How To Become A Hot Yoga Instructor

## How to Become a Hot Yoga Instructor
Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in many different forms, and hot yoga is one of the more in-demand classes that instructors can teach. If you’re interested in becoming a certified hot yoga instructor, here’s how to get started.

### Step 1: Choose Your Certification
There are a number of different certifications you can get to become a hot yoga instructor. You’ll want to choose a certification that is right for you based on your experience and desired level of expertise. Some popular certifications are:

* Yoga Alliance
* Iyengar
* Sivananda

### Step 2: Get Educated
Once you have selected your certification, its time to get educated! Hot yoga is a form of yoga that is usually done in a heated environment. It is important to understand the health risks associated with the practice of hot yoga and how to properly lead students safely and effectively. Depending on the certification you choose, you may need to:

* Complete a number of classes
* Submit a portfolio
* Take written exams
* Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

### Step 3: Get Certified
Now that you have the prerequisite knowledge and experience, it’s time to earn your certification. You will need to apply to the certification program of your choice, submit all of your documents, pay all applicable fees, and finally pass all of the examinations. Once you are certified, you will be able to teach hot yoga classes!

### Step 4: Start Teaching
You’ve worked hard to get certified, now it’s time to start teaching! You’ll want to look into the different opportunities that exist and decide which one best fits you and your teaching style. Some popular opportunities may include:

Bound Angle Pose Yoga

* Opening your own yoga studio
* Working as an instructor for an existing studio
* Offering private sessions
* Hosting workshops

### Step 5: Become an Expert
Becoming a hot yoga instructor is an ongoing journey. As you gain more experience, you can further specialize your skills and add to your knowledge base. You may even want to pursue additional certifications and become an expert in your chosen discipline.

**Good luck with your journey and happy teaching!**

What qualifications do you need to become a hot yoga instructor?

1. Certification in a recognized yoga practitioner qualification such as Hatha, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga.

2. Training in the specifics of hot yoga, including the practice of postures and the implementation of temperature control.

3. Certification in a specialist hot yoga instructor qualification such as Bikram or Power Yoga.

4. CPR and first aid certification.

5. Certification in a professional teaching qualification such as a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program.

6. Regular participation in continuing education opportunities to stay up-to-date with industry best practices.

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