How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make In Michigan


Yoga has been growing in popularity in the state of Michigan over the last few years, with numerous studios offering a variety of classes and styles. The amount yoga instructors make in Michigan varies depending on experience, location, and services offered. A yoga instructor typically requires specialized education/certification as well as self-promotion to attract new students and retain current ones. In some cases, they may work on an individual or group basis at studios or private establishments. Instructors may also partner with wellness centers to teach classes online or provide additional teacher training courses. Trends in Michigan vary from city to city, however activewear, adaptive practices such as chair yoga, scenting classes with essential oils, and meditation sessions are all popular throughout the state.

In general, a certified instructor’s pay may range anywhere from $30 up to $80 per class depending on the facility they are teaching at and how many hours a week they work. Some instructors make additional income teaching yoga workshops or retreats while others offer personal training sessions and specialty classes. Yoga instructors not only bring physical benefits to their students but emotional benefits such as improving their sense of wellbeing. With ongoing education and experience, there is potential for yoga instructors to solidify their position within the community and make good money teaching what they love at different locations across Michigan.

Earning Potential Factors

Experience – Yoga instructors that have more experience in the field typically earn more than those with less experience. This is often measured by way of qualifications and the number of classes they teach. With more experienced instructors usually being able to better connect with their students, they can often command higher prices.

Certifications – A certified yoga instructor usually commands a much higher salary than an uncertified instructor. Certification courses can provide instructors with invaluable knowledge and help to gain recognition within their field as a professional instructor, meaning they may be able to ask for higher rates.

Class Type – The type of class offered can also influence earnings potential; different types such as hot yoga and restorative yoga may require different skillsets and poses, so the instructor’s ability to facilitate those classes must be taken into account when deciding prices. Private classes may also cost more than group classes due to allowing for more one-on-one interaction between student and teacher.

Location – Location is another important factor when assessing the salary of a yoga instructor in Michigan; certain cities may have higher demand for yoga services than others, translating into higher profits from students willing to pay more for these types of services due to scarcity or exclusivity.

Preparation Time – Also playing a role on salary are preparation time costs, meaning how long each yoga session requires in order to plan, prepare materials, conduct exercises and cool down properly etc., all factoring into the total earnings of an individual instructor.

Average Salaries By Type & Location

As with many other industries, the salary of a yoga instructor in Michigan can vary depending on the type of class they teach and the location. For example, instructors who lead specialized classes such as hot yoga, prenatal yoga, or hatha yoga tend to earn a higher salary than those teaching basic beginner classes. Instructors at a private studio or gym typically earn more than those who teach at community centers or health clubs.

In addition to the type of teaching setting and type of classes taught, instructors’ salaries may also depend on the experience their students have with yoga and how long they have been teaching. Experienced teachers may be able to command higher pay and build up a devoted following of clients over time if they provide outstanding instruction.

Yoga Results in Better Overall Health and Wellness

Overall in Michigan, according to PayScale in April 2021, yoga instructors made an average hourly rate between $19 and $36 per hour with an annual base income ranging from around $26,564 to $58,476 before tax deductions. Those employed directly by large companies such as gyms can usually negotiate for better benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans, which can increase overall compensation significantly.

Yoga instructors working in large population metropolitan areas in Michigan like Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor likely earn more than those working in rural areas with smaller populations due to competition amongst instructors and demand for classes. Some locations also pay more due to cost of living differences since different places require higher wages to cover daily expenses. Furthermore, instructors may supplement their income through private sessions with individuals or workshops on specific skills related to yoga practice that encompass more than just physical activity.

Unique & Additional Income Sources

In addition to the base income that yoga instructors can make in Michigan, there are a variety of unique and additional sources of income. These sources allow instructors to expand upon their skills and potentially increase their incomes. Some popular examples include teaching specialty classes, developing products, and creating online content.

