How To Make Yoga Pants Longer


Yoga pants are a popular and comfortable form of clothing. Unfortunately, as we all know, they often don’t fit us quite right. If this is the case, it can be difficult to feel confident while also feeling totally comfortable in them. However, there is an easy fix: learning how to make yoga pants longer!

Knowing how to lengthen your yoga pants gives you the opportunity to customize your clothing so that it fits you perfectly. This way, you don’t have to worry about compromising comfort for style or vice versa. You’ll never again feel restricted by ill-fitting clothes when you add length to your yoga pants and tailor them exactly the way you like. Plus, tailoring helps keep the fabric’s elasticity intact so that your clothes will remain comfortable over time.

Not only that, but being able to easily adjust the length of your clothes yourself means more wardrobe options and fewer trips to the tailor. Customizing your clothing doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming–it’s an easy upgrade that you can do on your own with just a few tools!

So if you’re looking for tips on how to make yoga pants longer without sacrificing any of its classic style or comfortability, look no further: Here are some simple instructions on how to go about doing it!

Using a Washing Machine and Dryer

If you have yoga pants that are too short, you may be able to length them without sacrificing any of their comfort or fit. Making the length of your yoga pants longer can be done with a washing machine and dryer relatively easily. Start by securing any loose seams on the pants before washing. Turn the pants inside out, put them in the washing machine, and choose a delicate cycle with cold water. After the cycle has been completed, remove the pants from the washer and check for any signs that they’ve stretched out or changed in size. If they seem okay after washing, then put them in the dryer and choose an air-dry cycle to preserve their fabric. When the cycle is finished, hang up the yoga pants to ensure that they keep their new length when worn; this will prevent them from shrinking back to their original size. Finally, use tailor’s chalk or safety pins to mark up where you want to add fabric or make other improvements if necessary. Following these steps will help make your yoga pants longer while keeping their original fit and style.

DIY Hemming

Hemming yoga pants to make them longer may seem like a difficult task, but there are ways to do it without any sewing. Iron-on hem tapes or glue sticks can be great for quick, no-sew options if you are looking for a quicker fix to shorten the length of your yoga pants. Iron-on hem tape gives an invisible and long-lasting hold with just an iron or a steam presser. Glue sticks work well in fabrics that have some stiffness and body, such as heavier fabrics or outerwear jackets or pants. Just apply the glue stick on the fabric, fold up the extra fabric and press down firmly with your fingers to bond it in place. When done correctly, both of these methods create a clean look that will last through many washes and wearings of your pants. You can also use these alternatives to shortening hemlines of skirts and shorts as well!

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Tailor Made

Making yoga pants longer is not as difficult as it may seem. One of the easiest ways to add length to your favorite pair of yoga pants is to take them to a tailor. A professional tailor can quickly and accurately alter the length of your pants to give you a custom fit that will last for years. To make sure your newly-tailored yoga pants are perfect, follow these steps:

1. Measure the desired length: Before taking the trousers to the tailor, measure how much extra length is needed, from the hemline all the way up until you reach where you want them to fall on your legs.

2. Choose quality fabric: Quality fabric is important for any tailor job – especially with stretchy material like cotton or lycra that must move with you throughout all sorts of yoga or pilates poses. So while visiting a tailor, be sure to select fabric that will ensure durability and comfort over time.

3. Ask an expert or measure yourself: To ensure accurate measurements, it’s best consult an experienced tailor or take precise measurements yourself before getting started on the job. Taking the right measurements ensures that all alterations are done correctly, neatly and accurately for ideal results every time.

4. Hem inclusion: This is a crucial step to consider when making yoga pants longer and should be included in any alterations as hemlines help reduce drag and improve fit at ankle level by preventing fabric from bunching up around your legs during activity.

5. Finish off with appropriate care instructions: When finished, ask a professional about proper care instructions for both regular cleaning and specific maintenance tasks such as transferring certain threads if needed in order to keep materials in excellent shape over extended periods of use and wear


One of the easiest and most fashion-forward ways to make your yoga pants look longer is to accessorize them. You can do this by wearing a belt or a wrap-style scarf to slim your waist down, creating an illusion of length. Another great way to add dimension and length to your outfit is with a lightweight cardigan or blazer that’s just slightly oversized. The extra fabric adds volume, making the legs of your yoga pants appear longer than usual. Likewise, pairing it with a button-down shirt can achieve the same effect if you’re looking for something more professional or polished.

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Other great accessories for lengthening the look of yoga pants include layering tanks and tees underneath them, adding booties for an elongated silhouette”especially if you opt for heeled ones”and sporting statement jewelry pieces like long necklaces or earrings on either side of your face. There are many creative ways to lengthen and add interest to any fit featuring yoga pants. Have fun experimenting, find what works best for you, and keep it stylish!

Tips and Tricks

1. Get your pants professionally hemmed. If you want to make them extra long, you can use a tailor or seamstress to get the job done cleanly and with precision. This is especially useful if you have a pair of pants that are too short and need extra length.

2. If a tailored hem isn’t within your budget, there are other options to make your yoga pants last longer. Consider rolling the cuff instead of hemming it”this method involves turning up the edge of the pant leg several times and using an iron or hair straightener to hold the fold in place.

3. Tailoring isn’t the only way to make your yoga pants fit better. Adding adjustable drawstrings at the waist or ankle can help with length discrepancies as well as provide extra comfort during stretching movements.

4. If all else fails, don some stylish leggings underneath your yoga pants”not only will they provide extra coverage, but they can also add a unique look to any outfit! The right combination of fabric textures can also create an optically slimming effect for those who prefer not to wear anything too tight-fitting during their exercise regime.


Once you have found a way to make your yoga pants longer, it is time to assess the results. Make sure that the new length is comfortable and flattering”not too short or too long. You can also adjust any waistbands or ties as necessary for a perfect fit around your waist. Remember, when it comes to finding your ideal yoga pant length, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and find something that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your practice. With patience and some DIY know-how, you will soon be on your way to rocking the perfect pair of longer yoga pants.

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