How Many Calories Does 20 Minutes Of Yoga Burn


Yoga is an activity that can keep both your mind and body fit, healthy and strong. It provides strength and flexibility to the body through various poses and movements, while at the same time helping to clear your mind and promote mental well-being. That being said, it also makes for a great calorie burning activity. So just how many calories does 20 minutes of yoga burn?

The number of calories burned during any type of physical activity depends on several factors such as height, weight, age, gender and intensity level. To give a general idea however, it has been estimated that an average person weighing 155 pounds can burn around 94 calories with 20 minutes of yoga or 26 calories per minute. For someone who weighs 185 pounds this could increase further to approximately 112 calories or 28.5 calories per minute.

In addition to providing a good source of calorie burning exercise, yoga has other benefits too such as improved posture and balance as well as increased energy levels due to aerobic movements practiced in each session. Therefore whatever your goals are, even if weight loss isn’t one of them it can still be a great activity for overall health and fitness levels.

So if you’re trying to get fit faster in spite of our busy lifestyles why not take up 20 minutes a day for some quality yoga time? As you can see from the rough estimates above there is potential to make a substantial contribution towards burning some extra daily calories so it couldn’t hurt!

Who Should Accomplish Yoga

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that can provide numerous health benefits. Twenty minutes of yoga may not seem like much, but depending on the workout, it can help you burn up to 171 calories. While anyone can reap the rewards from practicing yoga, there are certain groups of people who benefit from it even more. People with physical restrictions and limitations that prevent them from engaging in vigorous activities usually find yoga to be an ideal form of exercise for remaining active with relatively low risk of injury. Similarly, pregnant women have reported feeling immense relief due to increased flexibility and decreased discomfort. Lastly, senior citizens find that performing balance-enhancing poses is a great way to improve their overall stability, decreasing the chances of falls and other accidents.

Intensity of Yoga Workouts

Yoga workouts can range from very low intensity to high-intensity. Low intensity exercise involves gentle stretches, basic sounds and light movements while a high-intensity practice will include more dynamic poses and involve vinyasa flows or sun salutations. The type of yoga workout that is completed impacts the total number of calories burned during the practice.

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Low-Intensity Yoga Exercise: Light stretching for approximately 20 minutes burns about 80 to 135 calories.

Moderate-Intensity Yoga Exercise: Holding postures and participating in vinyasa classes for 20 minutes may burn from 189 to 295 calories.

High-Intensity Yoga Exercise: Power or Ashtanga classes with significant flow spanning an entire 20 minutes may burn active from 306 to 500 calories.

Therefore, depending on the type and duration of yoga workout it is possible to burn different amounts of calories within a 20 minute time span ranging from 80 to 500, depending on how intense the workout is. High-intensity exercises are more likely to burn more calories than low intensity exercises within this same time frame.

Different Types of Yoga

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on postures and breathing through such poses. This type of yoga style focuses on alignment, breathing, and meditation. A 20-minute Hatha yoga practice can burn over 100 calories.

Vinyasa is another form of yoga that links movement with breath. It is an energizing, flow-styled practice which consists of a sequence of different postures and can promote weight loss. In just 20 minutes, Vinyasa can burn approximately 150-250 calories depending on how vigorous the practice is.

Bikram is a type of hot yoga; an intense form of exercise practiced in heated studios or rooms to warm up the muscles and joints as well as help detoxify the body. This type of yoga has shown to provide benefits such as fast weight loss throughout regular sessions thanks to its high-intensity workout nature. Research suggests Bikram can burn up to 400 calories within 20 minutes depending on how often the posture changes are made during a session.

Recommended Equipment

Yoga can be an excellent way to burn some extra calories, as it helps tone and build muscle as well as providing great overall health benefits. Depending on the type and intensity of the yoga practice, someone can reasonably expect to burn about 20 calories for every 10 minutes of yoga. So, if you do 20 minutes of yoga, you would approximately burn 40 calories.

To increase the number of calories burned in 20 minutes:
• Use a weighted vest while doing standing poses.
• Incorporate active vinyasa flows into your practice such as sun salutations and chaturangas.
• Try to focus on more dynamic postures like warrior I and II, planks and crow pose rather than slower flows.
• Utilize exercise bands during poses to add resistance training.
• Try hot yoga which will help you sweat even more!

Improving Your Yoga Practice

When it comes to increasing the number of calories burned during a 20-minute yoga session, technique is everything. It’s important to focus on proper posture and positioning throughout all poses to ensure that you’re getting the best workout possible. Here are a few tips to help improve your practice:

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1. Keep your core engaged – Once you find your balance in each pose, make sure that you’re engaging your stomach muscles and keeping them contracted throughout the entire pose. This will create an additional resistance that will increase the intensity of your workout and ultimately lead to more calories being burned.

2. Pay attention to alignment – Make sure that each movement you do is coming from the right part of your body; for example, pushing off with your legs rather than using momentum from your arms or back muscles. Proper alignment will help target the correct muscles and provide more resistance so that you can get a better workout in less time.

3. Try more dynamic poses – If 20 minutes isn’t enough time for a full yoga routine, try doing some variations on classic poses such as Warrior I or Upward Facing Dog which require more movement which can increase the number of calories burned per minute.

4. Increase breath rate – Practicing Ujjayi breath (slow steady breaths through the nose) during each pose can also help promote deeper breathing and higher calorie burn as well as calming benefits associated with deeper breathing techniques such as improved focus, relaxation, and better digestion.


Yoga is an effective way to burn calories in a relatively short amount of time. The number of calories burned during a 20 minute yoga session can vary depending on the person and type of exercise being done. Generally speaking, basic types of yoga such as Hatha or Vinyasa can help you burn around 150-400 calories in 20 minutes. To make the most out of your workout and really maximize calorie burning potential, practice vigorous forms such as Ashtanga or Power Yoga for 20 minutes at a time while keeping an intense level of focus and concentration. Adding yoga to your daily workout routine will help you increase energy levels, reduce stress levels, and improve overall physical fitness.

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