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Kelly Noonan Gores is a California-based director and producer who has been involved in the film industry for over 15 years. Her most notable work is the arguably life-changing documentary, “healing” which she produced, directed, and edited. Kelly’s documentary focuses on the practice of yoga and its potential in transforming lives. Through her interviews among some of the world’s leading scientists, spiritual teachers, doctors, energy healers and authors featured in the film, Kelly explores a variety of topics including health, happiness, meditation and spirituality. She looks into how utilizing ancient wisdom combined with modern science can help us lead happier, more meaningful lives. The overall message she conveys to viewers is that health comes not merely from physical activity but rather through mind-body transformation. Kelly’s objective is to get people to reconnect with themselves in order to become more mindful and appreciative of the world they live in while also leading healthier lives overall.


Kelly Noonan Gores’ yoga documentary is a look into the power of yoga to transform lives. The film follows Kelly as she interviews some of the world’s leading experts and discovers that yoga has the potential to reduce stress, improve focus, and help heal physical and emotional ailments. Throughout the film, stories from people from all walks of life show the profound way that integrating yoga practices has impacted their wellbeing. The documentary aims to inspire viewers to make meaningful changes in their own lives through this ancient art form.


Kelly Noonan Gores’ Yoga Documentary covers an array of the different themes related to yoga. One of the main themes focuses on how yoga can be a powerful form of healing for both physical and mental illness, as well as providing greater peace within. It also delves into the history of yoga, and its many benefits to leading a happier and healthier lifestyle. Additionally, viewers gain insight on how to tackle stress and its subsequent effects on both physical and mental health with the help of incorporating regular yoga practice. The film explores the connections between biology, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and science to better understand how yoga works in all areas of our lives. Furthermore, the documentary studies the impact mindfulness meditation has in terms of helping us to develop a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us. Finally, it explains the power behind learning self-love and loving-kindness towards others by understanding that we are all part of one universal interconnectedness.


Kelly Noonan Gores’ Yoga Documentary features a diverse range of visual imagery and representations that provide an emotional and immersive experience for the viewer. The documentary takes us on a personal journey, combining ancient traditions in yoga with modern science all presented with stunning visuals, including sweeping aerial shots of nature, arresting close-up imagery of participants and practices, and carefully crafted graphics to help explain key concepts from the practice of yoga.

The documentary also features striking portraits and interviews of experts from all over the world to provide insight into how yoga can have preventative health benefits as well as helping support mental wellbeing. By utilizing engaging music and captivating narration, Kelly Noonan Gores creates a truly unique atmosphere to accompany each person’s individual story. Moreover, some elements of humour are also used throughout the narrative to bring a sense of lightness along with moments offering real emotion – providing greater insight into the physical and mental benefits that practice brings. The beautiful sets add to the overall intensity, forming a powerful visual representation that greatly enhances this meaningful experience.


Kelly Noonan Gores’ yoga documentary, ‘Heal’, features compelling interviews with over 40 top yogis and well-being experts from around the world. The interviews provide an in-depth exploration of the science behind mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation, and self-care practices that can help assist in healing one’s body.

The distinguished experts featured in the documentary include luminaries such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, spiritual teacher Steven Siegel and integrative health expert Lissa Rankin. Kelly herself is no stranger to the field of yoga and she has interviewed a plethora of renowned practitioners such as Dharma Mittra and Shiva Rea. Each yogi has their own viewpoint on the subject matter but all agree that there is definitely something to be gained from cultivating a practice which offers both physical benefits and general peace of mind.

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In addition to offering her viewers insight into these ancient teachings, Kelly also seeks to challenge traditional approaches to modern medicine by introducing new age healing modalities that have already demonstrated success stories from people who have been struggling with various illnesses or ailments. Through these conversations, viewers gain insight into how one can use natural methods for healing purposes instead of relying solely on drugs or surgery. Additionally, viewers will learn about different types of energy work such as Reiki Meditation and Ayurvedic practice; holistic nutrition philosophies; immune system strengthening techniques; breathwork exercises; mindfulness practices; mental conditioning strategies; behavior modification protocols; stress release techniques; lifestyle adaptations; emotional freedom techniques; sleep issues remedies and many more topics related to well being are addressed in this carefully crafted film incorporating numerous voices from different backgrounds.


Kelly Noonan Gores is the director of a highly successful yoga documentary called “Heal.” This film profiles people’s journeys to physical, mental and spiritual health through the practice of yoga and other healing modalities. The documentary features interviews with yogis, scientists, experts in meditation, works by philosophers and inspirational quotes from participants.

The documentary has been positively received by viewers who appreciate the way it brings together scientific research with real life stories to create a compelling narrative. It is no surprise then that one of the key elements of this hugely successful film is its inspirational quotes from participants.

