Pilates for Weight Loss


These days, weight loss is a major issue that almost everyone is concerned about. That is because the sedentary lifestyle is catching up and making obesity part of modern living. Unfortunately, beauty and sexiness are often linked with having a fit and slim physique. Thus, weight loss is considered as very important for a person’s overall appearance and confidence. Liposuction is very popular these days as a form of instant and effective weight loss. But for people who do not like the idea of undergoing surgical procedures, Pilates could be a good surgery-free alternative.


Pilates is a form of an exercise program that was developed by a physical fitness guru named Joseph Pilates during the height of the World War I. It is an exercise program that was developed to focus on flexibility and core strength. Specifically, the exercise program could bring about more ideal muscle tone that in turn could lead to a ‘taller and streamlined’ appearance. The tasks involved in the exercise could help you engage your core muscles (comprising of abdominals) and inner back muscles (especially those in the mid-back and lower back section). Thus, it could help you improve your overall posture, keep your back stronger, and attain a better posture.

What people usually like about Pilates is that it does not require too much. The tasks could be done right at the comfort of your very own home. You may use a half-inch thick mat or just the floor. The exercise routines could take just several minutes to complete. You do not need any special equipment or tools. This is because the program is much focused on overall and targeted body movements. You could learn Pilates in many ways: through instructional videos and manuals or through guidance from experts or class facilitators.

Pilates is an exercise that is designed strategically for both men and women from all ages. The benefits are derived from the basic movements. When you do a Pilates movement, you are subjecting your body to a range of motions. There is no need to force the body to go further beyond what it could comfortably handle. The movements may be slow but they are more effective in burning stored calories. Proper and recommended pattern of breathing also helps make the exercise tasks more effective and relaxing. Overall stance is improved as well.

Not only does Pilates tone abdominal muscles. It is also effective in reducing back pains and lowering the chances for development of osteoporosis, especially in aging women. Combined with several other forms of cardiovascular exercises, Pilates could do a great wonder in losing those unlikely excess pounds at the shortest time possible. If you are aiming to lose those flabs that make your tummy area look awkward, you should strive to do Pilates exercise routines regularly. Pilates could also be considered as a mind and body exercise due to its highly targeted resistance in every movement. The exercise program is recommended for everybody, especially athletes, dancers, and obese people.

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The Basics Of Pilates For Weight Loss

Among the most challenging phase of life is when one wants to lose extra weight. It is a challenge for almost all people who are experiencing obesity especially when they do not have self-discipline and control. To be able to lose weight, you should exercise regularly to burn all the calories and fats stored in your body. It also takes time, effort, and patience to successfully achieve your desired outcome. But whatever the routine or steps in achieving such goal, you must effectively implement them. It is the same way with the popular exercise and technique called Pilates.

For a brief background of what Pilates is, it was developed by Joseph Pilates during the 20th century in Germany, UK, and USA. It is a physical fitness system and a routine which helps stretch the muscles, which is needed for our muscles, and endurance of the legs, abdominals, arms, back, and hips. It focuses on the alignment of the spinal and pelvic, breathing which is very helpful in relieving stress and to enable continuous flow of oxygen to every muscle of the body, tones the abdominals while your are stretching your back, and it also helps in improving body coordination and balance. Because of the flexible systems used in Pilates, it is categorized based on the range of difficulty of the steps from basic steps to advanced steps. The intensity of the routine can be increased depending on the conditions and adaptations of your body to the exercises. Pilates is also good in increasing muscle reach, flexibility, and agility.

Knowing the health benefits of Pilates, it is also known to be of great help for weight loss. Pilates is known in making your body lean and fit. Many people around the globe have already claimed the effectiveness of Pilates in losing weight. There are five tips in making Pilates as an effective aid in weight loss. The first tip is you perform Pilates workouts aimed at burning calories. This means being able to have a system that’s capable of burning more calories than the number you take in.

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Pilates is one of the perfect exercises in burning the calories stored in your body, but the outcome of the workout also depends on the effort that you exert in every session of the exercise. You can do Pilates in your own home or home routine. As time goes by, your body will adapt to the routine and you will however step up to a higher level of difficulty in order to burn more calories. Pilates is usually done with a slow pace specifically during the beginner and intermediate levels. However, if you want to burn calories the fast way, you can do quicker pace routines. In that manner, you should follow proper breathing so that you can keep up with the pace. You can add cardio workouts to your routine if you want to lose weight fast.

The second tip is choosing Pilates equipment that will enable muscle build-up. These muscles are fat burning muscles which burn fats leaving more muscles in your body than fats. You can start up with Pilates mat exercises. When you proceed to a higher level, you can add more Pilates equipments that will enhance your muscle build-up. The third tip is to buy DVDs on Pilates weight loss. These DVDs are widely distributed throughout the whole world. You won’t get difficulty in finding one. You can follow the routines because most of them are intended for at home workouts.

The fourth tip is to get support from Pilates classes. It’s more enjoyable to perform workouts by groups. In Pilates classes, you can also have your personal trainer which will help you in your routines and monitor your progress. Finally, the fifth and last tip of making Pilates as a good weight loss aid is to have a proper diet. This is the only key that you can successfully obtain your desired weight loss. Without the proper diet, you won’t lose weight no matter how much money and effort you invest in doing Pilates.

