How To Go From Coimbatore Airport To Isha Yoga Centre


To get from Coimbatore Airport to Isha Yoga Centre, travelers can follow these easy steps:

1. From the Coimbatore International Airport, the best way to reach Isha Yoga Centre is by taxi. Prepaid taxis are available outside the airport terminal and pre-booking may be arranged on behalf of passengers depending on the type of vehicle needed.

2. Journey time from the airport to Isha Yoga Centre will typically take between 1-2 hours depending on traffic conditions.

3. When a taxi is pre-booked, ensure that details of the pick up point at Coimbatore Airport such as car registrations are recorded before departure from home in order for a quick and effortless start to your journey once landed.

4. The last stage of your journey is getting out to Iyengar Road towards Pathanamthitta, where you will see the sign of Isha Yoga Centre after a few kilometers of drive in the serene environment and surrounding forest provides a hint if its scenic approach up till Suryanelli which is near Velliangiri Mountains and is an ideal place for peace seekers with some mid-way attractions like waterfalls, lush greenery and panoramic scenarios.

5. Once you have arrived at Isha Yoga Centre, follow any signs pointing toward reception, upon arrival visitors are required to present valid photographic proof identification (such as passport or driver’s licence) at registration from where access instructions shall be provided for further guidance inside campus grounds..

Getting to Isha Yoga Centre from Coimbatore Airport

To get to Isha Yoga Centre from Coimbatore Airport, there are a few different transportation options.

The first option is to take a taxi. The estimated cost and time of travel are approximately 500-1000 rupees and 1.5- 2 hours respectively. This mode of transport is quite convenient as you don’t have to worry about waiting for a bus or train, and the driver can drop you off right at the yoga centre directly. However, it might be difficult to find reliable taxis depending on where you land at the airport and high prices sometimes.

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Another option is to take a bus from the Coimbatore Airport Bus Stop located just outside the Arrivals Terminal. The estimated time and cost of travel are roughly 3 hours and 250 rupees respectively; however, this mode of transport could be slightly ferry slow due to heavy traffic on certain routes. Additionally, taking public buses saves money but does not have any added benefits like stopping anywhere along the way or bringing passengers directly to the destination compared to taxis.

Lastly, another option is taking the train from the nearest railway station which would take around 4-5 hours at an approximate cost of 180 rupees. Taking a train is often considered as an efficient method of travel in India because they tend to arrive/depart on time with minimal delays in most cases; however, getting to Isha Yoga Centre directly will involve multiple modes of transportation as it is not directly connected by rail/train lines so there may be some extra inconvenience involved such as having catch a bus or taxi afterwards depending on your final destination.

Pre-Trip Preparations

To make a smooth transition from Coimbatore Airport to the Isha Yoga Centre, it’s best to arrange transportation beforehand, either through public transport or car rental companies. This way, you won’t have to worry about haggling for a ride and having an estimate of the cost beforehand. Additionally, checking reliable websites for discounts can help you save even more. Before making any purchase decisions, do some research so that you are aware of all options available to you and can find something convenient and affordable that suits your needs.

Traveling to the Centre

There are several ways to travel from Coimbatore Airport to Isha Yoga Centre. The most direct, and generally the quickest route, is to take the Eranamkulam Road. This road passes through Velliangiri Township, Anamalai, and Udumalaipettai before reaching Isha Yoga Centre. It takes approximately one hour, depending on traffic and time of day.

It is wise to avoid traveling during peak hours (7 am – 10 am and 5 pm – 8 pm). These are the busiest times of day and you may end up stuck in traffic or have a longer journey. If possible, plan your trip at an off-peak time for faster transit. Additionally, there are local buses available which offer direct service to Isha Yoga Centre if you do not want to drive your own vehicle.

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Arriving at Isha Yoga Centre

Whether you are visiting the Isha Yoga Centre near Coimbatore Airport for a retreat or to participate in any of its activities, the journey is easy and straightforward. From the airport, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the ashram.

Upon arrival at Isha Yoga Centre, one will be welcomed with views of lush greenery surrounded by hills, pristine rivers, and a lake making up its beautiful grounds. The main building houses accommodations that range from single occupancy rooms to dormitory-style settings. There’s even a boardwalk connecting guest cottages with water lilies floating along a lake alongside it. In addition to yoga classes, visitors can also partake in cleansing rituals like chanting mantras or enrolling in meditation sessions to relax their minds further.


If you are visiting Isha Yoga Centre from Coimbatore Airport, the most comfortable way to make the journey is by booking a taxi or car. Taking a pre-booked taxi will ensure you have your own private ride and professional driver who can take you directly to your destination. To save time and money, book your trip online or over the phone with a reliable service provider. And as an added bonus, use our special promotion code XYZ for 10% off on your transportation fare when travelling from Coimbatore Airport to Isha Yoga Centre!

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