Teaching Specialty Classes – Yoga instructors in Michigan may be able to use their existing skill set to offer specialized classes in certain areas such as yoga for seniors, pre-natal yoga, or mindfulness meditation. Their leadership roles can also transfer into teaching other forms of fitness such as pilates, barre, HIIT workouts, and more. Studio owners may be interested in offering specialty classes such as these as part of their regular class schedules provided by certified instructors.

Creating Online Content – With the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram Live Private Sessions, many yoga teachers have branched out into the digital world of online instruction. Yoga instructors with camera presence are able to create engaging video tutorials and live sessions on various topics related to the practice of yoga and its related subjects. Those with a successful following can charge varying amounts per video or session depending on levels offered along with terms laid out respectively.

Developing Products – Not only do some yoga teachers choose to develop products such as apparel or accessories meant for yogis; but also books, guides, magazine articles or any other works concerning yoga practice and its applications for health benefits. Some teachers even actively license rights on their designs for commercially manufactured items like DVDs and videos which enables passive income over time when used correctly. There is an immense array of possible outcomes when it comes to product development from a specific niche making this an ever growing option for additional income streams for those dedicated enough to pursue them properly.

Management & Ownership Opportunities

Yoga instructors in Michigan have many potential opportunities to increase their earning potential, including owning or managing a yoga studio. By taking on the responsibilities of business ownership, yoga instructors are able to set their own rates and cost structure, creating a more reliable stream of income. Moreover, by becoming owners or managers of a studio, instructors can create an environment that stimulates and nurtures the practice among members. This also creates trust between owner/manager and clientele which often leads to increased referral business. Taking on roles such as this offer lengthy-term advantages for yoga instructors in terms of both financial stability and career satisfaction. Yoga instructors who take advantage of owning or managing studios may find that they can increase their earnings significantly through additional commission available through the sale of retail products such as clothing and other accessories, rental fees for classes and workshops, membership dues, marketing partnership agreements with other businesses in the wellness industry, etc. In addition to increasing their earning potential, yoga instructors in Michigan may also find that by owning or managing a studio they have more control over their schedules so they are not limited by teaching hours at small gyms or studios with restrictive rules on class size limitations. Ultimately, when it comes to running a successful yoga business in Michigan there is great potential for personal growth while also working within your own boundaries and setting your own standards according to what works best for you!

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Tips & Strategies To Increase Your Salary

Yoga instructors in Michigan can expect to make around $22,000 annually on average. However, there are many ways to boost your salary and potential as a yoga instructor within Michigan and beyond.

1. Marketing Your Services – Investing in marketing yourself is an excellent way to increase your reach and boost awareness about you as a yoga instructor. You could create an amazing website that highlights your qualifications, list upcoming classes and workshops, share testimonials from satisfied students and offer special discounts if desired. You can also utilize social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to engage with current and future clients.

2. Increasing Hours – Seeking out additional hours, such as offering more private classes or collaborating with studios for different classes or workshops can help you boost your pay substantially. Adding small items for sale like mats, books or mala beads not only increases the chances of additional sales, but also ups their professional appearance and can lead to more referrals too!

3. Present A Professional Presence – As professionals who work with people’s physical health on a daily basis, it’s important that you present the best version of yourself at all times when teaching or interacting with potential clients. This includes being punctual to every session and having proper licensing documents ready on hand when needed as well as maintaining cleanliness within the studio space specifically made available for yoga instruction.


Yoga instructors in Michigan have the potential to make a substantial income due to the increasing popularity and demand of yoga programs in the state. The average salary for an experienced instructor ranges from $35,000 to $50,000, with some of the most successful instructors making as much as $90,000 per year. Those who are just starting out can expect to make anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 annually. In order to maximize earnings potential in Michigan’s competitive market, it is important for yoga instructors to stay up-to-date with current trends and advertise their services through social media platforms and other channels. Additionally, taking on additional classes or offering private lessons directly through your practice can help increase your overall pay rate. With the right interest and dedication, a career as a yoga instructor in Michigan can be very financially rewarding.

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