Pets Yoga

The Bliss of Pets and Yoga

Combining two sources of relaxation and wellbeing, pets yoga provides a unique experience for man’s best friends and their owners. Created with the intention to bring companions closer together and join two pastimes into a spiritual bonding experience, the class is gaining popularity across the world.

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga With Pets

The class is beneficial for both animals and humans, offering the following advantages:

  • Increased Bonding Time: Taking part in pets yoga gives pet and their owners the opportunity to strengthen their expression of love and trust and share in an activity together.
  • Stress Relief: With its combination of relaxing stretches and strokes of pets, the class expands the territory of the owner’s comfort zone, encouraging peace and love within their furry friends.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: Through the mental challenge of juggling both yoga and pet, the activity sharpens one’s ability to focus and concentrate, which results in improved cognitive function.

The Requirements for a Successful Class

For a successful class, instructors emphasize the following guidelines:

  1. Acclimation:The pet must be acclimated to the environment, which means that it must be on a leash or carrier that is comfortable and makes them feel safe.
  2. Moving Together:It is important that the pet does their own thing and not be held back. If the pet is having difficulty moving, use verbal cues to encourage them to move forward.
  3. Variety:Vary the level of intensity, as well as the physical position of the pet during the class. Move from standing to kneeling, to lying down and stretching.
  4. Positivity:Utilize positive reinforcement and be proactive in encouraging the pet to move at their own pace. When they move, ensure that they are rewarded with a treat.


Pets yoga provides both animals and their owners with a unique experience, which is beneficial for both parties. With its combination of relaxation and spirituality, it is a great way to increase bonding time, reduce stress and improve cognitive function.

Creating a successful class means that pets must be comfortable, encouraged to move and rewarded for their effort. Practicing this together is a great way to spend quality time with your loved one, both of whom will benefit from the physical, mental and spiritual experience.

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