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John had been dealing with chronic stress in his life for years and he felt like he had tried every remedy out there, from meditation to spa days, but nothing seemed to help. That’s when he decided to try Poway Core Power Yoga studios. In just a few short weeks of attending classes, John noticed a dramatic change in his stress levels – not only did he feel more calm and at ease in general, but the physical benefits were something he hadn’t experienced before – a newfound strength and energy seemed to come over him. He was so impressed with how the classes combined both physical exercise and deep breathing that he recommended the studios to all of his friends and family.

History of Poway Core Power Yoga

Established in 2006, Poway Core Power Yoga is renowned for offering high quality yoga classes throughout North County San Diego. The studio is led by its founders Brad and Fran Gueszler, who have committed themselves to bringing the transformative practice of yoga to the San Diego area community.

Poway Core Power Yoga has become an integral part of the local community, participating in a variety of fundraising activities and community service initiatives. Within their first year, they participated in “Yoga for Change” which raised money to restore a school playground in Cambodia. In addition to this event, they support outreach to several local schools and raise money for Youth Empowerment Programs through sports and education program donations.

The studio’s commitment to its community doesn’t stop there! Every year, Poway Core Power also collaborates with business owners and entrepreneurs in the local area to host wellness retreats that unify and inspire mindsets about life balance and goal achievement. Furthermore, their teachers regularly volunteer at nearby homeless shelters by teaching weekly classes full of compassion, kindness, and acceptance.

Overall, Poway Core Power Yoga stands behind the belief that “yoga is not just about movement on a mat but rather a tool to connect mindfully with yourself and use this awareness into cultivating meaningful relationships with our global community.”

Overview of the Poway Studio

Poway Core Power Yoga is a brand new yoga studio located in the heart of Poway, California. The studio boasts stunning views of the nature surrounding and offers classes from some of the best instructors around.

Parking: There is free parking all around the studio that can be accessed from just outside our front door. Additionally, we offer bike racks are near our entrance so you can easily leave your bicycle while attending class.

Pricing: We offer different pricing plans for those looking to attend at set times per week as well as drop-in rates for those who would like more flexibility in their attendance. Pricing can vary with online discounts available, so please check our website for current rates.

Classes: Our classes cater to all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – and combine strength training with yoga postures to help improve your body’s overall health, balance and strength. We also offer specialized classes such as Hot Flow, AIY (Awaken Inner Yak) Yoga, Power Sculpt, POUND Fit and more!

Amenities: Our facility boasts an inviting locker room with showers and changing area for before or after class; a cozy lobby area with a water station, lounge seating and table games; a retail store stocked with yoga mats, clothing items and accessories; complimentary WiFi access; an outdoor sun deck overlooking the ocean; complimentary fruit infused water before and after class; organic teas; other health snacks; rentals such as weights, mat towels & blocks – plus more!

Benefits of Core Power Yoga

Poway Core Power Yoga provides an incredible set of benefits to those who practice it diligently. Regular yoga practice with Core Power Yoga helps those with physical ailments such as lower back pain or premature aging, among many others. Those suffering from mental health issues like depression or anxiety may also find relief with regular yoga sessions.

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One student of Poway Core Power Yoga testifies that their chronic neck and shoulder pain were relieved after beginning their practice. They felt improved posture and increased flexibility in areas they didn’t even realize were constricted before. Hardly any pain persisted more than 48 hours after the session, allowing them to experience life without unnecessary discomfort.

Another student testifies to finding mental clarity while in difficult situations because of regular yoga practice at Poway Core Power Yoga each week. Through poses and breathwork, they experienced a new level of mindfulness which allowed them more control over thoughts versus emotions guiding their decisions in everyday life experiences.

Whether you’re looking for physical rehab, mental clarity, or just a healthier way of living, Poway Core Power Yoga provides an incredible array of benefits with regular sessions! Practicing regularly can give you greater insight into inner workings, encouraging growth within yourself and your journey through life.

Types of Classes Offered at Poway Core Power Studio

Poway Core Power Yoga is a world-leading yoga studio in Poway, CA. Their classes are designed to give you the ultimate fitness experience in an inspiring and uplifting environment. The studio offers a variety of classes to meet the needs of different lifestyles:

1. Hot Power Fusion: A mix of classic power yoga poses with high-intensity interval training for an amazing cardio session designed to leave you feeling invigorated and energized. To find out more about this class, you can visit CorePowerYoga.com/Classes/Hot-Power-Fusion.

2. Yoga Sculpt: A dynamic yoga class combining free weights with traditional yoga poses to build strength and tone your muscles while calming your mind. For more information on this class, please visit MindBodyGreen.com/Articles/yoga-sculpt-class-benefits-and-why-you should try it today!

