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Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is a yoga studio located in the city of Dubai, UAE. It offers a range of yoga classes and workshops to help students find their true yogic path. For beginners, there are hatha and vinyasa classes, which have been developed specifically for those who are just starting out in the practice of yoga.

For more experienced practitioners, there are also Ashtanga, Acro-Yoga and Power Yoga classes available. Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is conveniently located in Al Nahda so it is easily accessible to the public.

The Benefits Of Practising Yoga At Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda Practising yoga at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda can bring a wide range of physical and emotional benefits for participants. Physically, it can help improve muscle strength, relieve stress, improve balance and breathing techniques as well as providing flexibility training.

The variety of classes means that there is something suitable for everyone regardless of their fitness level or age. Emotionally, regular sessions with Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda allow participants to connect with themselves on a deeper level and reduce anxiety levels associated with everyday life pressures such as work or school commitments.

Classes Offered By Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda In addition to its variety of hatha and vinyasa classes that cater for all levels of experience, Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda also offers some fun interactive workshops such as laughter yoga or rope wall yoga which helps increase flexibility through practicing challenging poses while suspended from the wall using ropes.

These worksops often offer alternative perspectives on how one can move through space making them particularly beneficial for those looking to deepen their practice in unique ways.

Alongside these workshops they offer personalised private lessons which can help individual students progress more quickly by focusing on specific elements such as aligning postures more accurately or breaking down movements into smaller components in order to build up strength over time.

Overview of the Studio and its Location

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is situated in the vibrant area of Al Nahda, Dubai. It is beautifully designed with large windows which create a natural balance while also allowing in ample light and air to make it a relaxing space for yoga sessions.

The design includes a tranquil colour palette throughout the studio, creating an aura of serenity allowing visitors to feel completely at peace when they enter. The facility offers a wide range of classes from hot yoga and power yoga to Hatha Yoga so there is something to suit all fitness levels.

The instructors at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda focus on guiding students through their practice with mindfulness and intention, creating strong energetic connections and providing stability throughout each movement. Sessions are tailored particularly with emphasis on breathing techniques that create balance between the mind, body and spirit. All classes are taught by experienced teachers who can support you in your journey of yoga development no matter what style or level you are at.

For those looking for additional activities to add onto their overall wellness experience, Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda provides special programs such as one-on-one coaching sessions, enabling visitors to sharpen their practices further or explore meditation through guided instruction.

For those wanting more guidance outside the main yoga studio space they offer workshops and retreats within Dubai or further away from home if required – pick from detox packages or destination retreats like Bhutan or Sri Lanka for the full immersive experience.

In addition, they actively host community events including talks from successful entrepreneurs around various motivational topics such as personal growth; a great platform provided by the studio for guests looking not only for physical wellbeing but also mental nourishment too. Whether you’re looking just to relax your body and mind or something deeper still – Lifestyle Yoga provides plenty of inspiring options.

Studio Atmosphere and Unique Features

At Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda, we provide a welcoming and inspiring environment of positive energy. We have spacious yoga studios and lounges with tranquil lighting to create a calming atmosphere for our guests. Our variety of unique features include:

  • A dedicated shanti room where you can meditate in a peaceful way.
  • An inviting lobby area with complimentary refreshments.
  • State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment for maximum effect during classes.
  • Beautifully appointedchanging rooms with lockers and showers.

Located in the heart of Al Nahda, we offer an array of classes throughout the week, from beginner to advanced levels. We also have special workshops and retreats to support all levels of practice. Regular yoga classes are taught by enthusiastic instructors who are passionate about their work. We cover a wide range of styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ashtanga.

Our focus is on providing an environment where everyone can be comfortable in their practice no matter what level or experience they possess. Private one-on-one training is available through our experienced instructors who are specially trained in assisting individuals with special needs. All classes are held within the safety parameters prescribed by the Dubai authorities for safe social distancing practices and health protocols required concerning Covid 19 regulations.

We actively encourage students to explore different types of yoga according to their goals; be it weight loss, flexibility or improved mental clarity and focus. No matter what stage you’re at in your practice we offer all guests a supportive space to deepen your knowledge and level up your practice.

Types of Yoga Offered

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Different Classes and Programs Available

Lifestyle yoga Al Nahda offers a vareity of different yoga classes and programs to suit everyone. Whether it is your first time ever doing yoga or you are a well-practiced yogi, Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda has something to offer for all levels of experience.

Vinyasa Flow class

The Vinyasa Flow class is designed for individuals who want to take their practice more seriously and push themselves further. This class allows you to move with your breath and flow from one pose into another in order to build strength while improving flexibility. The phases of the postures progress from gentle stretching, through dynamic movement to restorative poses held longer.

Prenatal Yoga

The Prenatal Yoga classes at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda are specifically catered towards expecting Mothers. These classes provide exercise options for pregnant women that can help reduce stress, improve mood and alleviate discomfort associated with pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is designed to increase physical strength as well as mental awareness in preparation for childbirth.

