extra support and may hold postures for longer periods of time. Vinyasa classes provide an invigorating blend between challenging physical movements and therapeutic restorative postures. Lastly, Core Power yogis deepen their practice by focusing on the building of strength in their core area in order to stabilize other poses throughout the class.

Regardless of experience level or preferred intensity, Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks has something for everyone!

Expertise of Instructors

Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks stands out from the competition for its emphasis on creating a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere for its students. This is largely due to the expertise of their passionate and knowledgeable instructors. Drawing from over 80 collective years of teaching experience, all instructors further develop their expertise through continuing education programs, which is why Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks constantly receives glowing reviews from students.

Each instructor brings a unique set of talents to each class they teach and they consistently provide high levels of energy and enthusiasm into every interaction with students. Prana’s primary commitment to making sure each student has an excellent experience is always top priority and the instructors strive to create a relaxed yet motivational atmosphere that encourages and supports growth. Not only that but they also take time to answer questions, offer modifications & adjustments and emphasise safety so everyone can practice in a positive environment where people feel welcome and accepted no matter what their fitness level or experience is.

In short, Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks’ expert instructors are more than just teachers; they are good-hearted mentors who are committed to creating an inspiring environment in which students can reach their highest potentials both physically and mentally.

Popular Promotions

Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks offers a variety of promotional packages that can help make yoga classes more accessible and affordable. One great promotion is the discounted rate for first time students. This rate allows you to enjoy your first class at a significantly lower fee, giving you a chance to try out Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks before committing to regular classes.

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For those who are already committed to the practice, Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks has weekly series passes available. With this option, you can pay for a specific number of classes and use them whenever best suits your schedule. This makes it easy to commit to regular attendance without losing out on affordability.

In addition, participants may qualify for special group discounts or family rates when attending Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks classes with friends or family members. These promotions only serve to help make participating at Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks more affordable and enjoyable for everyone involved!

Student Testimonials

“The classes at Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks are more than just a workout”they’re an experience! From the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed and supported. With teachers that are incredibly knowledgeable, you never leave feeling like you didn’t learn something new. But perhaps most importantly, the hot yoga classes allow for a stillness and connection to your body unlike any other form of exercise I’ve ever experienced.” – Anna

“I love taking classes at Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks! The studio is always well-maintained, cozy and tranquil. The instructors lead energetic sessions that leave me feeling refreshed after each class. Moreover, I always learn something new each time I practice and it has made such a positive impact on my overall health and wellbeing.” – Abigail

“There is something special about Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks that sets it apart from the other yoga studios near me. From the knowledgeable instructors to their diverse selection of classes, they offer an unbeatable experience. What’s more, they have great customer service which really creates a warm atmosphere in the studio and makes me excited to go back every week!” – Miguel


Prana Hot Yoga + Bodyworks is a great option for improving overall health and fitness. After signing up, members can enjoy a variety of classes, including Hot Yoga, Core Workouts, Pilates, and more. Classes are designed to strengthen and tone both the body and mind. Expect an improvement in physical fitness from the challenging sessions as well as improved flexibility and balance. All of this comes alongside other benefits such as better sleep quality and reduced stress levels. All group classes are instructor-led, giving members access to personalized attention and guidance.

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