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Jenna Covelli is the founder of Jenna Covelli Yoga. She first took interest in the practice of yoga at age 13 and quickly found solace in its teachings. She went on to earn a degree in philosophy from Smith College which gave her the foundation she needed to delve deeper into her understanding of Eastern religions, finding within them a connection with her personal journey. After graduating, Jenna began teaching yoga and has now been practicing for over 20 years. It is her passion to not only teach yoga but also spread awareness about its many benefits both physically and mentally.

Through her classes, Jenna offers simple instructions aimed at activating one’s awareness, inviting students to experience deep relaxation, physical strength, balance, internal healing and overall well-being. As a devoted teacher, she encourages students to pay attention to the subtle energy that exists within each individual and uses this connection as well as gained knowledge throughout the class.

A devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children, Jenna continues to share her love for yoga through workshops and private sessions as well as through dedicating time for volunteer work with organizations such as Volunteer Interpreters Without Borders. Through this organization she seeks to share knowledge about yoga’s potential health benefits with those in need around the world – especially people living with chronic illnesses or disabilities – by offering free or low cost instruction in countries where access or resources are limited or unavailable. It is no surprise that so many have come out of their shells thanks to Jenna Covelli’s classes: she is an inspirational figure who makes it her mission that everyone can experience healing through mindfulness and motion.

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Jenna Covelli Yoga is a popular yoga studio in the heart of Mission Bay. Founded in 2016, Jenna created her studio as a place where her clients would be able to experience peace, balance, and relaxation while learning to connect their body with their mind. Since then, Jenna has received an overwhelming amount of praise from her clients for creating a zen-like environment that allows them to escape from their everyday lives and press reset on stress levels.

At Jenna Covelli Yoga, classes are tailored to each individual’s needs to ensure that all clients make progress on their mental, physical, and emotional health journeys. For example, some classes are dedicated to mastering new poses or improving strength and flexibility; others may focus on building mindfulness through meditation or deep stretching which calms the nervous system. Regardless of your skill level or practice preference, every class provides an opportunity for personal awe and transformation surrounded by likeminded individuals.

The reviews written by other clients about Jenna Covelli Yoga attest to the wonderful atmosphere she has been able to create within her studio. They speak highly of both Jenna’s teaching abilities as well as the overall welcoming vibe within her space – people often remark that they feel supported and connected during class after taking part in one of her workshops or sessions. From beginner yogis seeking guidance with foundation poses to more advanced practitioners looking for ways to deepen their practice, everyone leaves Jenna Covelli Yoga feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws at them!

Expertise of instructors

The instructors at Jenna Covelli Yoga are highly experienced and highly qualified professionals. All of the instructors have received specialized certifications from top-notch institutions such as the World Federation of Yoga and Pranakriya School of Healing Arts, as well as extensive experience working in various settings. Every instructor has experience teaching hatha yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing) exercises, and other therapeutic modalities. Every instructor also has a minimum of 200 hours of ongoing training in alignment fundamentals, anatomy postures, and philosophy.

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In addition to this specialized instruction every instructor brings their own unique specialty or focus to their practice which allows clients to benefit from a wide range of styles and approaches depending on what type of practice they are interested in. Some instructors specialize in breathwork techniques for managing stress and calming the mind while others focus on therapeutic movements for rehabilitating injuries or reducing pain. Additionally some instructors offer classes focusing on traditional yogic philosophy or integrating mindfulness practices into everyday life to help cultivate inner peace and balance. The eclectic mix of qualifications makes Jenna Covelli Yoga an ideal place for students to receive customized instruction tailored to their individual needs & goals as well as an enjoyable & transformative experience.

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Jenna Covelli Yoga helps clients find a balance between mind, body and soul. They offer a variety of yoga classes suitable for beginner to advanced levels, led by experienced teachers who foster individual learning and growth. With flexible payment plans available, everyone can access their services. Located in the heart of Los Angeles and Orange County, they offer monthly memberships, individual class packages and drop-in fees. They also provide exclusive discounted memberships for students and seniors.

