How To Do Solar Yoga


Solar Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that combines a meditation practice with traditional Hatha sequences while also using sunlight to enhance the practice. Solar Yoga embraces the idea of connecting to nature, as it focuses on being mindful and close to the nature around us. It has a powerful effect on the energy system of our bodies, providing overall wellness in body and mind.

In order to do Solar Yoga, you must find a comfortable spot outdoors or near a window or source of sunlight. You will begin your session by taking some deep breaths to access your core and achieve stillness. Then you can move into traditional Hatha postures, asanas, and other movements that will help release tension and activate your internal energy centers. All postures should be held for several breaths in order to integrate with the sun’s energy and gain maximum benefit.

During your practice you should take time to be mindful of the natural environment around you ” engaging all five senses ” so that you can connect fully with the power of the sun. Additionally during each pose pause for 5-10 seconds when your skin has full contact with direct sunlight; this allows solar yoga’s benefits which include brightening moods, energizing workouts, improving mental clarity & breathing techniques become enhanced through this meditative technique. Finally after finishing up all poses, rest in savasanah and concentrate on radiating energy outward until thoughts subside completely-this completes an integrated Solar Yoga session!

Benefits of Doing Solar Yoga and Potential Health Benefits

Solar yoga is a type of yoga that is focused on aligning your energy with the sun’s energy and its dynamic, creative power. It combines elements of traditional Hatha Yoga practice”including asanas (postures), mantras (chants) and pranayama (breathing exercises)”and incorporates affirmations and meditations as well. Solar yoga focuses on awakening your inner source of creativity, self-expression, and personal transformation to help you lead an abundant life filled with joy and bliss.

The benefits of doing solar yoga are numerous. Practicing it regularly can help to balance the body’s physical energies and the chakras, which are subtle energy centers located along the spine. Thus not only will you be able to perform each posture with greater ease and comfort; it can also increase your mental clarity and strength while providing relaxation. In addition, practicing solar yoga can bring more confidence into your life by allowing you to overcome fears, insecurities, or worries.

In terms of health benefits from doing solar yoga, it can improve digestive functions, reduce stress levels and improve circulation throughout the body. As it strengthens muscles and increases flexibility, it also helps tone up muscle mass for a more toned physique. Furthermore, it is believed to provide detoxification for both physical tissue as well as negative emotions such as anger or resentment by teaching us how to develop inner tranquility through contact with our true consciousness. Finally, according to some yogic traditions, solar yoga could have spiritual benefits such achieving enlightenment or creating oneness with the universe ” allowing one’s soul connection to the Source beyond what we experience in everyday reality!

Preparing for Your Solar Yoga Session

Solar yoga is a very popular form of yoga that utilizes the sun’s energy to bring about physical and spiritual balance. But before you set out to do your solar practice, there are some preparatory steps you should take to ensure an effective session.

Firstly, as with any type of yoga, it is important to wear comfortable clothing. As solar yoga is typically done outdoors, it is advisable to wear breathable and light fabric such as cotton or linen. Your clothing should also be somewhat loose-fitting so that it does not impede your movement. Furthermore, wearing light colors will help keep you cool while allowing you to absorb more sunlight.

Depending on the type of poses and stretches you’re attempting, you may find additional support useful during your practice. For example, if performing standing poses or balancing poses such as Tree pose (Vrksasana) or Half Moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana), a mat or towel underneath your feet can help provide greater stability and comfort during these postures. You may also want to add a bolster in order to support certain positions like Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana). If a bolster isn’t available, blankets can make excellent substitutes. Finally, it can be beneficial both spiritually and physically to listen to calming music while practicing solar yoga; this will enhance relaxation and stimulate energy flow throughout the body.

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Essential Equipment for Solar Yoga and How To Choose the Right Set

Solar Yoga is a type of yoga that is designed to help the practitioner connect with the sun’s energy. To get the most out of your solar yoga practice, it is essential to have the proper equipment and know how to choose the right set.

The first piece of essential equipment needed for solar yoga is a yoga mat. It should be non-slip and provide cushion, support, and comfort during your practice. Look for mats made with synthetic rubber or other materials specifically designed to resist slipping. The mat should be thick enough so that you can maintain a stable balance while practicing postures, but thin enough to ensure adequate flexibility and freedom of movement.

Second, it is important that you wear comfortable clothing while doing solar yoga. Choose items made from soft materials like cotton as they can absorb sweat easily and promote breathability. Consider wearing fitted tops and bottoms as these will allow for greater range of motion during your practice. Avoid too much material that may create unnecessary distractions such as constriction or binding too tightly on certain body parts such as limbs or joints.

Finally, make sure you have plenty of water handy during your practice to stay hydrated and focus on deep breathing techniques throughout your session. Deep breathing helps enhance blood circulation which can increase productivity in carrying out postures more effectively. Maintaining slow rhythmic breath while practicing poses helps improve concentration levels thus allowing one to stay mindful throughout their practice. A reusable water bottle can also act as a reminder for those who are prone to forgetting about hydration throughout their session.

