Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel


The Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel is the ideal choice for yogis of all levels, offering superior comfort and versatility. Engineered with super soft microfiber to provide an ultra-absorbent base layer on your yoga mat, this towel soaks up sweat while helping to prevent slipping and shifting during your practice. Thanks to its light weight and compact design, the Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel can easily be folded up and tucked into any yoga bag. Plus it’s machine washable, making it easy to keep clean after each use. When it comes to finding a reliable companion for your yoga practice, the Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel is an obvious choice. The combination of its superior performance and convenience makes it the perfect choice for all types of yogis looking for an edge on their practice.

Design and Functionality

The Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel is a vital yoga accessory. It has been designed to provide an ideal combination of comfort and functionality during elliptical and yoga sessions. The towel is constructed with lightweight, yet highly durable materials such as microfiber and natural rubber. This ensures protection from slipping during workouts, so that the user can focus on their practice instead of worrying about their mat slipping away.

In terms of design, the Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel features a colourful pattern which will add an extra touch of personality to any session. It also comes in two sizes, which makes it perfect for different poses. Furthermore, the towel’s unique diamond-like texture provides grip when in contact with your hands or feet – great for those tricky postures! Lastly, the absorbent fabric helps to keep users dry and comfortable even during intense workouts – making it perfect for both home or studio use.

Care Instructions

The Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel is easy to maintain and clean. To keep it in good condition, you should use the following suggestions:

1. Machine Wash: Wash separately on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Do not bleach or fabric softener, as this can damage the fabric. Hang to dry or tumble-dry on low heat.

2. Hand Washing: Fill a sink or basin full of cold water and a mild detergent then lay your mat towel flat in the water for 10 minutes. Do not scrub, just gently agitate it to remove any dirt build up. Rinse thoroughly with cold water then hang to dry in a well ventilated area or tumble dry on low heat setting.

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3. Spot Cleaning: If you need to spot clean your mat towel, use a damp cloth with a small amount of mild detergent when necessary. After cleaning the stained area, rinse off with cold water then hang to dry in an airy place or tumble dry on low heat setting.

Types of Use

The Lululemon yoga mat towel can be used for a variety of activities. It is great for keeping the sweat off during hot yoga or vinyasa classes. It can also serve as a grounding pad under your feet if you are uncomfortable with the sensation of your bare feet on a slippery mat. You can use it to cover up any sticky spots on your mat after an intense practice, such as placing it in between your hands and knees when doing floor poses. Place it directly over the sticky surface to avoid slipping while performing balance poses. Additionally, the absorbent fibers help to quickly wick moisture away during restorative or yin practices and keep you feeling dry and comfortable—even after hours of practice! Furthermore, not only does this towel hold dry sweat, but it also keeps liquids from soaking into your regular mat. Finally, many yogis like to use the Lululemon yoga mat towel as a meditation seat cushion to provide extra padding when seated in various postures. With all these uses, there is no doubt that this special Lululemon towel will make every practice more enjoyable!

Benefits and Advantages

The Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel provides a multitude of benefits and advantages. First and foremost, the unique microfiber blend fabric used in creating these special towels is lightweight, highly absorbent and quick-drying for optimal performance. Additionally, because these towels are designed to perfectly fit most standard yoga mats, they allow for truly effective sweat-absorption during those intense sessions. This helps you maintain grip on your yoga mat while providing a stable, secure surface that won’t slip or slide off your mat. In addition, the towel is also easy to wash – it only requires a cold wash setting combined with gentle detergent so that you can enjoy countless uses without any worries! Similarly, its continuous lateral elasticity offers a fantastic feeling which guarantees no tears when taking it off after use. Finally, this product comes in several colors and sizes designed to suit your individual needs!

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Where to Buy

You can purchase the Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel from a variety of stores and online resources. The towel is available in participating Lululemon retail stores, selected fitness, specialty running, and bedding retailers as well as online from their official website. You can also find it on Amazon, Nordstrom, and eBags. Many yoga studios stock the towel too so you can purchase it directly on location if they have it in stock.


The Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel is an essential item for any yogi’s practice. It offers great grip, allowing you to focus on your poses. The microfiber material ensures comfort and absorbs sweat quickly. Its reversible design gives you two colors to enjoy and the woven edge prevents fraying and provides a luxurious finish. The special anti-microbial treatment prevents odor buildup from sweat. It is also lightweight and machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, its subtle texture blend provides friction that supports every pose without slipping from your mat. All these features make the Lululemon Yoga Mat Towel perfect for both home or studio use, allowing you to practice yoga in complete comfort!

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