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Numa Yoga is a holistic exercise system that combines mindful movement, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. It is designed to help people achieve physical and mental wellbeing through mindfulness practice. The core of Numa Yoga is based on the traditional practices of Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles. These styles are combined with elements from other disciplines such as Pilates and martial arts to create a complete fitness package that can be adapted to suit the individual’s needs. Numa Yoga emphasizes developing mindful awareness through various postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Practitioners benefit from improved flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation as well as an improved sense of physical wellbeing and inner peace. Combining Numa Yoga with healthy eating patterns can help lead to a more balanced lifestyle overall.

Origin and History of Numa Yoga

Numa Yoga is a holistic form of yoga that encourages practitioners to bring their awareness into the physical body and also to look within. It was first developed in 2012 in New York City by Rachel Jesien and Emmett Hanna, two dedicated yogis who were seeking to address the disconnect between the mind and body. Drawing inspiration from various styles of yoga, Numa weaves together movement, breathwork, meditation, philosophy and mental health practices such as self-inquiry and journalling. In Numa classes practitioners often gain new insights into MIND-BODY connection and balance personal energy levels with mindful practice on the mat. The practice includes lengthy holds in postures to condition the muscular system and help activate energetic sensitivity in order to create healthy pathways for Self-revelation..Additionally, Numa classes focus on integrating philosophies from spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Vedanta, Shamanism, Tantra, Taoism etc.Also mindfulness practices like visualization are used along with focus on opening up space around your breath to achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Benefits and Principles of Numa Yoga

The benefits of Numa Yoga include improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being. By connecting breath with movement and experience, Numa Yoga supports a deeper relationship between body and mind. Regular practice helps achieve greater awareness of oneself in order to bring balance to all aspects of life.

The mindfulness principles of Numa Yoga allow for deeper connections with the present moment. This mindful approach emphasizes the quality of one’s movements regardless of the physical postures taken. It is based on energy alignment rather than perfect posture shape and encourages practitioners to focus on their inner experience as opposed to mere external appearances. Breath work is used to transition between poses and helps create a harmonious flow. The aim is to develop an internal rhythm that connects body, mind, and spirit as an integrated system rather than separately functioning units. Softening the eyes serves as an invitation for practitioners to be present in their own experience without judgement or expectation.

Numa Yoga also promotes attending to subtle energies that often go unnoticed – such as what we feel sensations in a particular area of our body or dynamics between multiple parts of our body as we move through space. This allows for self-exploration within a safe environment through meditation, visualization exercises, awareness training and hands-on adjustments from experienced teachers when appropriate. Furthermore, Numa Yoga offers group classes focused on shared expressions that encourage individuals towards collective well-being while recognizing each student’s unique needs.

Types of Numa Yoga Practices

Numa Yoga is a non-dogmatic approach to yoga that seeks to connect the body, mind and spirit. It is a practice of meditation, physical postures, breathing techniques, and philosophy.

Types of Numa Yoga Practices vary and can include Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar, Yin and Restorative styles of yoga. Each style emphasizes different aspects of the practice related to breathwork (pranayama), mindfulness and spiritual development. Hatha is focused on alignment in poses; Vinyasa emphasizes movement with breathwork; Kundalini includes mantras to tune into the energy flows in the body; Iyengar adds props such as blankets or blocks for proper alignment; Yin involves holding pose for long periods of time; and Restorative relies on using supports such as bolsters or blankets to allow relaxation into a posture. Additionally, many Numa classes incorporate elements of traditional Indian philosophy or other ceremonial practices like prana healing or working with crystals.

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By combining different aspects from various styles of yoga, Numa provides practitioners with an experience that can be customized according to one’s personal needs and goals at any given moment. Ultimately this style seeks to create balance between strength and power alongside moments of peace and stillness.

Preparing Your Body and Mind for Numa Yoga

Numa Yoga is a popular physical, spiritual and mental practice that emphasizes harmonizing your breath with gentle movement of the body. Before beginning a Numa yoga session, it’s important to prepare both your body and mind for the practice. Here are some tips to get you started.

One essential step in preparing for Numa yoga is to manage your expectations before starting. It isn’t always possible to achieve success at every pose or perfectly synchronize each movement with out breath in one session. Taking the time to relax and focus on being present with yourself helps you dive into the practice without any judgmental thoughts or negative self-talk. Remind yourself that this is a safe space to explore and discover, where you can take things at your own pace and learn to honor what feels right in the moment.

