How to Get in the Practice of Yoga With an iPhone or Android Phone

If you are just beginning yoga, it can be difficult knowing what to focus on. There are so many different styles of yoga to choose from, yet some people get confused about how to begin. If you feel the same way, you may want to learn a little more about yoga and the many different yoga poses that are available to you. In this article, you will learn some easy yoga poses that you can practice right at home. These yoga poses will help to relieve stress and increase your flexibility, while adding some much-needed muscle tone. You can also learn how to yoga flow as you practice these simple yoga exercises.


One of the most popular yoga styles is the Sun Salutation. This is a simple, fun routine that you can practice every day, even when you’re not yoga classes. There are several different yoga styles that will help you increase your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles, so that you can improve your balance and strength while relaxing your mind.

This yoga pose is often called Hatha Yoga by American yoga teachers, but it is also called Downward Facing Dog, or simply D Dolphin. For the easiest practice, you will want to be in a comfortable place. Place a yoga ball, or your yoga mat, on the ground under your ankles. Your upper body should be bent at the elbow, and your lower legs should be straight. Your back should be flat, with your buttocks close to the floor.

The basic yoga asana practice starts with the student’s palms facing down, or practicing Asana. The student’s breath enters through the nostrils and flows into the stomach. As the breath goes through, it pushes against the rib cage to increase the strength of the ab muscles. The ab muscles help to keep the spine supported and provide stability, allowing the ribcage to become loose and return to its original shape. This yoga position strengthens the stomach, chest, and back.

Another gentle yoga poses practice is Sahaja Yoga, which means “meditation through movement.” It consists of gently swinging your arms while sitting. The movements calm your mind and allow you to focus on your breath. Sahaja yoga is also beneficial for the physical body and promotes relaxation.

There are many yoga sequences that focus on sun salutations. Sun salutations build strength and increase the heart rate. Practicing sun salutations each day will build an important part of your strength training program. When you come back from your yoga class, your heart rate is higher than it was when you left class. This gives you added incentive to continue with your yoga program.

One of the best postures for increasing your flexibility is a forward bend. This pose can be practiced before yoga sessions or after, but it is especially effective when practiced in the evening after dinner or before bedtime. The bent knee holds poses are very gentle and therefore very effective for the beginner yoga practitioner or the person who has not practiced yoga for some time.

When you first begin yoga, you may find that you need some additional instruction to learn the proper positions for each yoga posture. If this is the case, there are several quality programs out there to help. Many yoga teachers offer private instruction to students, but if you cannot afford this option, consider using a quality yoga DVD to help move you along in your yoga practice.

There are a number of yoga apps available to purchase on the iPhone and Android mobile devices, including many yoga sequences for beginners. In addition to the yoga videos, these yoga apps offer fun and challenging features to enhance your yoga practice. For example, one yoga app includes games that challenge you to complete a series of yoga poses in a certain amount of time. You also can try your hand at yoga poses on the beach, mountaintops, and in the wilderness. These yoga apps provide the same benefits as the free versions of the yoga sequences, but they are easier to use and more engaging to boot.

Another yoga app that is gaining popularity is a yoga studio map app. This app provides yoga instructors with a visual reference as they lead yoga classes. The map is designed to be easy to read and includes all of the different yoga studios in your area. It even includes your address and the nearest yoga studio, which make finding a class easy to do.

There are a number of yoga apps currently available on both the iPhone and Android platforms that allow you to get in the practice of yoga while on the go. Whether you want to learn yoga on your own at home or take yoga classes on the go, these apps make it easy to do yoga exercises anywhere you are. By downloading these to your device, you will be able to enjoy yoga without having to go anywhere to do so.

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