How Much Does A Yoga Ball Cost


Yoga balls have become increasingly popular, not just in the fitness setting, but also in the home and office. Yoga balls are a versatile item that can be used to increase flexibility, muscle tone, balance and focus. They are extremely effective for core stability training and provide support for seated postures. Because of their many benefits, yoga balls can be a great addition to any exercise or health program as well as providing much needed support for office chairs. The cost of yoga ball depends on size, quality material and where you purchase them from.

Types of Yoga Balls

Yoga balls come in a range of sizes and types designed for different purposes. The size of the yoga ball will affect the price, with smaller yoga balls being less expensive than larger ones. Generally speaking, basic yoga balls used for exercise or stability training will cost between $15 to $30, depending on the size and type. High-end yoga balls are typically more expensive, ranging from $50 to as much as $100 or more, depending on the design, materials used and intended use.

For beginners, an average-sized basic fitness or stability ball should be sufficient for performing exercises at home. If you’re looking for something a little more specialized or durable, there are specialty yoga balls available with extra features like texture bumps to help improve your grip during poses or those designed to withstand strong bursts of air. For physical therapy exercises and those designed specifically for pregnant women, prices may be higher due to their specialized designs.

How Much Does A Yoga Ball Cost?

The cost of yoga balls will generally depend on the size (usually ranging from 24 – 75 centimetres in diameter) and material they are made from. On average, a standard yoga ball costs anywhere between $12 to $80 USD depending on the size, quality, and brand. Those made with anti-burst technology, eco-friendly materials, or professional grade PVC are usually more expensive but provide additional durability and comfort benefits.

For example, an anti-burst 65cm fitness ball can cost up to $45 USD while a smaller 45cm eco-friendly option can fetch a higher price tag at around $55 USD. Brands such as Trideer, Gaiam, Juvale and UR Superior typically have colorful exercise balls which cost approximately $22 – $30 USD for a medium sized one. Regional prices may vary though so it is worth keeping that in mind when purchasing the right ball for your needs.

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Where Can You Buy Yoga Balls?

The cost of a yoga ball can vary widely depending on the type, size, and brand. Generally speaking, basic yoga balls can cost anywhere between $5 to $20 while deluxe options may range up to several hundred dollars for high-end brands.

If you’re shopping for a yoga ball, there will likely be both online and in-store options from which to choose. Shopping online can provide some advantages when it comes to finding the perfect ball as you’ll be able to easily compare products across different stores and websites to find the best deal. Additionally, customer reviews are often available providing additional insight into quality, durability and long-term performance. You may also find some lower prices or special offers when looking at online retailers.

On the other hand, purchasing a yoga ball in person provides its own set of benefits. Many times when you go into a store like Target or Walmart you’ll be able to see the item yourself and even test it out if you’d like. This makes it easier to determine what size or weight may work best for your needs while helping prevent buyers remorse down the road. Plus, if you’re an experience shopper more familiar with how much products like this should cost then it might help save money by using in-store coupons or buying discounted items during big sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday; all of which can often be difficult to do online without large discounts codes / vouchers.

The Benefits of Having A Yoga Ball

Yoga balls are incredibly versatile tools that can offer a variety of benefits for physical and mental health. They can be used for stretching, strengthening, balance exercises, core work, and various other types of exercises. Not only do they provide physical benefits such as improved flexibility, balance and coordination, strength training and core stability, but also mental benefits such as relaxation, mindfulness and improved concentration.

In terms of posture, it is important to study the foundation of postural alignment to effectively use a yoga ball. Sitting on the yoga ball provides feedback that encourages engagement of postural muscles which can help improve your sit tall posture while relieving pressure to your lower back. Additionally the unpredictable nature of the ball requires precise control when transferring movement in daily activities thus adding an increased level of safety during unstable movements.

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In terms of overall wellbeing, yoga balls provide gentle exercise which supports better sleep quality as well as increases energy levels throughout the day due to stabilizing hormones related to stress. Due to their versatility they are a great addition when designing your home gym by providing numerous opportunities for fitness activities such as playing sports like soccer or volleyball at home or during lunch break or even using it as part your daily office routine by sitting on it instead at your desk chair for long periods at time to help keep circulation in check.

In general yoga balls cost anywhere from around $20-50 USD depending on its size/weight specifications and material quality so it’s always best to compare multiple brands before making any purchases!


Yoga balls are a great tool to improve your fitness and flexibility. They come in various sizes, colors, and price points. How much does a yoga ball cost? Depending on the size and material quality, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $10 to over $100. Investing in a quality yoga ball is well worth it for maximum performance and comfort. There are many places to buy a yoga ball: local sporting goods stores, online retailers such as Amazon, or specialist yoga shops. Check out our reviews here for more detailed recommendations. Don’t wait any longer – take the plunge and invest in your health today!

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