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Losing Weight With Pilates Does Work

Different types of exercise are now defined to be a great help for what is now occurring problem in health. Obesity or overweight is a very common struggle for many people. From this problem arise so many issues and other higher health problems. Obesity can lead to many diseases and abnormalities in the body of a person. These illnesses and diseases or abnormalities may be high blood pressure, diabetes and other organ failures like heart and kidney failure.

This continuously arising problem is regulated and controlled through many courses and programs offered. Many experts are suggesting different techniques and methods of solving the said issue. For this losing weight program many ways are develop for the solution to the problem. Few of these are the different and distinguish ways of exercise. And an example of this developing program is the Pilates exercise.

Pilates exercise was founded and developed by a young German. This young man arrived at this idea and form of exercise because of his determination to conquer and win his physical disabilities and incapacities. Pilates wanted to become fit and healthy and lean led him to discover and formulate this type of exercise. Today, the routine called pilates benefits a lot for many people who engage in such exercise. Unlike other types of working out which are very strenuous and tiring, it is focus on concentration and continuous flowing breathing. This means that you do not withhold your breath while doing it.

Its main purpose isn’t actually on losing weight, but rather, pilates is more concentrated on core stability. This method of exercise is a process of regulated or controlled and continuous flowing movement. Along the way, one achieves increased flexibility and balance. This also helps you get in shape and have proper posture. This type of exercise gives one a firmer body and tone muscles. This is not also just a physical exercise but both mental and physical. This is focus on concentration and every movement is done by accuracy and balance of body. So this involves the mind and body also. Ultimately, however, many people who want to lose weight integrate pilates into their workout regimen.

With the steps like this, the burning of calories takes in. Although this exercise is not focusing on weight loss but this could still be applied. Our brain when at work uses energy and so our body when in motion. Thus Pilates exercise can be used for losing weight since it combines both the use of brain in the concentration and accuracy of moves and the movement of the body which uses energy to be at work. It is not made primarily for losing weight but for core stability, body’s flexibility and even balance. But the motion of this exercise can lead to sweating and thus usage of energy and eventually burning of calories and fats.

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Moreover, this form of exercise is at slow pace so if you want to burn more calories you can proceed to a quicker or faster motion. As mention, Pilates can burn calories but not in large amount. So to increase this amount of burning of fats and calories, you also have to increase the speed of your action. This then inserts the losing of weight. Pilates exercise is not the most efficient and effective way of losing weight but what’s best about this is the other benefit that gives. Other benefits are firmer and leaner body and muscles, well-toned muscles and even increasing the balance of one person. This changes the shape of a body and develops into a better one.

In addition, pilates exercise is not done in a quick or fast pace at first. This could be hard at times especially when the muscle tone and also posture is poor at the starting position.


Winsor Pilates Weight Loss: A Fallacy?

Have you ever thought to undergo some methods to lose weight or you just don’t care? Well, mine here is just simple speculations on the truth about Winsor Pilates weight loss.

As we approached the ever fast changing societies, many infomercials are advertising the new trend in fitness industry which is the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout. Because of those infomercials, the Winsor Pilates weight loss exercise becomes the most popular topic surrounding weight loss.

For everybody’s information, the Winsor Pilates weight loss program is first designed by Mari Winsor for those who wanted to sculpt their bodies and to lose weight. Many claimed that the Winsor Pilates weight loss program really works. However, when we talk about the Winsor Pilates weight loss program that supposed to tone your body and help you get lean and shapely, we cannot deny the fact that there is really no such thing as a weight loss program like the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout that can totally shape your body. This fact is supported by the reason that the only way to burn fat and lose weight is to undergo methods with the use of good fat burning diet.

The truth about Winsor Pilates weight loss workout is also denied by most people because the Winsor Pilates accordingly is just a slow form of exercise and does not really burn fats.

Let us accept the fact which sometimes becomes a fallacy in the world of infomercials that many infomercials just present those claims that Winsor Pilates weight loss really works by presenting models and personalities that are really lean and shapely. With such perspective, the Winsor Pilates weight loss is therefore designed to look effective on the infomercials because everybody shown performing it is lean and shapely.

Those infomercials about Winsor Pilates weight loss don’t tell you that those particular personas were already lean and shapely before the Winsor Pilates weight loss was designed as a weight loss exercise. It therefore shows that those Winsor Pilates weight loss workout personalities did not attain their fat loss and weight loss by merely using the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout. Oh, what a fallacy! But even though that method works, let us bear in mind that it still remains a fallacy.

To further support the claim that Winsor Pilates weight loss workout will not help you get any leaner and the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout will not help you in your weight loss efforts, some supporting opinions about Winsor Pilates weight loss workout is given. Accordingly, in most opinions I have researched, the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout is not really designed to lose weight but only to sculpt the muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. And to better gain a result, if someone is serious with losing weight, an additional fat burning diet is applied aside from the Winsor Pilates weight loss workout.

Therefore it is understandable that the Winsor Pilates weight loss program must be coupled with healthy diet and good routines. Because of that the Winsor Pilates weight loss program designed some of the supporting kits for better results, such as the 3-D Training and Win-in-10-Meal Plan.


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