Types of Solar Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

Solar yoga is a system of yoga poses that are specifically designed to be practiced in the morning at sunrise. It helps boost energy, aiding alertness and stimulating circulation. Additionally, it can help those who practice it feel more balanced and connected to their natural rhythms. Examples of some of the most popular solar yoga poses include:

• Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar): This pose combines a series of dynamic stretches that when done properly provide an extremely beneficial stretch and mobility exercise. Sun salutations increases flexibility, strength, and balance while improving your core stability. It is also a great way to warm up the body before starting other exercises or asanas (yoga poses).

• Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana): This pose aids in opening your chest, spine and hip flexors while stretching your arms and shoulders helping ease tension from the neck area. The upward-facing dog helps renew energy making you more alert for your day ahead.

• Warrior Poses (Virabhadrasana’s) : These poses are known for helping build both physical and mental strength by teaching practitioners how to use their mind to focus on the breath amidst difficulty or challenge. As you hold these challenging positions with conscious breath, it helps develop patience as well as improved coordination between body and mind.

• Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana): Cobra pose is especially beneficial for giving an energizing stretch through the entire length of your spine allowing stagnant energy to move again through the torso which in turn releases tightness in your shoulders and back while opening space in the lungs.

Solar yoga can help start off each day with positivity and re-aligning you with your environment creating greater physical alignment as well emotional wellbeing throughout your entire body. It also encourages self-reflection so that each day you begin anew putting any worries behind and leaving only optimism ahead!

Key Movements in Different Solar Yoga Poses

Solar yoga is a type of asana practice that uses the power of the sun’s energy. It is designed to help align your body and spirit in harmony with nature and the environment around you. This practice blends together traditional Indian yoga postures with modern techniques, allowing you to open up your mind, body and spirit. The main focus of this type of yoga is to bring balance from the inside out: to obtain lasting inner peace by connecting to the external energies in nature. Here are some key movements used in various poses found in solar yoga:

Mountain Pose (Tadasana): Start standing upright with feet directly below hips and arms at sides. Make sure shoulders are rolled back, chest is engaged, tailbone near walls and chin slightly tucked. Take few deep breaths here before moving into other poses.

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Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana): Begin by going onto all fours and pushing back through your heels until legs are completely straight, forming an upside-down v shape with your body. Align wrists beneath shoulders, press firmly through palms and reach for sky with crown of head towards mat.

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I): Step one foot forward between hands then rotate other leg outward so hip pockets face forward. Hold this pose for few minutes or further deepen pose by lifting both arms, then leaning into front toes while extending lower back off ground above heel and keeping hips low simultaneously.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana): Come into a standing position or stand on block for support if needed. Bend one knee at time on inhale; place sole of foot on inside thigh area opposite side leg as far up as possible, keeping hips facing forward as much as possible throughout movement.. Raise hands towards sky if able or simply come into hand prayer right in front heart center.

With these key movements incorporated into various solar yoga poses, practitioners can gain a sense of balance in their body while connecting more deeply to nature’s energy source – the sun!

Guided solar Yoga Sequence with Video Tutorial

Solar yoga is an ancient form of therapeutic exercise that has been practiced for centuries. It combines breath control, relaxation and meditation with gentle stretching, movement and posture to build strength, flexibility and balance. Solar yoga promotes positive energy and inner peace, while also improving physical health and wellbeing. To experience the full benefits of solar yoga, it should be done regularly as part of a balanced routine.

To begin your solar yoga practice, you will need to find a quiet place without any distractions. Then choose a comfortable position such as sitting in lotus pose or lying down on your back with your arms outstretched wide. Once you have established the correct posture, close your eyes and focus on following your natural breathing pattern. Feel the air flow through your nose and into your abdominals as each breath liberates tension from the body releasing feelings of calmness and serenity.

On each inhalation use intention to draw in energy from the sun’s rays ” visualize these sustaining golden rays empowering your cells with life-force energy ” now Visualize exhaling this energy back out into space contributing to cosmic growth and healing.

Next, begin performing a series of gentle stretches focusing on each breath as a way of connecting deeper with yourself ” remember to move in slow motion consciously ensuring that each movement is fluidic not static so you don’t injure yourself “aim at getting deeper into postures gradually rather than trying to achieve them prematurely which could lead to strain or problems down the line-maintaining balance between challenging yourself but being mindful when overstretching potential weak spots within the body.

Finally finish off by taking some time off either sitting or lying down allowing all sensations gathered throughout exercise synchronise themselves again before coming back into task at hand feeling relaxed secure & focused” activities such as this stimulate both mind & body enabling well rounded grounded health & wellbeing – watch some video tutorials online so you can familiarise with sequences & poses inspired by expert teachers knowledgeable in this subject – practice regularly comply safety guidelines & get most out of yoga session .


Solar yoga is a practice that can be used to reap various benefits, including better physical health and mental wellbeing. However, it should be done with caution and in an appropriate environment to ensure safety while practicing. Beginners should only exercise under the sun during morning hours or late evening when the sunlight is weaker and don’t have as many UV rays. Additionally, drinking plenty of water before and after exercising in the sun will protect against dehydration. Finally, wear light clothing that allows for air flow and protects against excessive skin exposure. With these safety tips in mind, you can take advantage of all the benefits solar yoga has to offer!

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