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Kids Yoga

At Lifestyle Yoga, they also offer KidsYoga for children ages 5-12 that not only provides them with exposure to the benefits of yoga but also fun activities such as games, story-telling and art projects that incorporate the practice of yogasans. Each session is developed according to the age level of each student enabling them to express themselves in an creative way while gaining flexible strength and improved motor skills.

  • Vinyasa Flow Class
  • Prenatal Yoga Ages 5-12
  • KidsYoga

Benefits of Practicing Yoga at the Facility

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is a facility in the United Arab Emirates that offers yoga classes to its members. This facility has a range of benefits available for members who choose to practice yoga there. Some of the main benefits include improved cardiovascular health, increased flexibility and strength, better body alignment, enhanced breathing and stress relief.

Regular exercise of any kind can be associated with improved cardiovascular health, but there are special benefits of yoga that contribute specifically to this area. When practicing yoga at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda you can increase your cardiovascular performance by increasing your heart rate through dynamic postures as well as utilizing pranayama (breath control) techniques.

Additionally, because many postures place weight on your lower extremities, those who attend Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda can improve their leg strength and overall muscular tone by regular practice.

Improved posture and body alignment are another important benefit of practicing yoga at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda. By focusing on the correct alignment of each pose and transitioning between them with mindful attention paid to one’s form and posture, one’s muscular system will learn how to properly support itself throughout daily activities or workouts – even when not in a class setting.

Improved muscle control is achieved over time through regularly placing focus on propelling forward limbs correctly during poses that stretch out the back body side-to-side or up vertically while maintaining joint stability and shoulder slackness.

Environmental air quality is also something that can be benefited from attending classes at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda as the facility features a negative ionizer plus an Organic Essential Oils Diffusers aid in alleviating stress levels – allowing practitioners to focus more on their practice rather than external environmental factors like air pollution or taxing noise levels around them.

Moreover, this type of practicability lets members take part in classes without feeling distracted or overstimulated during their session which helps them stay relaxed and utilizes all mental resources toward finding mindfulness within themselves during class.

Testimonials from Students

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is an independently owned yoga studio located in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded with the goal of helping people reach their highest potential by providing a safe and supportive environment for people to learn and practice yoga. The owner, Asma, has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years and brings her passion for the practice to her classes.

Dynamic Classes

The studio offers both group classes and one-on-one classes, with a variety of styles such as Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga and more. The classes are designed to fit the needs of each individual student, no matter their level of experience or physical ability. Each class also has a unique focus that helps bring out different aspects of each individual’s practice.

No matter what type of class students choose to take at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda they can expect a dynamic session that challenges them physically while also deepening their connection to yoga philosophies like mindfulness. Through challenging postures guided by experienced teachers, students can build strength and flexibility safely in each class while exploring the mental benefits of yoga as well.

Nurturing Environment

At Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda everyone is welcomed as part of a community regardless of their physicality or experience level. The studio provides props like bolsters and blocks that help make poses achievable for students who cannot do them on their own.

They prioritize making sure everyone feels comfortable within the space so that everyone can feel at ease and progress without any fear or pressure. This inclusive atmosphere is built through meaningful connections between teachers and students where Asma works hard to really get know her students on personal levels which she believes contributes greatly to their practice growth.

Supportive Community

Aside from classes Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda also provides workshops led by local holistic health professionals that create opportunities to connect with other members in the studio community as well as gain important insight into industry related topics like nutrition or injury prevention.

In order to further connect students outside the walls of the studio, Asma hosts monthly gatherings around town ranging from hikes to pottery making that give her students a chance to socialize within in an outdoor setting with fellow practitioners.

Professional Instructors and Their Backgrounds

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is a world-class yoga studio offering classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. The instructors at the studio have extremely impressive backgrounds and strive to make each class as enjoyable as possible.

The yoga professionals are passionate about share their knowledge and helping their students reach their physical, mental, and spiritual goals. All the instructors are highly experienced, certified professionals with years of practice in teaching various styles of yoga. They understand how strenuous some poses can be, so they guide each student with patience towards complete mastery of the practice.

The Instructors’ Skills

  • Provide skillful guidance while ensuring safety
  • Offer individual technique corrections
  • Address physical limitations with modification options
  • Teach alignment, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices

Further expanding on the skills possessed by the instructors at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is their ability to make modifications for those experiencing physical limitations in order to accommodate all students’ needs and ensure safety during movements. Through skillful instruction which seeks to work around these challenges, they provide necessary modification options as well as one-on-one technique corrections that allow for an excellent overall learning experience.

In addition to modifications and individual instruction, the professional instructors focus on mastering alignment techniques along with breathwork – both fundamental elements of any yogic practice – by illustrating simple tips that help increase awareness during postures or mentally calming exercises such as meditation or mantras reciting. As part of their class plans they often teach heartfelt messages encouraging self-reflection through which students can learn important lessons beyond physical movement.