These quotes offer profound insight into how yoga can improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For example, during an interview a participant said “Yoga is like a journey– the more you practice, the deeper it takes you into yourself” which encapsulates how yoga can enable one to go on an inner journey for self-discovery. Similarly, another participant noted that “Yoga reminded me that I am always enough”” implying how this practice can be used to find peace and acceptance within oneself.

Overall, between diverse voices in the film and insightful quotes from those on their journeys to wellness through yoga” Kelly Noonan Gores set out her vision successfully: showing viewers worldwide what true health looks like when positive lifestyle changes are made though mindfulness and self-care!


Kelly Noonan Gores’ yoga documentary takes an in-depth look at the diverse range of practices within the discipline of yoga. In particular, the documentary features interviews with experts on a variety of different yogic traditions and lineages such as Viniyoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and the more modern Rocket style. The experts highlight the unique characteristics of each tradition, teaching how each is adapted for individual needs and offering tools for meditation and breath guidance to enhance overall wellbeing. Furthermore, throughout the documentary various branch-outs from traditional practices are also explored, such as Yin Yoga which focuses on finding stillness and Mindful Flow which centers around conscious movements. Finally, it offers an insight into some of the latest scientific research surrounding yoga’s many medicinal benefits and explains how best to use this ancient practice with regards to healing chronic diseases like diabetes. Overall, Kelly Noonan Gores’ documentary draws attention to both familiar yet lesser known aspects of Yoga to present a well-rounded overview of its potential physical and spiritual rewards.

Health Benefits -Exploring the Health Benefits the Documentary Offers

In the Kelly Noonan Gores yoga documentary “Heal” viewers are offered remarkable insights on the power of self-healing. Through interviews with leading doctors, scientists and spiritual practitioners, the film exposes evidence-based practices that may help treat a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

One major subject explored in this film is the physical health benefits of yoga practice. Numerous studies have been conducted showing how regular yoga can help support physical wellbeing. A 2018 review paper published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice concluded that yoga is beneficial for managing chronic low back pain, reducing stress, fatigue and improving overall quality of life. Other studies have indicated that regular yogic practice has positive impacts on cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety and depression ” to name just a few. Furthermore, it may help improve balance and coordination as well as strengthening muscles throughout the entire body. The documentar also shares advice from experts on how often to perform certain poses – both seated poses and standing poses – as well as highlighting different guided meditative practices that can be performed after a session of yoga.

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In addition to its physical components, this documentary dives into the mental/emotional benefits of practicing yoga as well such as increasing focus and resilience during stressful periods. It further explains how accepting yourself without judgement is vitally important for true health transformation. The word “Heal” itself refers not only to bodily repair but also denotes spiritual healing which has many connection to numerous wellness practices spanning centuries from Ayurveda to meditation and mindfulness techniques.


Kelly Noonan Gores’ yoga documentary takes an in-depth look at the long-term effects of intentionally participating in yoga practices and living with intention. The documentary follows individuals from a variety of backgrounds”athletes, scientists, thought leaders and spiritual guides”as they explore the healing powers of the ancient practice. Through their personal journeys, we get to witness how yoga can help with physical and mental struggles such as anxiety, depression, addiction and stress. This is an important exploration as there is a noticeable shift towards moving away from traditional forms of medicine and towards more holistic lifestyles that focus on self-care and mind-body healing. The film provides viewers with inspiring stories that illustrate how these lifestyle changes can profoundly affect not only your own life but also how you interact with your surroundings in general; inspiring positive relationships within societies.

The documentary places emphasis on the fact that although taking part in one or two classes may be beneficial for many people’s wellbeing, making yoga part of your daily routine is key if you want to reap its full range of advantages for yourself over time. Furthermore, combining mindful breathing practices along with hatha meditation”a form of deep contemplative meditation involving regulated breathwork and bodily postures”is also explored as a way to sustainably facilitate healing within oneself on multiple levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. In addition, we see explored in great detail how reclaiming love for oneself through self-reflection can lead to profound inner transformation. These are all lessons that will remain invaluable long after one watches the film; creating long term impact for those who take part in any aspect of this unique journey.


The lessons and takeaways from the documentary Kelly Noonan Gores through her Yoga documentary are that yoga can be beneficial in many aspects of life such as physical and emotional health. Taking part in yoga can help you gain a heightened sense of self-awareness, which can lead to improved relationships with oneself, greater focus on goals, and an overall sense of peace within. Also highlighted through the film is that each individual should consult a qualified professional before starting any yoga type regime to ensure they are comfortable and capable of engaging in the activity.

Finally, whether it’s for easing stress or bringing balance back into your life, yoga has something to offer every individual if practiced appropriately. The documentary encourages viewers to find out how yoga works for them, regardless of age or ability level. Through this path viewers may be able to live healthier lives and ultimately create more meaningful connections with others.

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