Pleasure Point Yoga

Introduction to Pleasure Point Yoga

Pleasure Point Yoga (PPY) is a yoga studio that has served the community for over 8 years. The studio exists to encourage people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds to embark on the journey of immersive wellness through yoga.

Our mission at PPY is to create an all-inclusive space for yoga exploration, growth and discovery. We strive to lead the community in cultivating mindfulness, creativity, acceptance and peace through thoughtful practices in body-mindful movement. Our yoga approach combines elements of traditional Hinduism and Buddhism with creativity and modern history.

Here at Pleasure Point Yoga, we believe that every one should have access to important tools that will help guide them both physically and emotionally throughout life’s challenges. We combine meditation and restorative postures with dynamic asana sequences in classes suitable for students of all levels. All of our certified instructors are committed to personal growth while inspiring their students responsibilities toward the environment, human rights, health maintenance and social justice.

Overview of Pleasure Point Yoga Classes

Pleasure Point Yoga is a yoga studio located on the beautiful California coastline in Santa Cruz. The studio offers an array of classes for every skill level, beginning or advanced. Classes are priced competitively, ranging from drop-in to 10 class passes, making it affordable for all. The class schedule includes daily morning and evening classes, with specialty classes during weekends and offerings such as workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Every class fits into one of 4 categories: flow yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, or meditation. Flow classes range from gentle to vigorous paced sequences that increase strength and flexibility while calming the nervous system. Restorative yoga provides a gentle form of physical therapy through practicing poses supported by props which allows you to deepen your practice without having to exert much energy. Yin yoga is a passive practice where each pose is held for 3 minutes or more focusing on the body’s deep connective tissues while activating energy flows in both the mind and body resulting in increased mental clarity and emotional balance. Lastly, Pleasure Point Yoga also offers meditation instruction covering various mindfulness practices including breathwork, mantra meditation and gong healing baths.

Uniquely, Pleasure Point Yoga provides private sessions upon request as well as retreats catered for everyone’s individual needs or preferences such as accessible/adaptive retreats for those who require assistance when participating in activities suited for their capabilities. Additionally, the studio features visiting yogis from around the world offering workshops with alternative approaches from different traditions such as chanting circles or cacao ceremonies open to anyone interested in exploring these practices further – all within an inclusive community atmosphere!

Meeting the Instructors

Pleasure Point Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes with talented, experienced instructors. Each instructor brings their own background, style and energy level to their classes that make every session unique.

Tracy is a self-taught yogi from San Francisco who combines her many years of practice with anatomy knowledge to provide an accessible yet challenging class for all levels. She loves playing with inversions and helping students feel secure and comfortable exploring their edge on the mat.

Cynthia has been teaching yoga for six years and her classes draw heavily on her experience as a dancer and aerialist. Her flows are fluid, graceful, creative and precise – she blends ballet terminology with alignment cues to help students find ease within the poses.

Maya is an ERYT 500 certified teacher whose classes focus on precise alignment paired with creativity in the sequencing and rhythm of the flow. Her palms-up approach helps students understand that dropping into the unknown and trusting your body can be liberating as well as safe.

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Students have described their experiences in Tracy’s classes as “invigorating” and have praised Cynthia’s attention to detail when it comes to anatomy-based instruction. Those who have taken Maya’s classes for an extended period say they’ve noticed improved balance, stability in poses, greater insight into breath awareness, increased flexibility, increased cardio capacity, improved resilience both mentally & physically – plus they are having more fun!

Pleasure Point Yoga strives to curate complimentary teachers who bring a diverse range of styles while still maintaining the essence of what we promote at Pleasure Point ” a safe space where everyone can experientially explore their inner temple!

The Benefits of Practicing at Pleasure Point Yoga

Physical Benefits: Practicing yoga at Pleasure Point Yoga offers immense physical benefits. It increases strength, flexibility, and even balance. Regular practice at Pleasure Point can also help to reduce stress levels in the body and reduce muscular tension. Aimed at relieving pressure points throughout the body, it actively works to release toxins from the muscles and encourages healthy circulation of oxygenated blood around the entire body system.

Emotional Benefits: Practicing yoga at Pleasure Point comes laden with emotional benefits too. Not only can it build confidence, courage, self-respect and more but it also has a calming effect on both the heart-rate and mind alike. With its mindful traditions, each mindfulness practice assists in breaking down internal blocks which physical poses may not be able to reach out as much. Asanas can act as a medium through which one can connect more deeply with their feelings and emotions enabling them to move forward positively in life.