At Jenna Covelli Yoga, there are several payment options to suit different budgets and preferences. The chart below shows the various classes offered and their associated fees:

Class Type | Payment Options
Monthly Membership | $45/month
Individual Class | $15/class
Drop-In Fee | $25/class
Student Discount | 25% off regular fee
Senior Discount | 50% off regular fee
Location | Los Angeles & Orange County

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Jenna Covelli Yoga is much more than just a place to practice yoga. We offer an all-encompassing range of services from classes to workshops, from private sessions to retreats, and our experienced instructors work with each individual in order to tailor an experience that is specific to each person’s needs and aspirations.

Visitors won’t be disappointed when they see the amazing pictures of our lush green studio space or the tranquil yoga decks where meditation and mindful practices take center stage. They can capture their flow in motion with graceful aerial views of their practice or focus on stillness with serene scenes of nature captured by professional photographers. Our classes are conducted in modern surroundings that have been designed to enhance comfortability and relaxation while also allowing students to remain connected with breathtaking landscape imagery so they can reap the full benefits of the meditative state they’ve entered while practicing yoga.


Jenna Covelli Yoga is a major leader in yoga instruction and development. In order to offer their clients the best possible experience and knowledge, Jenna Covelli has partnered with other top names in the industry including major brands and gyms. This gives Jenna Covelli the opportunity to bring new classes and locations with experienced teachers from across the country. With these collaborations, clients are able to benefit from the highest quality of instruction available, as well as access to specialized classes such as sound healing, mala beads workshops, or workshops for couples or groups. The collaborations also allow for optimal class scheduling with multiple times daily at convenient locations so that everyone can find something that works for them.

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Target audience

The target audience for Jenna Covelli Yoga is likely millennial women looking to increase their physical and mental wellness. Jenna is an experienced and certified yoga instructor who has built a successful business around promoting the practice and providing personalized instruction. This audience, likely between the ages of 20-35, is likely interested in broadening the scope of their physical activity, learning something new and deepening their understanding of health and wellness. This group would value working with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor who offers personalized guidance tailored to their individual goals. The combination of offered services – private sessions, group classes, therapeutic yoga, guided meditation – appeals to range of experiences levels from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Jenna also uses a variety of online platforms and content such as her blog/podcast which provides valuable information further engaging this audience.

Social media outreach

Jenna Covelli Yoga has been a leading presence in the yoga community for many years. The company boasts an impressive social media presence that connects with its community of hundreds of thousands of fans and practitioners around the world. Through their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram page and YouTube channel, Jenna Covelli Yoga has been able to share creative poses and connect with passionate yogis from all walks of life. Additionally, Jenna Covelli Yoga offers informative content about nutrition, mental health, yoga retreats and more.

The social media outreach of Jenna Covelli Yoga has had an incredible impact on the yoga community. Their inspiring posts and advice continue to motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to stay on track with their yoga practice. Jenna’s inspiring messages resonate with everyone who follows her online, creating a support network where conversations can unfold between different people interested in yoga. Furthermore, beautiful images featuring yogis performing asanas or talking about motivation help create an online atmosphere of support and motivation that inspires others day after day.

These positive messages have resonated across borders far beyond the United States because Jenna’s platform is global in reach ” connecting practitioners on nearly every continent ” making it easier for them to stay connected even if they can’t be in person at a studio or class together sharing ideas on how to cultivate self-care through yogic practices. Through their extensive social media following and content ranging from helpful tips to captivating stories of practice experiences from around the world, Jenna and her team have managed to encourage those who have never stepped foot into a yoga class before while also supporting those who are already studio regulars. Overall, Jenna Covelli Yoga’s successful use of social media has opened up incredible avenues for connection within worldwide communities dedicated to living healthy lives through yoga practice.

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