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Nest Yoga is a unique philosophy which focuses on the individual’s journey to self-realization by creating a safe and nurturing environment. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living things, including ourselves, and aims to cultivate an atmosphere of understanding in order to foster intimacy, community, and peace.

The practice of Nest Yoga encourages practitioners to explore their relationship with themselves and others through mindful breath work, meditation, yoga postures, and bodywork modalities – such as energy healing – that are carefully chosen for each individual’s needs. It supports personal growth with acceptance, openness and non-judgment which enables us to consciously accept our emotions and patterns of thought.

By bringing awareness to our inner world we can have a better understanding of who we are at our deepest level. Practicing mindfulness reveals how we can embrace certain aspects of life while being able to let go of those things that no longer serve us. By fostering inner growth we learn how to lead more meaningful lives with greater clarity and connection. Overall Nest Yoga allows its practitioners an opportunity to experience renewed vitality and improved strength on all levels ” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually


Nest Yoga is a yoga practice based in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 2008 by Sydney-based workshop facilitator, acupuncturist and yoga teacher Maria Griesser. Since then, the business has evolved dramatically to include a multi-layered approach to movement, health and wellbeing and now offers an array of teaching methods drawing on eastern wisdom traditions such as Chinese medicine, Tantra and Ayurveda.

Nest Yoga has its origins in Chinese medicine. Maria Griesser decided to delve deeper into the healing art after meeting and being profoundly affected by Master Ma Xuan Binh during her studies in Complementary Medicine at Endeavour College. Master Binh inspired her with his deep understanding of the physiology of yoga, Chinese medicine and esoteric Buddhism which she applied to her own yoga practice. This knowledge shaped Nest Yoga’s core teachings which focus on using breath awareness to reinvigorate the body’s energy pathways, optimize our nervous systems within asanas (yoga postures) thus creating pathways toward balance and dis-ease prevention or management.

Further developments to the original Nest Yoga practice saw incorporation of Eastern philosophies such as Tantra in order to bring more conscious awareness inside. Shedding light on how we connect internally and externally for example what part breath plays for larger energetic shifts inside vs outside structure emphasizing transformation through embodiment work that brought forth old patterns and possibilities for better alignment both physically, spiritually & mentally plus nutrition advise for optimal wellbeing including subconscious reprogramming techniques originating from NLP, meditation practices grounded in kundalini (Kundalini Rising).


One of the physical benefits of Nest Yoga is improved posture, flexibility, and strength. Through various poses and sequences, Nest Yoga can help increase the activation of specific muscle groups for improved mobility. Furthermore, it can aid in toning and strengthening muscles by utilizing body weight as resistance. Nest Yoga also has a range of joint benefits. With its emphasis on mindfulness and proper alignment, it helps to maintain healthy connective tissue which reduces pain and inflammation associated with chronic conditions.

The mental benefits of Nest Yoga are numerous. With mindful breathing exercises and meditation techniques, it promotes inner peace, clarity of thought, and mental resilience. This allows practitioners to de-stress more quickly while releasing any anxieties that could be weighing them down.

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The emotional benefits of Nest Yoga are self-awareness and emotional balance. As practitioners learn to connect with their bodies they become more familiar with their personal patterns which encourages healthier responses to stressors in life. Through this practice they can better manage emotions like fear or anger without feeling overwhelmed or out of control.

Finally, the spiritual benefits of Nest Yoga are furthered connection with self and one’s purpose in life as well as heightened awareness for spirituality. By going inward through practices such as meditation or chanting mantras nest yoga practitioners gain insight into their own feelings and needs which allows them to reveal truths about themselves at a much deeper level than before the practice began. All these areas allow for a greater understanding or an internal union between the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit that begins when learning & incorporating all aspects given within the teachings of Nest Yoga Practice into one unified whole experience – both on & off the mat!

