Northwest Yoga

## Northwest Yoga

Yoga has been around for centuries and originated from India, but are you aware of Northwest Yoga? Northwest Yoga is a unique yoga practice that focuses on physical and mental well-being that integrates breath. It aims to evoke relaxation, energise your body and provide a pace that suits all levels.

### How is Northwest Yoga Different?

Northwest Yoga differs from the traditional form of yoga in that it offers a range of new poses and sequences designed to promote healing while at the same time strengthening your body.

* It has a focus on balance and physical alignment
* It is designed to help bring the mind and body into harmony
* It assumes a holistic approach to health and well-being
* It moves at an intuitive pace

Northwest Yoga is often seen as a way to transcend the body and connect with the spirit. This can be done through rhythmic breathing and meditation.

### What Can You Expect From Northwest Yoga?

When practicing Northwest Yoga, you can expect to:

* Relax tense muscles and increase flexibility
* Help restore balance to the body and mind
* Increase energy and endurance
* Strengthen muscles and improve posture
* Enhance your body’s ability to process energy
* Understand more about the natural flow of energy throughout your body

### What Other Benefits Does Northwest Yoga Offer?

The practice of Northwest Yoga offers many benefits beyond just physical; it can also help to:

* Lower stress levels
* Help clear emotional blockages
* Give a greater sense of inner peace
* Improve overall mental clarity
* Help you connect to your body and feelings
* Enhance your ability to breathe deeply

Short Detox Yoga Sequence

### What Can You Expect During a Northwest Yoga Class?

During a Northwest Yoga class, you’ll usually experience the following:

* Breath and Body awareness – Meditate on the rhythm of your breath and relax the areas of your body that may need it
* Postures and Sequences – Move through carefully designed postures and sequences to stretch, strengthen and promote balance within the body
* Meditation – Explore your inner self with guided meditations and visualization exercises
* Relaxation – End with a state of complete relaxation – calming breaths, stillness and silence

If you’re looking for a unique and holistic exercise, Northwest Yoga could be for you. With its emphasis on relaxation, focus and balance, it’s a great way to find inner peace, clarity and well-being.

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