3. Yin Yoga: A gentle practice that provides a more relaxing and nurturing experience focusing on deep stretching and holding postures longer than other forms of yoga practice. To learn more about Yin Yoga, head over to YogaForBeginners365.com/yin-yoga/.

4. Restorative Yoga: An incredibly slow but restful form of yoga combining physical poses, meditation techniques and breathwork for a deeply relaxing experience that allows you to honor your body’s natural rhythms of recovery and healing time without straining or stressing the body or mind out too much from overexerting yourself during such practices as hot or power fusion styles offers by this studio as well as by many others studios around the country – for a great run down on its benefits head over to Gaiamtv.com/articles/whatisrestorativeyoga/.

5. Meditation Classes: Offered at the Poway Core Power Studio in various timeslots throughout the week, they offer meditations meant to provide comfort, relaxation and improve focus during challenging times – find out more details at IntegrativeLifeCoachingandWellnessCenterInc..org/meditation_classes_107848324

Unique Experience Offered by Poway Core Power Yoga

Poway Core Power Yoga is a peaceful and calming experience for those wanting to explore the world of yoga in a warm, nurturing atmosphere. The studios have been designed with both comfort and beauty in mind– from the subdued earth-tone color palettes to the abundance of greenery inside each space.

From the moment you enter into either studio of Poway Core Power Yoga, you find yourself surrounded by an intimate community of enlightened yogis and radiant instructors who can help lift your practice to new heights! The high, open ceilings allow natural streaming sunlight throughout each room making it feel like a peaceful oasis after a long day. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the array of decorations that include wall art, incense burners, chimes and organic essential oil blends used when leading how classes.

Every class at Poway Core Power Yoga is crafted carefully by experienced teachers who nurture their students every step of the way. All that’s left for you to do is surrender into your practice and enjoy this blissful journey!

Examples of Classes Offered

• Vinyasa Flow: This class combines traditional yoga poses with a Vinyasa flow — a series of postures that link breath to movement.

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• Yin: In this class, you will hold passive stretches longer to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and connective tissues, as well as increase physical flexibility.

• IGNITE: This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is an athletic practice blending various styles of yoga, strength exercises, cardio drills and meditation.
• Slow Burn: Much like IGNITE, Slow Burn is an athletic practice type but slower paced than the former, focusing on building strength through conditioning and body weight exercises.

• Prenatal Yoga: A prenatal yoga class designed for pregnant women of all levels to help develop strength & balance in the core, ligaments & muscles needed during pregnancy & birth.
• Family Yoga Class: Designed with parents and children (ages 5+) in mind. Great way to unite the family by increasing strength & flexibility while improving communication & deepening relationships.

Customer Reviews of Poway Core Power Yoga

Customers of Poway Core Power Yoga rave about the studio’s guidance and dedication to providing top quality instruction. Professional athletes who frequent the studio find that it helps them stay agile and improve their flexibility. And, renowned yogis highly recommend this yoga studio for its disciplined practice of traditional Hatha and Vinyasa flow styles. Additionally, a review by one famous celebrity athlete exemplifies how the instructors at this yoga studio have been instrumental in providing an atmosphere for both beginners and advanced practitioners to challenge themselves, spiritualize their practice, and advance in their physical fitness ambition. Overall, customers remain loyal to the Poway Core Power Yoga experience due to its complete devotion to yoga excellence paired with an inviting and splendid setting.


If you’re new to Core Power Yoga, it can be intimidating to take class for the first time. Here’s a basic guide to get you started:

1. Find a Class – Call or visit the nearest Poway Core Power Yoga studio, or find an online class if more convenient. Most studios offer new student deals and have classes that suit a variety of levels from beginner to advanced.

2. Know What to Wear – Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and make sure your clothing is not too tight or baggy. You may want to consider getting yoga-specific clothing that allows you move freely during poses.

3. Have the Right Equipment – You’ll need a yoga mat, water bottle and possibly a towel depending on your class intensity level. The studio will provide props such as blocks, straps and blankets if needed for certain poses.

4. Practice at Least Once per Week – The most important thing is to practice regularly so your body gets used to the poses and postures in each class while building strength and flexibility over time.

Some helpful tips for new students at Poway Core Power Yoga:
1. Listen carefully to the instructor’s cues and directions since this helps you keep track of your movements throughout each pose sequence in class.
2. Take breaks when you need them since yoga should always be listened to one’s own body and needs
3. Set realistic goals for yourself—try focusing on enjoying each posture instead of trying to “master” it right away
4. Don’t get discouraged if some poses are difficult — give yourself time and grace as you learn different postures

By following these steps and tips, anyone can feel confident taking their first Core Power Yoga class!

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