Types of Classes

Nest Yoga offers a wide variety of classes from beginners to experienced practitioners. Beginner’s classes focus on foundational postures and breathing techniques as well as providing modifications for poses so that individuals can obtain the maximum benefit from their practice. Intermediate classes are designed for individuals with some familiarity with the basics, providing more advanced options and modifications. Advanced classes provide a challenging foundation in posture perfection and dynamic flows of postures to develop strength, flexibility and balance. Restorative, meditation and yoga nidra classes provide students with a gentle approach to cultivating inner peace. Classes are also tailored for special needs such as prenatal/postnatal yoga, yin yoga and chair yoga. Ashtanga-style classes will be available soon as well. Nest Yoga provides something just right for all levels of practice!


Nest Yoga is proud to feature experienced instructor, Carla Smith. After getting her yoga certification in 2016, Carla began teaching a wide range of classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners alike. Her passion for honing the postures and techniques of the ancient practice has earned her the respect and loyalty of her students. She emphasizes mindful movement and conscious breathwork to help boost self-knowledge and mental well-being. For more seasoned practitioners she offers playful variations on more advanced postures, always pushing boundaries in a safe way. In addition to developing both physical strength and balance while increasing flexibility, students can also expect to build confidence as they progress through their journey with Carla at Nest Yoga.


Nest Yoga is a vibrant global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to create lasting positive change through yoga. From the largest cities across the globe to our cozy studios in small towns, Nest Yoga invites Yogis of all levels to come together and share in the positive energy of a traditional practice combined with modern vibes.

In major metropolitan hubs like Los Angeles, New York City, London and Tokyo, Nest Yoga offers classes at its brick-and-mortar studios seven days a week. In addition, Nest Yoga regularly holds themed events in each city featuring live music and entertainment that celebrates the ancient art form. For those that can’t make it into their urban studio locations or attend an event, Nest Yoga also offers hundreds of guided meditation sessions, inspiring talks and educational content online.

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No matter which city you visit, you’ll find yourself welcomed by passionate teachers who invite Yogis of all levels to explore alignment building poses while getting lost in breathwork practice. There are options for personalized one-on-one guidance with teachers who have years of experience as well as group classes like Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Hummingbird Meditation that anyone can join without prior experience. From prentice yogis looking for gentle stretching exercises to seasoned practitioners searching for a challenge ” there is something for everyone at Nest Yoga!


Nest Yoga offers different payment options to their customers. They accept one-time payments and monthly subscriptions. A one-time payment gives the customer access to as many classes as they would like for 30 days, while a subscription option allows the customer unlimited access to classes for each month of their subscription.

To make yoga more accessible, Nest Yoga offers discounts on long-term memberships. Customers can receive 20% off if they sign up for 6 months, or 25% off for 12 months. For those who are committed to their wellness journey, Nest Yoga works with them to create a custom membership package that works best for their needs.


Nest Yoga reviews should include video testimonials from past clients to demonstrate the quality of instruction. These videos should be positive, showcasing satisfied clients speaking highly of their experience at Nest Yoga. The videos should highlight the instructors, including what they did that made a difference and any special highlights that stand out. They should also focus on why Nest Yoga was beneficial to them and the changes they noticed in themselves due to their time with the instructors. Detailed stories describing how certain poses helped them or how certain instructors made them feel comfortable will help viewers connect with the personal experiences and warmly welcome Nest Yoga into their lives as well. Videos can also showcase any standing points Nest Yoga makes within the community- such as initiatives they are leading or classes they offer to those in need. Finally, these videos are an opportunity for current students to share their genuine enthusiasm for starting anew with Nest!


Thank you for considering Nest Yoga as your place to practice yoga and find greater peace and connection. We invite you to join us and experience the amazing benefits that come with participating in our classes. As a special offer, we are pleased to provide all new members with a 20% discount off their first 3 months’ tuition. Sign up now and your coupon code will be automatically applied at checkout. Thank you again for choosing Nest Yoga – we look forward to seeing you soon!

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