How To Use Yoga Blocks For Splits

How To Use Yoga Blocks For Splits

Splits may be one of the most challenging yoga poses for the general population. It requires openness in the muscles and the metal flexibility to move into and out of the pose. Using yoga blocks can help you move into and out of splits both effectively and safely.

What are Yoga Blocks?

Yoga blocks are simple props made of foam or cork. They can help to provide an extra surface to press against, while also providing stability and support while practicing. They come in three sizes-small, medium and large.

Benefits of Using Yoga Blocks for Splits

  • Support: Yoga blocks provide ample support while leaning into a back split. This support helps maintain alignment, balance and stability.
  • Deepen Stretches: Yoga blocks help to deepen the stretch by allowing your body to press further into the floor. This aids with mobility, increasing range of motion, and releasing tension.
  • Height Adjustment: Yoga blocks can help to increase or decrease the height of a split depending on an individual’s strength and flexibility. This can be especially helpful for someone who struggles to move into the full expression of the pose.

Using Yoga Blocks For Splits

1. Start in a Low Lunge

Begin with one foot in a lunge position, preferably with your back knee resting in a supported position on the ground. Place a yoga block directly below your front hip crease.

2. Move Into The Splits

Once you are settled with your yoga block, begin to lean back into the splits, using the yoga block as your support system. Keep your back knee resting in its supported position, while your front leg continues to move further back. Note – It is important to use a yoga block that is the same height as your front hip crease so that support is provided evenly.

3. Use a Variation

Once you have settled into your splits and have control of your body, you can explore a “variation” of the pose by moving the yoga block further away. The further it is away, the deeper the stretch and further back you can move.


Using yoga blocks for a split can help you move more deeply and safely into the pose. Don’t forget to move slowly and use your breath. With consistent practice and focus, your splits will slowly start to gain more strength and control.

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