Spiritual Benefits: As if that wasn’t enough, there are even spiritual benefits that come with regular practice at Pleasure Point Yoga too! Meditation stimulates the brain like no other activity does. By focusing on the present moment we enter into an altered state of consciousness where our brainwaves become slower than normal (reminiscent of sleep) ” allowing our bodies to become incredibly relaxed and giving ourselves full access to all levels of our being including higher realms of awareness

The Community at Pleasure Point

Pleasure Point Yoga is more than just a yoga studio – it’s a vibrant community. The atmosphere is welcoming, with guest speakers, music, and art exhibitions held regularly. There are also special events that celebrate holidays or commemorate important dates throughout the year. All of these activities bring people together to share ideas and connect; whether in-person or online via zoom.

Many classes at Pleasure Point Yoga feature live music from local DJs and bands that create an uplifting atmosphere for practicing yoga. Every month there is a special music event piece where the instructor brings a singer or acoustic musician to the studio to produce a unique soundtrack during class. With the help of these local artists, the sound embraced by this space creates an unforgettable experience for all involved.

In addition to musical acts, guest speakers have been known to grace the yoga studio’s stage covering topics that range from meditation practices and mindfulness exercises to nutrition tips and intentional living habits. These events give members an opportunity to learn something new and connect with like-minded yogis beyond their usual practice.

The studio also takes pride in showcasing local artwork created by talented up-and-coming artists from surrounding communities. These art exhibitions offer both members and guests photo opportunities amongst beautiful murals and gatherings around art pieces exclusive to Pleasure Point Yoga’s level of appreciation for self expression through fine artistry.

Overall, Pleasure Point Yoga has successfully fostered an inclusive environment for anyone seeking connection, peace, growth and wellness within their own life journey..

Community Outreach Programs

Pleasure Point Yoga is dedicated to giving back to the local community in ways that extend beyond its studio walls. The studio offers numerous opportunities for community outreach, including workshops and donation-based classes at their location and within the wider community.

Workshops are regularly held either at the yoga studio or offsite at destinations such as schools, corporations, or churches. These workshops provide both basic yoga instruction and knowledge on the health benefits of mindful living. The studio also offer private readings with healers in addition to events such as meditation circles and sound healing therapies.

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The studio also has a number of donation-based classes which accept suggested donations for each class rather than charging for attendance. These classes also have a sliding scale option for members of the community who might not otherwise be able to attend, allowing them access to quality instruction regardless of financial means. In addition to these established classes, Pleasure Point Yoga actively encourages their instructors to become involved in outside charitable initiatives such as domestic violence support groups, free street festivals and veterans causes.


Interview 1:

Q: What changes have you noticed in your lifestyle since attending the classes at Pleasure Point Yoga?

A: I used to feel quite stiff and sore after a day at work, but now that I’ve been taking yoga classes at Pleasure Point Yoga, my muscles feel much more relaxed. Not only that, but also my emotional wellbeing has improved. I feel like practicing yoga helps me stay balanced and connected to myself in a way that nothing else does. It’s an incredibly positive experience for me each time I come to class.


Pleasure Point Yoga has an extensive selection of online resources designed to help enhance your yoga practice. From instructional videos featuring world-renowned teachers, to podcasts offering expert advice, to books chock full of helpful tips and tricks, they have something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, there are plenty of tutorials available to aid in deepening your knowledge and understanding of the practice. Additionally, they provide helpful information on choosing the right equipment and apparel for your style of yoga, along with access to specialized classes designed to target specific areas like shoulder pain relief and back strengthening. No matter your skill level or goals, Pleasure Point Yoga can help you get the most out of your practice.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of yoga practice are numerous and range from improved flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone to enhanced stress reduction, relaxation, mental clarity and mental focus. Additionally, regular yoga practice can help reduce chronic aches and pains, alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, increase energy levels while decreasing fatigue, assist in weight loss goals, increase circulation and create an overall sense of well-being. No matter your age or stage in life yoga has something to offer everyone.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to your health journey then Pleasure Point Yoga is the perfect fit. For more than 20 years our experienced instructors have encouraged individuals on their personal yoga journeys by teaching traditional hatha techniques along with compassionate guidance tailored to each individual’s needs. We provide mats, blankets and other necessary props; we also create opportunities for students to deepen their experience through workshops, retreats and special events. With friendly open minded instructors who respect differing paths with yoga Pleasure Point Yoga offers a wellness experience for anyone ready to make the commitment to transform their life! So take charge of your own health journey: come explore our variety of classes at Pleasure Point Yoga today!

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