To ready your physical body for yoga, start moving slowly several minutes before class begins. This will help signal your body and mind that you are about to go into a different form of activity, so that when class does begin, your muscles will not be as rigid or tight. Begin by standing up straight and doing some simple stretches from head to toe, followed by a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth for further relaxation of the entire body.

Finally, familiarize yourself with some breathing exercises that will be used during the Numa yoga session like ocean breath or three-part breathwork. When practiced a few times together with stretching movements it can help you enter your practice feeling centered and focused so that you can explore its full potential without distraction or hindrance.

Gear and Equipment for an Effective Numa Yoga Practice

When embarking on a Numa Yoga practice, the right gear and equipment can make all the difference. The most essential item for any Numa Yoga session is a quality yoga mat. Not only does a good mat provide comfortable cushioning and support, it also gives improve your footing as you transition between different poses. Additionally, when engaging in specific more dynamic poses like handstands or arm balances, having a sticky non-slip surface is essential for balance and stability. Beyond this, having an extra blanket and cushioning props can help you achieve better alignment in some of the postures while providing extra comfort to facilitate deeper relaxation during meditation or restorative practices. To enhance safety even further, invest in supportive blocks or straps which are perfect for enabling certain poses with less strain on your body. Finally, considering adding resistance bands or weighted balls to your practice to further increase strength and flexibility. The right combination of gear will assist you in getting the most out of every Numa Yoga class or session so that you can relax while honing your practice and reach your yoga goals faster.

Music and Mantras for Numa Yoga

Numa Yoga is a unique form of yoga that combines traditional yoga postures, breathing exercises, mantras and music to create a powerful practice for mind and body. The power of the breath and the combination of movement, sound and vibrations creates an energy-infused experience. The practice fuses eastern spiritual philosophy with western science principles of kinesiology and biochemistry which allows practitioners to achieve a deeper understanding of their inner self. During a Numa Yoga class, participants are guided through a series of physical postures while singing or chanting mantras set to music. This type of yoga encourages each participant to go deep within themselves as they become aware of their own energy pathways and how each posture affects them physically, mentally and spiritually. Through this process, practitioners are able to explore their creative capacities while purifying the mind and enhancing their overall wellbeing. Ultimately Numa Yoga allows one to move beyond everyday struggles into an elevated state of being – where true bliss is experienced.

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Professional Numa Yoga Instruction

Numa Yoga is a fitness program that combines traditional yoga techniques and postures with modern bodyweight exercises. It emphasizes breath control, mobility, strength, and focus to create an intense and effective workout. Numa Yoga uses the power of movement in order to safely strengthen the mind and body. Professional instruction is key in achieving the most out of the practice. When under the guidance of a certified Numa Yoga instructor, clients can expect to develop their range of motion while building strength and stamina through active stretching rituals. Furthermore, instructors will provide personalized progressions so each individual can work at their own pace on becoming more balanced across all planes of motion. With care and guidance from experts in both physiology as well as mindfulness-based practices, your practice is sure to be both optimized and safe for your unique journey.

Availability and Location of Numa Yoga Classes

Numa Yoga classes are available at a variety of locations throughout the United States. Participating studios offer a range of classes to suit all levels, from an introductory class suitable for complete beginners to more advanced techniques that push experienced practitioners. Classes tend to be held in health and fitness centers or dedicated yoga centers along with outdoor settings, depending on location. Participants can find out which studios in their area offer Numa Yoga using the online directory and locate their nearest class. Simply type in the zip code of their current location for a list of participating establishments offering Numa Yoga classes in close proximity.

Wrap Up

At Numa Yoga, we believe that life can be lived to the fullest with yoga as a cornerstone of our lifestyle. Our aim is to help individuals discover the power of yogic practices in order to live life full of balance and joy.

Numa Yoga offers a variety of workshops, classes, and interactive programs designed to provide an engaging and educational environment for practitioners at all levels. From beginner level hatha classes to advanced forms of yogic meditation, there’s something for everyone at Numa Yoga. Additionally, we offer personalized sessions for improved body awareness and health, along with transformational sessions for accessing inner peace and wisdom.

At Numa Yoga, we understand that integrating yoga into our lives can be a powerful tool for self-growth and personal development. We encourage anyone seeking transformation to embrace the Numa Life”an inclusive, holistic approach focused on yogic philosophy and artful mindful movement through bodywork to deepen our practice. Through diligent hard work, ahimsa (non-harming) attitudes, respect for tradition with innovative approaches, we are able to create vibrant experiences deeply rooted in mindful intention that go beyond physical postures – connecting us to our true centres of strength within and helping us realize our highest potential!

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