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Metta Yoga Corte Madera is a tranquil facility designed to help people find balance and inner peace. Photos of the space can provide potential customers with an idea of the soothing ambiance they would be partaking in. Images of comfortable benches, clean mats and plush blankets can be used to give viewers a feel for the inviting atmosphere. Videos could also be created that capture classes in progress, with instructors teaching poses and providing guidance on proper posture or breathing techniques. If available, customer testimonials could show how others have benefited from Metta Yoga’s services. With photos or videos like these, customers will gain insight into every aspect of Metta Yoga Corte Madera before ever stepping foot through their doors.

Tips and Instructions

Tips for Practicing Yoga:

1. Be mindful of your breathing: It is important to keep in mind that yoga isn’t just about the physical movement, but also about focusing on your breath and creating a sense of balance from within. Make sure you inhale and exhale slowly and evenly with each pose.

2. Use props: Props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets can be really helpful when starting out with new poses or during restorative classes. They can add support or extra stability while in a pose (and help to access deeper in the body without effort).

3. Listen to your body: It’s important to honor what your body is capable of doing rather than pushing yourself too hard. Focus on understanding how to use proper alignment techniques while listening to what feels right/good for you. Always stay connected with your own intuition and awareness throughout your practice.

4. Set an intention or goal ahead of time: Setting an intention before class can help focus your practice in the direction you would like it to go; this could include anything from deepening a physical practice to deepening emotional healing – whatever resonates for you!

Instructions for Beginners:
1. Wear comfortable clothing: Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and stretch comfortably during practice. Also, bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class!
2. Start slowly: Don’t expect perfection on the first day – instead allow yourself time and space to learn each pose at a pace that feels good for you. Start by learning basic poses and then build up from there over time as your body gets used to the movements involved in yoga postures (asanas).
3. Modify as needed: Don’t be afraid try out different modifications if needed – props are available at Metta Yoga Corte Madera to assist in holding postures longer so these can definitely come in handy when rectifying certain poses that feel uncomfortable . 4 . Pay attention : Take note of any areas of tightness or discomfort in order find more appropriate variations and avoid any injuries from overexerting yourself . Also , listen attentively during instructions given by the teacher so that correct form is engaged throughout practice .

Health Benefits

Metta Yoga in Corte Madera offers numerous health benefits for its patrons. This distinct style of yoga encourages practitioners to use their breath, and slow steady movements, to guide postured sequences that are tailored to the individual needs of each student. By using this combination of breath, physical movement, relaxation and concentration, you can improve your overall well being through increased flexibility, strength and balance. Through regular practice and stretching you can also increase your range of motion while taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. You will be able to observe these changes as you become more connected to your body and mind.

In addition to increased physical strength, flexibility and mobility, the focused breathing helps bring a sense of inner peace by allowing the body to relax deeply while bringing clarity to the mind. Metta Yoga has also been known to reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as promote a much needed respite from our fast-paced lives. Practicing pranayama (breathing exercises) helps calm the nervous system resulting in lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol which keeps our entire body functioning at optimal levels.

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In addition, mindfulness techniques practiced at Metta Yoga significantly reduce symptoms associated with depression by promoting positive thinking patterns that are translated into everyday life activities such as better decision making skills. Patrons have reported improved sleep patterns thanks in part to the calming environment created by yoga classes where time is taken out for oneself without any disruptions or external pressures clouding judgement. All ages benefit from practicing yoga which is an ideal activity for those wishing to improve their physical & mental health or simply experience relaxation on a whole new level.


Q: What is Metta Yoga?

A: Metta Yoga is an integrative and restorative form of yoga that combines mindfulness, breathwork, heart-centered awareness and gentle physical postures. The focus of this style of yoga is to cultivate a deep connection between the mind and body, enabling us to create more balance in our lives.

Q: What benefits can I expect from practicing Metta Yoga?

A: Those who practice this type of yoga can expect a variety of health benefits including improved strength and flexibility, better posture, increases in mental clarity and emotional wellbeing, greater overall sense of peace and relaxation as well as decreased stress levels. It also promotes healthier sleep habits and increased self-awareness.

Q: Does this class require any special equipment?

A: No special equipment is required to practice Metta Yoga. We recommend comfortable clothing for your session ” something you would be able to move freely in during your postures; however everything else will be provided at Metta Yoga Corte Madera.

Q: How often should practitioners attend classes?
In order to get the best results from your practice we recommend attending classes two to three times per week. However we are happy to work out a schedule with each practitioner that suits their individual needs best.


