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Pam Field Yoga Santa Rosa offers a unique, individualized approach to yoga that is tailored to each student. Her classes focus on building strength and flexibility while promoting mindfulness and relaxation. Pam’s experienced and certified instructors provide personalized attention in every class, helping students modify poses and adjust the intensity based on their needs. She offers a range of classes, from power yoga to gentle flow, allowing students to choose the experience best suited for them. Along with her weekly classes, Pam offers monthly yoga workshops that explore deeper concepts. Students can also take advantage of private sessions tailored specifically to their interests and goals. With plenty of hands-on guidance, adjustable poses, and special workshops, Pam Field Yoga Santa Rosa provides an accessible experience for all types of yogis.


Pam Field has been widely acclaimed for her work in the yoga community. In 2018, she was one of four teachers recognized by Yoga International as a “Miracle Teacher,” a title given to those who have devoted their time and energy to yoga outreach and charitable causes. She has also been honored with certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) as an Experienced Registered Yoga Therapist. In addition, she co-founded two Bay Area yoga centers: The Blissful Space in San Francisco and Moonchild Healing Arts in Sonoma County. Her work has been featured in publications such as Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, and The San Francisco Chronicle, and she’s won numerous awards at regional yoga festivals and events.

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Before images of individuals attending classes with Pam Field Yoga Santa Rosa could include photos taken before students start the program, emphasizing their lack of flexibility, strength, and knowledge about yoga. After images could illustrate the progress students have made since attending classes with Pam Field. This could include photographs showing improved muscle tone and definition in various poses as well as greater flexibility, balance and coordination ” clearly demonstrating the physical benefits of participating in Pam’s classes. Even greater would be to show photos capturing the happiness expressed in each student’s face while they are practising – suggesting not just physical transformation but an overall sense of wellbeing. Seeing both before and after images would be a powerful tool to demonstrate the types of results clients can expect when they come to Pam Field Yoga Santa Rosa.

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Yoga FAQs

Q1: What is yoga?
A1: Yoga is an ancient practice that helps to unify mind, body and spirit by connecting physical movements (asanas) with mindful awareness. It can promote relaxation and stress relief, increase strength and flexibility as well as increase overall health and wellbeing.

Q2: How can practicing yoga with Pam Field help me?
A2: By working with Pam Field you will have a dedicated teacher guiding your practice, helping to ensure proper alignment throughout the postures. Pam’s classes aim to foster inner peace, joy, satisfaction and gratitude through the power of self-connecting movement. With personalized attention, she will help unlock your potential for a greater level of physical health, freedom and overall wellbeing.

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Pam Field Yoga Santa Rosa Events Calendar


18th – Introduction to Yin Yoga at Wellness Studio: Join Pam Field as she guides you through the basics of Yin yoga. Learn how to use this mindful practice to reduce stress, increase mobility, and cultivate a deeper connection with your body.

Yin Yoga Shoulder Sequence

3rd – Restorative Yoga for Mental Balance Workshop: Pam Field teaches about the power of restorative yoga to bring more calm and balance back into life. Increase body awareness, decrease overall stress, and learn how postures can naturally restore emotional equilibrium.

18th – Gentle Morning Flow Class: Start your day off right! Led by Pam Field, this gentle morning flow class is designed to awaken your body and invigorate your spirit. Perfect for beginners or those seeking a gentle start to their day!

1st – Overcoming Shoulder Pain Workshop: Looking to find relief from persistent shoulder pain? With practical tips drawn from both classical yoga therapy and modern biomedical science, join this workshop led by Pam Field and be ready to feel relief in no time!

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