How To Clean A Hot Yoga Mat


Hot yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise, which is known for its numerous physical and mental health benefits. The practice involves doing yoga postures in a room that’s heated to a higher temperature than usual ” typically between 80°F and 105°F. When practicing hot yoga it’s important that you use the right kind of mat to ensure comfort, support and stability; hot yoga mats should be thicker, non-slippery and sweat absorbent.

Over time, these mats can become dirty from all the sweat and body oils that accumulate on them after classes. To help maintain good hygiene levels, it’s important to clean your hot yoga mat regularly. Additionally, regular cleaning helps your mat stay in better condition for longer so you don’t have to buy a new one too soon.

Cleaning Process: Step-by-Step instructions

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps required to properly clean a hot yoga mat:

1. Start by shaking off any loose dirt or dust particles from your mat before laying it on a flat surface such as your bathtub or shower stall floor. Make sure the surface is well ventilated so the mat gets enough air circulation while it’s being cleaned.

2. Mix two tablespoons of mild detergent in one liter of warm water then use this mixture to dampen an absorbent cloth or sponge with which you will lightly scrub your yoga mat. For tougher stains caused by heavy sweating make sure to pay extra attention when cleansing those areas with soap and water as needed.

3. Once your scrubbing is done rinse off any remaining residue using cool water only (not cold water) as excessively cold temperatures can damage some fabrics used for hot yoga mats depending on their composition. When finished just give a final shake and let the mat dry naturally outside in indirect sunlight before storing away.

Essential Supplies

For a deep clean of a hot yoga mat, it’s important that you have the right supplies to get the job done. These items should include thin dish washing gloves, an all-natural and biodegradable soap or solvent cleaner specifically formulated for yoga mats, a scrub brush to help remove dirt and grime, a spray bottle to use with the cleaner and water, a small bucket for rinsing the mat in and a clean towel to dry the mat with. Depending on how dirty your mat is, you may also need some baking soda for particularly tough stains. With all these supplies on hand, you will have everything you need to thoroughly clean your hot yoga mat.

Cleaning Method

1. Spot-clean affected areas: Use a clean rag and your preferred cleaning solution to dab away any dirt or sweat on the yoga mat. Make sure to get into all the creases and corners.

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2. Scrub away residue: Once you have removed all of the major debris and grime, use a soft brush to gently scrub any residual filth from both sides of the mat.

3. Rinse thoroughly: Use a spray bottle filled with warm water to rinse away any cleaning products and anything else that may still be on the mat. Make sure to pay attention to deep corners and ridges in order to ensure that everything has been washed off.

4. Hang dry: Hang your yoga mat up so that it is above the floor level and it can receive fresh air circulating in its environment for best drying results afterwards during this step of hot yoga mat cleaning process..

5. Disinfect: Spray either rubbing alcohol or white vinegar onto the surface of your wet hot yoga mat and wipe it down with a clean cloth or rag in order to remove any remaining bacteria or germs from your exercise practice session; allowing for an optimal sanitary condition once completely dried out completely before using it again for next workout session.


Hot yoga mats can be prone to germs and bacteria due to their nature of being heavily used in humid, hot environments. The best way to clean a hot yoga mat is to sanitize it regularly with a disinfectant spray. To do this, you should first spray the entire surface of your hot yoga mat with the solution and allow to sit for 10 minutes before wiping off with a damp towel or cloth. You should also lightly scrub any difficult stains or marks with a non-abrasive material like a wood block or nylon brush. Additionally, you could use a white vinegar solution on the stubborn areas. After cleaning and sanitizing the mat, be sure to thoroughly dry it before rolling it up for storage or use. It is also recommended that you alternatively use both a matt cleaner and disinfectant products for optimal hygiene results.


Replacing your yoga mat should be a regular occurrence. If you find that the surface of your mat has lost its stickiness, it is probably time to purchase a new one. This could mean that the cushioning on the underside of your mat has been diminished from thousands of downward dogs, or is made of low-quality material that didn’t hold up against sweat and wear and tear. Additionally, if you notice any discoloration, particularly in areas that frequently come in contact with bodily fluids (like face and feet), it is advised by health experts to replace the mat immediately. Furthermore, if you notice any bad smells or mold, which can happen in warm, humid environments like hot yoga studios, also consider investing in a new mat as this indicates the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms. These cannot be removed even with thorough cleaning.

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Hot yoga mats are becoming increasingly popular with yogis all over the world. While hot yoga classes provide amazing energy and sweat-inducing fitness, regular cleaning of your mat is essential to keeping it in good shape and reducing bacteria build-up. Here’s how to properly clean a hot yoga mat:

1. Start by wiping down the surface of your mat with a damp cloth or paper towel. This will help to remove sweat, dirt and any other debris, while taking care not to saturate the top layer of your mats’s materials.

2. Once you have wiped away surface debris, add an all-natural cleaning solution or mild dish soap to warm water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the surface of your hot yoga mat. Allow the solution to penetrate for 1-2 minutes before thoroughly wiping it off with a cloth or paper towel.

3. After spraying the cleaning solution onto your mat, let it air dry for about 15 minutes before rolling up the mat for future use. If you don’t let your mat completely dry before rolling it up, bacteria can start growing on the inside where air can’t circulate causing yourmat to smell bad!

4. For deep cleaning, you may want to periodically use a light scrub brush for more stubborn marks or residues on your hot yoga mat ” but be careful not to scrub too hard as this could damage its surface materials possibly damaging them beyond repair! Make sure that whatever type of brush you use has soft bristles and never submerge your hot yoga mat in water as this could ruin it altogether!


Regularly cleaning your hot yoga mat is key to reaching your peak performance. A mat that is free of dirt and germs ensures that you can focus on achieving deep relaxation and the best results for your yoga practice. With regular cleaning, you can also extend the lifespan of your mat, saving you from having to replace it sooner than expected. Ultimately, taking care of your hot yoga mat will help you to receive the full benefits from your sweat sessions and stay healthy.

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