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The Liforme Yoga Mat is an innovative and revolutionary mat designed to make your yoga practice more enjoyable and easier. It features a non-slip grip, with intelligent alignment lines so you can stay focused on your alignment on any surface. Its unique design also provides cushioning for your body, allowing you to feel comfortable no matter the posture – from mountain pose to shavasana. Plus, the eco friendy material offers supreme slip resistance and durability so it’s sure to last through any yogic adventure. On top of that, its lightweight design offers portability for yogis on the go.

In addition to its impressive physical features, Liforme Yoga Mat believes in providing a holistic experience to our users which is why we have included helpful yoga tips as well as exclusive discounts and early access to new products when they launch. Our customer service team is always available if you ever have any questions or concerns about your mat and we even offer a generous 30 day trial period ” just make sure you keep us up-to-date with how the experience has been going! We want everyone who uses our mats to be excited when they come into their yoga classes and leave it feeling rejuvenated! Try it out today at a store near you or shop online and get ready for an unforgettable yoga journey.

Benefits of Using the Liforme Mat

The Liforme Yoga Mat provides superior grip, cushioning and support to ensure your practice is safe, productive, and comfortable. With a patent-pending alignment system printed on the mat surface, practitioners have the direct feedback they need to perfect each pose. Furthermore this system helps yogis with back issues maintain good alignment in their postures.

“Using my Liforme yoga mat completely changed my experience of yoga! It provides enough grip for every asana without compromising comfort or cushioning.” – Jen K., experienced yogi

“The alignment design gave me an extra sense of self-confidence that I was executing each posture correctly.” -John S., experienced yogi

“The combination of great cushioning and patented grip really helped me move further into poses I thought were out of reach!” – Brett B., experienced yogi

The benefits of the Liforme Yoga Mat go beyond it’s features and lovely design; science has shown that its use helps reduce injury due to incorrect alignment as well as increase posture awareness, both crucial skills for managing day-to-day aches and pains. With a buildup of sweat resistance over time and an easy cleaning process that doesn’t require toxic chemicals, the Liforme Yoga Mat checks all the boxes when it comes to quality exercise equipment!


The Liforme Yoga Mat is designed with special features that make it stand out from other mats. It has an alignment system on its surface to help ensure proper form while in poses, and its Anti-Slip Grip technology provides a reliable grip so that you don’t slip during even the most intense sessions. The mat also offers Cushioning support, which helps to alleviate strain on your joints, allowing for a more comfortable experience. Its patented Unique Dimensions and Design provide comfort and stability for any size body.

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To demonstrate just how effective the features of the Liforme Yoga Mat are, here’s a video of an instructor performing different poses on the mat:

The video displays the unique features of this mat in action by showcasing how its Alignment System provides balance and guidance to maintain correct posture throughout a pose and how its Anti-Slip Grip provides sure footing in order to keep each pose steady. Additionally, you can see that the Cushioning support helps minimize pressure applied to the joints while ensuring comfort without compromising stability or balance.


The Liforme Yoga Mat is designed with durability and sustainability in mind. It is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that are ethically sourced, ensuring it can be used for many years without need for frequent replacements. The mat has a special grip technology, for superior ground stability throughout your practice, as well as directional lines to perfect alignment. Its durability does not just extend to its construction and fabrication, but also to its life span; the Liforme Yoga Mat is designed to withstand regular use of up to 20 years or more. Not only does this extend the life of the product and reduce environmental impact, it also means the longevity of your own yoga practice can be supported with a reliable and consistent training surface at all times.


The Liforme Yoga Mat provides superior comfort as well as fantastic support and grip. It has an open-cell foam cushioning system that absorbs impact, making it substantially more comfortable on hard surfaces like wooden floors, than thinner available mats with almost no padding. It is also slip-resistant due to its innovative rubber base which has been designed in the UK and crafted to maintain a sturdy non-slip foundation while still providing an ‘in-mat’ cushioning experience.

Moreover, the mat is made from ultra environmentally friendly biodegradable natural tree rubber. The combination of cushioning and grip provided ensures that your practice will remain stable and supported during even the most intense poses or movements. These qualities make this yoga mat ideal for all types of yogis, whether beginners or experts!

Color Options

The Liforme Yoga Mat comes in many different color editions that come with inspiring quotes or images of people using the Mat. Each color edition adds a unique level of inspiration to add to your experience of yoga. The range includes green, pink and blue Liforme Mats. The Green Edition features the inspiring words ‘Replenish Yourself’ written on it, encouraging you to take pride in taking time for yourself during your yoga practice. The Pink Edition has an image of a yogi woman practicing at sunrise whilst the Blue Edition sports the oceanside view from Positano. Each of these vividly colored editions is designed to motivate and inspire you throughout your practice. With all this motivation, there’s no doubt you will have a more enjoyable yoga experience!

Pros & Cons

– Many users have claimed that the Liforme yoga mat is one of the most comfortable mats they’ve used. The thick cushioning helps to absorb pressure on joints, making poses and exercises more comfortable, particularly for those suffering from joint pain.
The grip of the mat has also been highly praised by many users. The unique texture helps to provide an excellent non-slip surface for poses, even if hands and feet get sweaty during exercise. This provides greater stability and safety for all levels of practice.
Finally, the Liforme Yoga Mat is made from ethically sourced eco-friendly materials, meaning it has minimal environmental impact ” something important to many yoga lovers!

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Some users have reported that the mat does have a strong rubber smell when first opened. After airing out for a few days this should dissipate but can be off-putting at first. Additionally, due to its thicker profile some yogis may suffer increased fatigue in standing postures as its more difficult to feel grounded on the mat compared to a thinner alternative.

Care Tips

Q: What is the best way to take care of my Liforme Yoga Mat?
A: We recommend cleaning your Liforme Yoga Mat at least once a week to ensure it stays in the best condition possible. To clean, simply use a damp cloth with mild detergent and wipe down both sides of the mat, then hang it up or lie it flat to allow it to air-dry. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and storing the mat any place that has intense heat or direct sunlight. If your mat has become too slippery during use you can also wipe down the top layer with a few drops of tea tree oil or another essential oil diluted in water.

Q: How should I store my Liforme Yoga Mat?
A: The best way to store your Liforme Yoga Mat is by hanging it up, or rolling it and keeping it in an upright position. You should never fold the mat as this can cause the material to crack over time; instead, opt for keeping it rolled. Avoid storing your mat in any place that has extreme temperatures or sunlight, as this may damage its structure and integrity.


At Liforme, we believe our yoga mat is one of the best on the market. It provides you with a comfortable and supportive surface for all types of workouts, whether it’s Iyengar or Hatha, or any other style. Its unique design- deeply textured, non-slip base layer along with its firm but gentle top layer ensure dependable grip and cushioning- allows you to move freely and focus on your posture and flow in your yoga practice while keeping you safe.

We invite everyone to try the Liforme Yoga Mat and experience its technical design advantages yourself. We are so confident in our product that we offer a quibble free returns policy; if you don’t like it for any reason then just return the mat within 30 days for a full refund. So don’t wait any longer; come see why thousands of yogis around the world choose and love Liforme Yoga Mats!

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