Manduka Travel Yoga Mat


The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is the perfect companion for yoga enthusiasts that want to stay active while on the go. This lightweight, ultra-durable mat is designed to fit easily into a carry bag and can be taken anywhere. Its light weight prevents you from having to worry about extra bulk in your luggage and its superior grip provides comfort and support throughout your practice. Whether you are heading out for a weekend getaway or a long work trip, this yoga mat ensures that you can have peace of mind knowing that you can practice wherever life takes you. Enjoy all the benefits of a premium quality 1/4″ thick, 100% natural rubber mat without having to compromise on size. Take advantage of the unparalleled grips it offers in different terrains, helping you get the most out of your practice in any environment; from hardwood floors at home to seamless planes carpeting. Now, everywhere you go, be sure to include your Manduka Travel Yoga Mat with all its wonderful features.

Benefits of the Mat

There are many reasons why the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is a great purchase for avid yogis. This lightweight and compact mat makes it easy to carry on-the-go, ensuring that you can practice yoga wherever and whenever it suits you. It is made of foam with a closed-cell system to make it ultra durable, repellent to dirt, sweat and water. The cushioning layer provides comfort even during demanding poses. Its anti-slip surface makes sure you won’t slip or slide during your practice. The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is easy to clean and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can use it worry-free for many years. It is an ideal mat for yoga teachers, students on the go or anyone wanting an eco-friendly and long-lasting mat with excellent grip in any environment.


The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is an innovative product designed to be lightweight and versatile. Not only is it ideal for travel and portability, but it also provides great grip and support, so you can get the most out of your yoga practice. The unique two-mesh layers on this mat are not just for stability and grip; they also create a bounce in the cushioning that many other mats on the market don’t possess. The fact that this mat offers superior grip in both dry and wet conditions means that you won’t slip or slide while practicing your poses. Additionally, like most Manduka products, it boasts chemical-free construction, meaning there are no toxic components present during manufacturing. In comparison to similar mats from competitors, the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat proves superior in terms of quality, durability, comfort and support. Its chemical-free component makes it healthier for use by yogis who have experienced skin reactions from other cheaper brands. Its lightweight design means you can easily roll up your mat when you’re done for easy storage or transportation when traveling. Finally, its breathable top layer helps keep sweat from building up underneath where it can irritate the skin. All these qualities make this manduka travel yoga mat more appealing than any other similar products on the market.

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Who is it for?

The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is perfect for all types of yoga practitioners – from beginners to advanced experts, and all body types. The lightweight design and extra padding make it an ideal mat for those just starting out in yoga who may find the firm mats too difficult. The cushioning also helps protect joints and knees, making this mat especially beneficial for heavier or older individuals, who usually do not have the flexibility that comes with age. The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat also provides stability and support during challenging poses, yet has enough grip to prevent you from slipping when performing dynamic or fast-paced movements. Moreover, its versatile design allows it to be rolled up tightly into a compact shape for easy carrying and transporting, allowing you to practice no matter where life takes you!

Design and Materials

The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is designed to be a lightweight, low-profile option for yogis who are looking to stay fit while traveling. It has a unique two-tone finish that measures 2mm thick, making it the perfect choice for taking your practice on the road. The top layer of the mat is made of non-slip, moisture-resistant microfiber with 100% natural rubber padding underneath for extra cushioning and stability. Its textured surface ensures superior slip resistance while you’re practicing and provides plenty of support and comfort when needed. Additionally, this travel yoga mat is made using an eco-friendly production process that reduces energy consumption. Lastly, its durable construction allows it to last longer and endure more wear, making it the ideal companion for regular travelers and yogis alike.

Unpacking and Setup Tips

The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is a great option for the active yogi who requires portability and convenience. To make sure your mat stays at its best quality, here are some ideas on how to unpack and set up the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat properly:

1. When unpacking, take care not to tear off any of the packaging labels as you may need these later when storing or travelling with the mat.

2. Once opened, check out that all accessories shipped came with it such as a carrying strap or other items.

3. Carefully roll out the mat and spread it over a flat surface, taking care not to leave any wrinkles in it to avoid snagging during use.

4. If applicable, attach the straps securely so that you can easily carry it around when needed if choosing to tighten them by holding on both ends and securing them with Velcro.

5. Test out your new yoga mat on soft surfaces such as carpets and foam mats before using it directly on concrete floors or other hard surfaces which can damage it over time.

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By following these helpful tips you’ll be able to get full enjoyment from your new Manduka Travel Yoga Mat!

Care and Maintenance

It is important to take good care of your Manduka Travel Yoga Mat if you want it to look and feel its best over time. Here are some tips on how to properly clean and maintain the mat.

Start by wiping down your mat after each practice with a damp cloth, then dry off completely right away. To help deep clean your mat, use an appropriate yoga mat cleaner or a natural solution such as one part white vinegar and three parts water. Use only enough liquid to dampen the surface—if it’s too wet you can encourage mold or mildew growth on the surface.

After cleaning, be sure to let your mat air-dry fully before rolling or storing it away. Doing so will help keep the rubber matte rather than glossy which can lengthen its life cycle significantly. Additionally, try not to wrap or store in plastic for long periods of time as this can speed up its deterioration due to lack of air circulation and moisture build-up.

When traveling make sure your Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is securely rolled and stored in a bag that is not too tight as this could cause material stress over length use—we recommend using our unique travel bag specifically made for the Manduka Yoga Mats!


The Manduka Travel Yoga Mat is an optimal choice for any yogi looking to take their practice with them on the go. This super lightweight mat folds up easily and slips into the included carrying bag, ensuring convenience without sacrificing stability or comfort. The high-performance grip wicks away moisture and keeps you steady throughout your practice regardless of the surface, allowing for a greater range of motion and more dynamic movement. Additionally, this mat is durable enough to be washed multiple times in order to maintain maximum hygiene, with no sacrifice of quality. With all these features packed into one convenient package, it’s no wonder why so many yogis choose the Manduka Travel Yoga Mat as their go-to tool for practicing anywhere at anytime.

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