Metta Yoga Corte Madera is a yoga center dedicated to bringing people together to experience meaningful connections. As a studio, they host a variety of events designed to support and encourage growth along your spiritual journey. These events include workshops, courses, and community gatherings that provide an opportunity to expand your knowledge of yoga and the healing power of connection.

The workshops offer deep dives into the techniques and philosophical aspects of yoga, as well as meditation, breathwork, and other practices. Led by experienced teachers with one-on-one guidance, these sessions will help improve mental clarity and inner peace.

Courses are also available for intense learning Journeys over multiple weeks or months. Get an in-depth understanding of both theory and practice to deepen your practice on all levels including physical, energetic, mental, and emotional.

Gatherings are monthly occasions intended to facilitate relationships between students in the Metta Yoga community. These times allow for connection between yourself through discussion topics such as philosophy, personal discovery stories etc. Most importantly the conversations belong free from judgment or expectation for perfect answers! These inclusive settings let members learn about others’ journeys while still exploring their own at their own pace.

Special Promotions

Metta Yoga Corte Madera offers a variety of special promotions and discounts to their customers. These may include discounted class packages, free trial classes, discounts on merchandise, and more!

For instance, Metta Yoga Corte Madera offers discounted 10-class packages for both new and returning students. In addition to these discounted class bundles, a student can receive two additional classes for free if they purchase one package of 20 days or more.

In addition to the discounted class packages, Metta Yoga Corte Madera also has a referral program that allows its members to get up to 50% off regular class prices when they refer a friend who registers for an unlimited membership. They also offer seasonal discounts throughout the year like in January when members get a 20% discount on select yoga apparel items or in April where students can receive two complimentary classes if they purchase one month of unlimited classes.

Newcomers are eligible for free trial classes as well – first timers can learn more about their practices with three complimentary in-person or virtual classes at no charge when they sign up via the studio website.

Anyone looking to save money while practicing yoga should definitely take advantage of all the great special promotions and discounts offered by Metta Yoga Corte Madera!

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Social Media

Metta Yoga Corte Madera has embraced the power of social media to engage with its customers. The studio posts updates about their classes, instructors and other information about their business on various platforms.

If you are looking to connect with Metta Yoga Corte Madera on social media, here are some links:
Instagram: @mettayogacortemadera
Twitter: @mettayogacm

Community Involvement

Metta Yoga Corte Madera is committed to making a difference beyond the studio walls. They strive to create tangible positive change in their local community. To further this mission, they offer monthly donation classes in partnership with local charities. This gives students an opportunity to make a donation of their choosing, and also provides support and awareness for deserving charities in their area. In addition to donation classes, Metta Yoga Corte Madera frequently hosts workshops, events, and special yoga classes that focus on giving back to the community. For example, they provide free healing yoga classes for cancer survivors as part of their “Healing Through Service” campaign. Their staff also takes part in volunteer days where they assist with projects at local shelters and other outreach centers connected to helping those in need.

Owner Interview

Q: Can you tell us about Metta Yoga Corte Madera?

A: Metta Yoga Corte Madera is a yoga studio that specializes in Hatha and Vinyasa-style yoga classes. We’re dedicated to creating an atmosphere of support and acceptance where people from all backgrounds can come to learn, practice and grow. We offer classes for all level of experience from brand new beginners to seasoned practitioners. Our mission is to provide our students with an uplifting experience that combines ancient healing techniques with modern body movement so they can get the most out of their practice.

Q: What sets your studio apart from other studios in the area?

A: At Metta Yoga Corte Madera, we strive to build a community of compassionate support. We focus on teaching both inner peace through mindful practices and physical strength through powerful postures. We also offer workshops that explore different aspects of yoga such as philosophy, breathwork, meditation, mantra chanting and restorative poses. Plus, our instructors provide personalized adjustments throughout each class so everyone feels supported at their own individualized level. Finally, we offer special events like Reiki healing shares and community gatherings for our students to connect outside of regular classes.

Cross Promotion

Metta Yoga Corte Madera has a unique opportunity to show the community the strength of their small business community by cross-promoting with other local businesses. They can share links to other local businesses and organizations on their social media channels, website, and email newsletters to highlight and support the businesses in Corte Madera. By highlighting these groups and organizations, they will be able to strengthen their relationships with each other. This creates a sense of unity in which everyone shares in the success of one another while also building trust between Metta Yoga Corte Madera and its neighbors. Additionally, this strengthens brand awareness for all involved parties, shows solidarity among those who live near one another, offers up marketing opportunities for everyone at no cost or little cost involved, lets them give back to the community by helping to promote their shared cause, and spreads information about new products or services faster than any form of traditional advertising. Ultimately, it’s a great way for Metta Yoga Corte Madera to build connections within their town while providing valuable resources to their customer base from fellow hometown partners.

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