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In-depth Look at the Facility’s History

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is a yoga and wellness center located in Dubai, UAE. It was founded in 2006 by Soumya Reddy, an Indian yogi who wanted to provide the city with an oasis of relaxation and spiritual growth. The facility has grown in popularity over the years and is now one of the most popular fitness centers in Dubai.

Highly-Qualified Trainers

The team at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is composed of highly experienced instructors and therapists, all certified in their respective specialties. The trainers specialize in various aspects of yoga such as Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Aerial Yoga, and more. There are advanced classes for those who wish to take their practice further or deeper into the practice. All instructors have national yoga certifications and many also hold additional prestigious qualifications from international schools of yoga such as Himalayan Institute.

Small Class Sizes for Personalized Attention

At Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda, the focus is on providing individualized care and attention to every student. To this end, class sizes are kept small – usually limited to between 10 to 15 students per class – so that each person can have more individualized attention from the instructor during class transitions or postures corrections.

In addition to traditional classes, private sessions are also offered so that people get a custom tailored program just for them which may be helpful if someone wants focus on specific goals within their practice.

A Variety of Classes Offered

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda offers an array of different classes suited for different levels of practice from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Some commonly taught classes include Power Vinyasa Flow & Yin For Stress Relief; Pre/Postnatal; AcroYoga; Restorative; MyRide Spin; Core Focused Pilates; Nordic Walking; and Weight Loss Bootcamp among others.

Private classes can also be tailored towards specific needs such as injury rehabilitation or physical therapy needs as well as personal goals like getting ready for a marathon or simply calming the mind through mindfulness meditation practices.

Descriptions of Events and Workshops

  • Events: Events at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda include meditation workshops, group coaching sessions, in-depth discussions and interactive yoga classes. Participants will learn various techniques of stress relief, relaxation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Yoga Sessions: The yoga sessions at the centre are led by qualified professionals who help participants develop strength and flexibility, as well as teach the principles of alignment and correct postural alignment. You can choose from different styles such as hatha yoga, vinyasa flow or restorative. All classes are created to suit each individual’s needs.
  • Workshops: There are a variety of workshops available for those looking to learn more about self-care. Workshops cover topics such as yoga fundamentals, the power of positive thinking, deep relaxation and lifestyle changes for improved health & wellness.


Participating in events and workshops at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda provides a range of benefits that contribute to improving one’s overall physical and mental wellbeing. These include increased energy levels; enhanced personal vitality; greater balance; improved concentration and mental clarity; reduced stress levels; better sleep patterns; an improved sense of self connection and peace; strengthened body awareness; larger capacity for self-love and compassion; heightened focus on positive attitudes; creativity awareness & understanding life’s purpose.

Participating in these classes also creates a feeling of physical relaxation while establishing contact with inner calmness & peace.


Services offered by Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda include private consultations with certified instructors who can provide personalized guidance on personal growth.

Additionally individuals can opt for corporate training sessions which cover group dynamics & team building skills along with other specialized education tailored made for businesses related to health & wellness such as yoga studios, spas & retreats etc., providing employees the opportunity of receiving further wisdom in their chosen fields through intimate knowledge sharing experiences from renowned experts both locally & internationally in related fields.

Furthermore services extend to mindful lifestyle assistant services which assist customers on how best they can utilize their time spent away from the hustle/bustle of daily life by offering broad advice on matters related to spirituality beyond traditional beliefs & understanding through connecting them with leading spaces around UAE dedicated towards enhancing learning tendencies such as seminars with reiki healers, therapists etc.

How to Contact Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda

Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda is a fantastic studio for those looking to practice yoga in the comfort of their own community. Located in Dubai, this studio provide classes for all skill levels and offer complimentary wellness services such as massage therapy, reiki, reflexology and even crystal healing.

The teachers at this location have extensive experience in yoga techniques and cater to both individual students and groups so no matter your needs, you can find something here that works for you. Whether you’re looking to begin practicing yoga or are an experienced yogi, there is something available for everyone at this location.

To get started with Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda, the first step is to book a class or package online through their website or at the studio itself. Once a booking is made, students can purchase any necessary equipment needed such as mats, blocks or props if they don’t already own them.

For those who do not wish to attend classes in person but still want to learn from this location’s instructors, they also provide virtual classes through Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

Lastly, since the wellbeing of its students is important to the team at Lifestyle Yoga Al Nahda, they also have various discounts available on certain packages as well as store treatments such as reiki, Thai massage and bodywork therapies which help promote relaxation.

Additionally, the studio holds many special events throughout the year such as workshops and Yogathons which focus on a variety of topics within yoga culture which help foster connections between like-minded individuals teaching and learning about one another’s practice in a more social setting.

To learn more about their upcoming events, check out their website or contact them directly via email or telephone if you have any questions.

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