How To Use A Lululemon Yoga Mat Strap


Lululemon yoga mat straps are ideal for transporting and storing your yoga mats. The lightweight, stretchy straps provide a secure solution to carrying multiple mats or travel-friendly accessories. They have adjustable loops to tailor the fit around your waist, and are equipped with snaps that make it easy to fasten them around the mat. Far superior than traditional handles or bulky bags, Lululemon straps not only take up less space but also come in a variety of colors and designs which allow you to power up your practice with style!


1. Choose a strap size suitable for the mat you want to store or transport. For example, if you have a large standard size yoga mat ( 68’’ x 24”), then consider using two straps for maximum comfort and sturdiness -one for top of the mat and other one for bottom.

2. Line both ends of your strap up on top of the yoga mat in a perpendicular manner so all four ends meet on each side.

3. Pull all four ends tight, going through any adjustments needed with the adjustable loop fitting if necessary, then click the snap closure buttons at each end of the strap together tightly so they remain secure when carrying.

4. With loose fabric still exposed after snapping both sides closed, use this material as the handle by twisting it twice into a figure 8 -if it works better- then thread it under until it fits snugly against your hand while you carry your straps and mats wherever needed!

Must Have Equipment

In order to successfully use a Lululemon yoga mat strap, the following supplies will be necessary:

1. A Lululemon yoga mat: This is the most important piece of equipment that you will need in order to use the strap. It should be a big enough size to fit your body and made from durable materials.

2. Yoga Mat Strap: This is what connects your mat and allows for easy transport; it should have adjustable straps for various sizes and come in comfortable material.

3. Towel: For extra cushioning and protection from sweat, it’s essential to have a hand towel with you at all times when using the strap. Towels can also help maintain grip on the mat when transitioning between poses or movements.

4. Foam Roller: Although not essential, a foam roller can provide extra support during postures and relaxation techniques. It’s another helpful tool that can make things more comfortable while leading to deeper stretches and longer-lasting muscle relief.

5. Water Bottle: To stay hydrated throughout your practice and prevent any discomfort or fatigue, having a water bottle close by is always recommended!

Setting Up the Strap

Step 1: Start by understanding the sections of your Yoga strap. Generally, it will have two loops and a buckle.

Step 2: Take the strap and loop one end around the chosen side of your yoga mat. Make sure to leave enough space where you can comfortably use the buckle for adjustment later on.

Step 3: Put your yoga mat into its position against the wall or other solid surface. Loop the second end of your yoga mat strap through the first section from Step 2. Pull both ends tight accordingly to secure the strap in place on your yoga mat surface.

Step 4: Wrap this same end tighter around itself to form a kind of bunched caterpillar shape with just enough room for the buckle coming next. You want to make sure this area is still adjustable for further tightening around your mat if necessary

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Step 5: To use the buckle, simply insert each respective side into its hole and press down tightly until it’s secure in place and fixed firmly along with your existing wrap.

Placing the Strap on the Mat

Using a Lululemon yoga mat strap is a great way to make your practice more convenient and efficient. To properly use the strap, there are a few steps that must be taken.

1. Start by laying out your yoga mat on the ground.

2. Find the loops at either end of the strap and pass them through each other to tie a small knot near the middle of the strap.

3. Place one loop of the strap large loop over one corner of the yoga mat so that it lays flat on the surface with its length running along the length of the mat.

4. Take off your shoes and insert one foot into both loops of the large loop, making sure that you have an even amount of slack in each loop for comfort and ease when practicing your poses.

5 . Bring up excess material from each loop and wrap it around your back twice in an x pattern until you reach where you originally tied the knot in step 2. This will help keep your straps secure during poses, while also preventing any scratching or digging into areas that may be uncomfortable during long periods of practice such as arms and calves.

6. If desired, you can wrap extra slack material or fabric around any pressure points to ensure no discomfort when taking part in poses like Downward Dog or Triangle Pose, for example; this will also help keep straps secure should you choose to take part in intense sequences where movements are fast and vigorous.

7 . When finished with practice, simply unwrap your straps from behind yourself, untie knots from step 2, remove feet from loops and roll away!

Utilizing the Strap During Your Practice

The Lululemon Yoga Mat Strap is an easy and effective way to keep your mat securely rolled up and ready for use! When using the strap, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind for maximum benefit:

1. Pull the strap through the D-ring loops until it is certain that it is completely secure. To do this, loop the strap through both of the D-rings two times before cinching it tightly enough so that it won’t come undone during your practice.

2. Keep the strap tight to ensure your mat is held together firmly while you are yoga or stretching. Doing this will also prevent any slippage or sliding when unrolling or rolling up your mat.

3. Before beginning your practice, double check that you have tightly closed all of the connected straps around your mat with a clasp at one end, preventing any gaps between them so your mat can stay securely wrapped before and after practice.

4. When finished with class, slowly roll up your mat from each end to its center before connecting the ends of the straps with a secure clasp and double-looping them through both D-rings once more to help avoid any further slipping or misalignment when under pressure from movement during transport.

Benefits of a Lululemon Yoga Mat Strap

The Lululemon yoga mat strap is a great item to add to your practice. It has numerous benefits, such as providing additional support for your back when in the transition from one pose to another, or support while holding a challenging pose. The straps also help make strapping and rolling up your yoga mat easy and secure. This makes it easier to transport your mat, with the added bonus of being able to carry less equipment on days where the weather is wet or cold.

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– Gives additional support for your back during transitions and complicated poses
– Allows for a tight, secure roll for easy transportation
– Efficiently straps up whole mat ” much less hassle than folding up your mat into a smaller shape and then tying it off with twine
– Lightweight design ” no need to worry about bulky luggage taking up too much space

– Retails at a relatively high cost compared to other alternatives like twine
– May be difficult for some people who are not used to storing their mats in this manner

Maintenance Tips

To keep the Lululemon yoga mat strap in working order, it is important to take some preventative steps. After use, wipe down the strap with a damp cloth. This will help remove any dirt and sweat buildup that could damage the material over time. Make sure to store the strap in a clean and dry environment (such as a gym bag) so that it does not become damaged by dirty or wet conditions. Additionally, regularly inspect the clip/strap connection points to make sure they are secure and capable of holding your weight safely. Finally, if necessary, hand wash the yoga mat strap with cold water and hang dry for best results.

Final Thoughts

Using a Lululemon yoga mat strap is easy, convenient, and helps to make carrying your mat around much easier. The steps are simple and the overall time needed to use the strap is minimal.

Here’s a quick summary of how to use a Lululemon yoga mat strap. Start by adjusting the strap length relevant to the size of your yoga mat. Then wrap the strapping loop end around your mat so it can be securely lifted up with the other end of the sling on one shoulder. Lastly, adjust both handles for comfortability when carrying around your mat.

Using a Lululemon yoga mat strap gives you several benefits compared to just trying to carry it around without any assistance. It allows for convenience (especially if you have yogi friends that carry their mats differently than you) and also makes your life simpler since using it takes minimal effort (no more struggling with curled up mats). Additionally, it helps keep your practice space neat and organized which in turn can help maximize safety ” there will be no pesky tripping hazard anywhere near you while practicing!

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