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Modo Yoga is a hot yoga style created at Modo Yoga East. It is designed to challenge yogis of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The classes are hot and sweaty, incorporating postures such as sun salutations, vinyasa flows, challenging arm balances and backbends. Modo Yoga relies on shared breath as the foundation of each class. All Modo Yoga classes also include time for focus on physical alignment and safe form paired with conscious breathing and meditation practices that bring a calming balance to the body and mind. In addition, light philosophy teachings are incorporated into each class providing participants with key philosophical knowledge that helps facilitate progress on the mat while offering them insight into living more balanced lives off the mat.


Modo Yoga is an international yoga school that began in 2004. The inspiration for the Modo style of yoga was based on a specific Indian yogic tradition, founded by two teachers: Jess and Kate. Both Jessica Robertson and Kristen Pecce developed their unique approach to the practice from experiences teaching traditional types of yoga in India. During their travels within India, the duo encountered various local spiritual practices and ancient teachings which they combined with their own deep understanding of yoga philosophy to create a style that speaks to a modern audience.

Since its inception, the studio has experienced rapid growth, opening seven locations throughout Canada, in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as franchises across three countries around the globe, including Australia and Mexico. The founders also expanded their programing beyond physical practice classes, introducing online series and retreats inspired by the same focus and intention found in every Modo class ” mindful movement combined with deep self-inquiry. These powerful programs are now offered regularly at each location throughout the world ” incorporating meditation, lectures by sought after speakers from around the world, group discussions on seminal topics covering physical health, mental health and conscious living. By combining ancient wisdom with contemporary practices such as music selections chosen for each class that align with specific episodes of transformation; Modo Yoga strives to help all practitioners seeking out a deeper connection to themselves through movement

Classes & Services

Modo Yoga East is a yoga studio that offers a variety of different classes to meet the needs of all students. They have a wide range of classes, from Hot Yoga and Restorative, to Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Hot Yoga classes are heated to about 37°C, encouraging deeper stretching and relaxation, while Vinyasa Flow focuses on synchronizing breathing with movement. Meanwhile, Restorative Yoga focuses on slowing down the body by using props such as bolsters and blankets to hold poses for longer so that they can be completely relaxed in them. Lastly, Yin Yoga consists of slow-paced stretches held for 3 minutes or more, allowing time for deep release. In addition to regular classes, Modo also offers free workshops on specific themes like yoga philosophy and alignment basics. The studio also has a therapy room perfect for private yoga instruction, massage therapy sessions, nutrition consultations and Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT). Overall, Modo Yoga East provides something for everyone no matter what their level of experience may be.

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Modo Yoga East at is highly recommended for anyone looking to experience the healing benefits of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Modo Yoga East offers a unique style of hot yoga that combines the traditional teachings of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restore, and Bhakti practices. Every class is tailored to bring awareness and calming effects to both your body and mind.

The physical benefits of Modo Yoga East are renowned. One can expect increased strength and flexibility through stretching while incorporating mindful breathing work. This style of yoga is designed to increase metabolism which can aid in weight release as well other significant health improvements. Furthermore your concentration will improve over time due to regular practice as this type of yoga incorporates thoughtful focus on postures and breathwork.

The mental benefits of Modo Yoga East are just as noteworthy! Regular practice has proven itself effective against reducing stress levels while boosting confidence levels thanks to an improved understanding of both the body and mind connection while completing poses in unison with fellow yogis. Increased self-awareness also plays a key role in enhancing personal development along with improved overall mental clarity allowing one’s daily life decisions to receive closer inspection resulting in better decision making ability.


At Modo Yoga East, there is a strong commitment to community building. Through the practice of yoga, participants create meaningful relationships with each other while they deepen their connection to the self. Community events are organized at the studio that provide opportunities for members to connect over lively conversation and shared experiences. Those who participate in the classes also support each other in times of need by providing hugs, conversations, and kind words. This type of relational support can help foster a sense of belonging that many people find difficult to cultivate on their own. Additionally, workshops covering topics such as meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness are often hosted at Modo Yoga East. Activities like these help students learn from each other as well as develop new skills that may otherwise have stayed dormant. Outside of class time, people come together for potlucks or charity events to further strengthen the bond between each person at the studio. At Modo Yoga East, true friendships blossom in a communal atmosphere filled with understanding and acceptance.


Modo Yoga East prides itself on having experienced instructors to lead their classes. They take the time to get to know each individual student, guiding them every step of the way in order for them to reach their full potential. Their classes are suitable for all levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced – so whichever level you’re at, there’s something for you! Modo Yoga East encourages everyone to challenge themselves while having fun and taking a break from everyday life. Through a combination of creativity and authenticity, they will provide a variety of physical benefits. Students will notice improved physical strength and flexibility as well as increased mental clarity and focus. Additionally, Modo Yoga East promotes emotional stability by teaching students how to listen and connect with their bodies. Breathing techniques offered in class can be applied during times outside of yoga practice in order to cope with stress or difficult emotions. Finally, they strive to create a community so that everyone feels supported on their respective yoga journeys.

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Q: What is Modo Yoga?

A: Modo Yoga is a unique style of yoga that links physical postures and conscious breath to create a challenging and rewarding experience for all levels of expertise. It combines the principles of traditional yoga, modern science-based yoga therapy and mindful living. Modo classes strive to cultivate more self-awareness, strength and flexibility by focusing on precision alignment and a primal connection to the breath. Its mission is to support health, well-being, community and global transformation through the practices of yoga.

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Modo Yoga East is an environmentally conscious hotspot for doing yoga in upstate New York. Located in Rochester, it offers a variety of classes and sessions run by experienced instructors. The studio also hosts workshops and events, teaches special beginners-level classes and organizes retreats for those who want to deepen their practice. With the goal of providing a tranquil, mindful space, Modo Yoga East’s large heated studio creates a safe and comfortable environment regardless of experience level.

By offering different payment plans such as single visits and monthly passes, Modo Yoga East prides itself on making yoga accessible and affordable to everyone, including youth and seniors with discounted rates. To ensure subtle guidance in class, mats are provided at no extra charge along with towels to wipe away any sweat during vigorous sessions. In addition to offering support and gear to the yogis in class, the staff keeps the studio eco-friendly by using non-chemical cleaning products while ensuring all materials used are sustainably sourced from local vendors whenever possible.

To contact Modo Yoga East or ask questions about upcoming classes or retreats, aspiring yogis can easily give them a call at 585-764-9643 where there will always be someone ready to assist them Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m EST and Saturdays 9 a.m.-3 p.m EST. Those who prefer emails can reach out anytime via email at [email protected] or message them directly on their Instagram page @modoyogaeastrochester where they’re active throughout the day responding quickly to inquiries made on any of their social media channels ” Facebook or Twitter @modoyogaeast . Modo Yoga East takes great pride in providing quality customer service that help create memorable experiences for those ready to jump into their relaxed atmosphere so whatever way makes it convenient for you do get in touch!

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