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Jollie Yoga Mats are unlike any other traditional yoga mats on the market: made from eco-friendly TPE, our mats are non-toxic, natural and 100% biodegradable. But that’s not all: Jollie Yoga Mats bring a unique set of benefits we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

Firstly, because of their material composition, Jollie Yoga Mats offer unmatched support, cushioning and joint protection. Unlike many traditional yoga mats which use PVC foam or rubber as filler material, our TPE make-up provides superior level of both compression and impact absorption. This reduces stress on joints and muscles while performing stretching and strenuous exercises, creating a durable yet soft surface to practice on.

Unlike EVA which leaves minimal imprint size after being used several times, our TPE mats can retain shape post-use for years making them the perfect long term investment for yogis looking for maximum support with each session. And thanks to excellent grip properties found in its interlocking surfaces combined with high anti-skid texture treads, Jollie Yoga Mats remain stable no matter position or intensity of practice.

Additionally, when booking activities like hot yoga or pilates where sweat and moisture is inevitable Jollie Yoga Mats stand apart from the rest: boasting an incredibly effective water resistant membrane, these mats do not absorb moisture at all preventing bacteria build-up – something common in thick cotton or wax covered fabrics – making them hygienic and safe to use over again.

For those who prioritize functionality over aesthetic value look no further than Jollie Yoga Mat! We believe that when it comes down to building a healthy relationship with one’s practice only quality products should be used – this is why we strive to provide cutting edge technology unsurpassed by any yoga mat in the industry!

Materials and Craftsmanship

Jollie Yoga Mats are renowned for their quality materials and craftsmanship. Every yoga mat is made from the finest non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable rubber to ensure a durable and lasting product that won’t deteriorate over time. The rubber is all natural, allowing the user a safe contact with the mat during practice as it isn’t made with chemicals that could cause skin irritation or allergies. The superior performance of Jollie mats is due in part to its patented manufacturing process which uses cutting-edge technology to achieve an even texture throughout each mat. Each and every yoga mat is checked by Jollie’s highly trained specialists before packaging, ensuring highest quality standards.

Aside from using the best materials available, Jollie Yoga Mats are crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Every stitch and seam on the mat has been carefully constructed by hand and tailored to perfectly fit your body for maximum comfort during your practice. No matter which color or pattern you choose for your Jollie Mat, you know each one will give optimum grip and cushioning when in use so that no movement goes unrewarded. Best of all—each design used on their products is created exclusively for them so you know you’re getting a unique product backed up by top quality construction and materials!


Jollie Yoga Mats are incredibly durable. Their construction features two layers of top-quality eco-friendly rubber, providing the perfect balance between grip and cushioning for all types of yoga. The mats are specially designed to retain their shape and provide years of reliable use in a variety of conditions.

The innovative design and construction of Jollie Yoga Mats make them especially tough and long lasting. They have been rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand everyday wear and tear while maintaining their original shape. The top layer is made from an anti-slip finish that increases grip when faced with wet or slippery conditions, while the bottom layer provides extra cushioning for optimal comfort during your practice. Regardless of whether you use the mat indoors or outdoors, you can be sure it will keep its form, strength and beauty over time. In addition, the mats come in a variety of appealing colors and designs so you can express your individual style when practicing yoga or meditating.

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Jollie Yoga Mats are designed to help yogis of all levels reach their fitness goals. The mats provide the perfect amount of cushion and support, making it easy to stay focused on technique and mindful practice. For the experienced Yogi looking for a premium yoga mat, Jollie Yoga Mats are an excellent choice.

For those in need of mats that combine both performance and comfort, Jollie Yoga Mats can’t be beaten! Each one is made with superior foam composition that won’t stretch out quickly as well as a textured non-skid surface to ensure surefooted stability during your practice. Additionally, Jollie Yoga Mats boast PVV technology which offers consistent grip even when temperatures rise. Furthermore, these mats come in various sizes and colors so you can customize your workout environment according to your needs. Plus, they’re lightweight and offer superior sweat absorption so you can keep going until you reach your peak performance level without feeling weighed down by excess moisture beneath you. With Jollie Yoga Mats, whether you’re new or an advanced yogi reaching for a higher goal, these mats are designed to help you get there faster!

