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Yoga mats are an essential piece of equipment for any yogi, and Target offers a large selection of customizable and comfortable yoga mats to fit the individual needs of their customers. With countless customer reviews, shoppers can make an educated purchase decision while feeling good knowing they have gotten quality products at a great price. Whether you’re looking for a simple foam mat or something more luxurious, Target likely has something to fit your budget. Prices range from as low as $15.00 up to around $50.00 per mat with features such as padded cushioning, stickiness designed for better traction and even eco-friendly materials. Some also come complete with fitness kits or collections of other yoga supplies such as a yoga block or strap to get the most out of your practice. If you’re unsure about whether to invest in your own mat or not, Target is even offering rentals in select stores so that customers can try out different types without breaking the bank.

Types of Yoga Mats Available at Target

Target offers a wide range of yoga mats for individuals to choose from. The available varieties include PVC, closed-cell foam, and rubber-coated cloth mats; each with its own proprietary strengths and weaknesses.

The most economical option is the PVC mat; they are usually made of non-toxic materials making them safe to use, plus they have a strong surface that can hold up during intensive sessions. However, PVC mats are not as long lasting due to their limited cushioning capabilities over time.

Next on the list is the closed-cell foam mat which is much more durable than PVC and also provides excellent comfort during practice sessions by dissipating pressure points. It has superior slip prevention however there may be an issue with gripping your feet when doing inversions or downward facing dog unless you wear proper shoes for the workout session.

The last type is rubber-coated cloth mat which has a unique combination of durability, grip and cushioning all rolled into one product – making it ideal for beginner yogis who might struggle with certain postures. The disadvantage being that due to it’s extra weight carrying it around can be cumbersome at times.

Customer reviews indicate Target’s yoga mats are generally well liked by consumers who purchase them based on low prices and target’s exclusive loyalty program benefits. Many customers found these mats adequately cushioned and comfortable without sacrificing performance or durability of other pricier versions available on the market today

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Yoga mats vary widely in price, depending on size, material and brand. At Target, there are a variety of yoga mats available for purchase, ranging from basic foam to premium rubberized options. In-store, basic foam mats are usually priced around $10-20 while thicker mats with extra cushioning may go up to $40. Mid-grade yoga mats made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which provide more support and have superior grip can be found at Target for around $30-$50. Premium rubber select yoga mats range in price from about $80 – upwards of $150.

Online at Target website, pricing tends to start lower than in-store offerings, especially since discounts may be applied at checkout or through targeted promotions. Basic foam yoga mats are priced under $15 online with some discounted as low as $10. Mid-grade TPE materials may be found from around $20 – $45 and finally the premium rubberized versions come in between $50 – upwards of $125 depending on the brand and style selected at checkout.

Must-Haves for the Best Shopping Experience

When shopping for yoga mats at Target, the best thing to do is to compare prices from different stores. Check online reviews or ask friends who have bought yoga mats from Target for their opinion. This way you can make an informed decision on which product is the best fit for you and your budget. It will also help you get a sense of what features and benefits you’ll be getting with each yoga mat option.
It’s also important to pay attention to any available promotions or discounts Target may be offering on their range of yoga mats. If there are specials going, it might be worth looking into as this could save you some money in the long run. Doing this type of research ahead of time will give you a better chance at finding the most affordable and suitable item for your needs. Remember to factor in the cost of shipping if buying online. If buying in-store, look out for signs that point out reduced items that can save a lot of money over store-fresh stock!

Target vs. Amazon

When it comes to pricing for yoga mats, the costs vary significantly between Amazon and Target. Prices range anywhere from $10-100 depending on the material of the mat, thickness and size.

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When comparing both Amazon and Target, Amazon tends to have a much wider selection of mats in different sizes/materials. They also offer a variety of discounts and free shipping options which can make buying yoga mats more economical. Additionally, customers are able to read reviews from other purchasers who have bought their product before they make the purchase. This helps them decide if they want to invest their money in the certain product or not.

On the other hand, Target carries fewer types of yoga mats with lesser amount of choices for materials, thicknesses, and sizes than what is offered on Amazon. On average, prices at Target tend to be slightly cheaper than what is being sold on Amazon with similar quality products but without as many options available.. Furthermore, customer reviews are usually limited compared to those given on Amazon so it’s harder for people to make informed decisions about which mat will best serve their own personal needs without researching elsewhere.


The selection of yoga mats Target has to offer is vast, and with the help of customer reviews and recommendations, it is easy to make the best purchasing decision. There are basic designs for everyone’s budget, as well as professional-grade ones for more experienced yogis. Prices for yoga mats at Target can range anywhere from $10-$50 depending on the quality and features desired. Fortunately, customer ratings are easily available on Target’s website which makes customers aware of both good and bad features before making a purchase. Overall, Target is an excellent place to find quality yoga mats at an affordable price.

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