Customer Reviews

Jollie Yoga Mats have consistently received outstanding reviews from customers all over the world. Many users swear by their newfound comfort and stability as they practice yoga on them, as well as its durability after multiple uses. It has also been noted that Jollie Yoga Mats provide added cushioning which is perfect for those with sensitive joints while being thin enough to offer great balance when transitioning between poses. People appreciate that the mats are both lightweight and free of chemicals and other synthetic materials, making them eco-friendly! One customer remarked, “I completely love my Jollie yoga mat – it helps support my movements in a way no other yoga mat has before. Not only is it comfortable for even my most complicated poses, but I never have to worry about slipping or losing my balance.”

On top of providing excellent cushioning and stability, Jollie Yoga Mats also come highly praised due to their style. Customers note that the vibrant colors and stylish prints add a beautiful touch of personality to their practice. The textured surface provides a gripping texture during sweaty practices and non slip-materials make sure they’re safe while using them at home or in public classes. Many people like that the mats come with handles so it can be easily transported without having to carry the bulky item on its own. There is a consensus amongst users that Jollie Yoga Mats are not only highly functional but also pleasant to look at!


When it comes to choosing the best yoga mats, Jollie Yoga Mats is a great option. Comparisons among the competition are essential in order to make an informed decision. Here, we evaluate how Jollie Yoga Mats fares against other brands.

A main factor when comparing yoga mats is price. Jollie Yoga Mats offer competitive prices and can often be purchased with discounts. Additionally, they are designed with quality materials that are both comfortable and durable, making them ideal for a variety of users’ needs. The design also features textured bottoms which provide excellent grip on any surface during exercise activities or restorative poses. Another advantage of Jollie Yoga Mats is that their design makes them lightweight and easy to carry while traveling or visiting gym classes. When it comes to cleaning, these yoga mats have been created from easily washable material which helps maintain hygiene at all times. Furthermore, their vibrant range of colors ensures that there is a mat suitable for everyone’s personal style preference. Finally, there has been increased focus on eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging practices within the company making it clear that sustainability is their priority.

All in all, based on processional reviews and customer opinion surveys, it appears that Jollie Yoga Mats prove to be well rounded compared to other companies in terms of pricing, design quality, ease of cleaning, style options and eco-friendliness. All these factors combined put the brand in a strong position to compete with the challenges posed by its competitors in the market place today.

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Educate, Empower, and Enjoy

Step One: Research
Take the time to research a few different yoga mats to find the one that fits your needs and preferences. Explore online reviews and industry resources to get a feel for how other yogis rate each type of mat. Take into consideration the types of activities you want to do on the mat, as well as the frequency with which you plan to practice yoga. Consider factors such as material (such as rubber or jute), cushioning, durability, size, weight, eco-friendliness, price, etc.

Step Two: Try It Out
Once you narrow down your choices, visit a store if possible. Bring along some sample poses so you can get an idea of how each mat feels beneath your hands and feet. Some stores even offer rental mats so you can test them out before making an investment. Alternatively, purchase a sample-size version of your top choice so you can test it at home before committing to one option or another.

Step Three: Educate Yourself
Educate yourself about proper use and maintenance of certain yoga mats. For example, some materials require special care when cleaning; others have limitations in terms of the types of poses they can support effectively; still others should be stored rolled up and not folded away when not in use. Good quality yoga mats may come with additional accessories such as carrying straps or bags that help protect them from damage during transport. Make sure that when using your product you are doing so responsibly!

Step Four: Empower Yourself
The right yoga mat should inspire and empower your practice – it should challenge you without messing up your postures or slipping excessively! Once you find a mat that works for you, practice on it religiously until it becomes an extension of your body. After all, there’s nothing more important than having confidence in yourself and what lies beneath your feet during your sessions!

Step Five: Enjoy It!
Finally, make sure to enjoy every moment while practicing on your new favorite yoga mat! After all the hard work that went into researching and finding it – reward yourself by simply taking time to appreciate its comfort and cushiony goodness in Savasana pose after each session!

A Welcome Addition

Jollie Yoga Mats provide superior quality and comfort with every use. Their eco-friendly construction is made from materials that are safe for the environment, while also providing comfort and support during your yoga practice. Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice with a more advanced pose or just starting out, the mats have something for everyone. With an array of vibrant colors and different thickness levels to choose from, you can easily find the perfect mat for your personal style and needs. Additionally, Jollie Yoga Mats are designed to last for many years of use through regular cleaning, making them a worthy investment. With their commitment to quality and environmental consciousness, it’s no surprise that Jollie Yoga Mats have become such a welcome addition in the lives of many yogis around the world. From studio settings to outdoor parks, people everywhere trust Jollie Yoga Mats because of their safety and relaxation benefits.

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