How Is Yoga Against Christianity

How Is Yoga Against Christianity?

Yoga is a practice with an ancient history and is based on the Vedanta philosophy of India. Its physical and spiritual benefits are widely accepted in both the Eastern and Western cultures. Yet, there is a notion that yoga and Christianity, an Abrahamic faith, may not be compatible.

Physical Practice of Yoga

The nature of yoga can be broken down into two parts: the physical practice and spiritual practice.

  • The physical practice includes specific postures, poses, and exercises which help to strengthen the body and improve balance and flexibility.

Yoga has been widely accepted in western cultures and is often seen as a beneficial form of physical activity and exercise.

Spiritual Practice of Yoga

  • The spiritual practice includes the idea of a union with a higher self and divine entity, something which is not consistent with traditional Christian beliefs.

The idea of a personal spiritual path, separate from the tenets of Christianity, is not generally accepted by traditional Christian beliefs. Therefore, the spiritual practice of yoga appears to be at odds with Christianity.

Types of Yoga

There are various types of yoga, each with their own goal and purpose. The type of yoga used by Christians should be considered carefully to ensure it is compatible with their faith.

Types of yoga include:

  • Hatha Yoga: focuses on the physical poses and exercises, and is considered a “low risk” yoga for Christians.
  • Kundalini Yoga: focuses on releasing energy from the body, and is not typically recommended for Christians.
  • Sattva Yoga: focuses on cultivating positivity and peacefulness to align with the divine, and is often accepted by Christians.
  • Karma Yoga: focuses on doing the right thing and being of service, and is often accepted by Christians.


While there are varying opinions on yoga and Christianity, it is important to note that it is possible to practice yoga as a Christian in a way that is compatible with their faith. It is beneficial to do research and understand the types of yoga and the specific practices involved to make sure that it is aligned with their values and beliefs.

For those who find the physical and spiritual practice of yoga to be beneficial, but who are concerned about its compatibility with Christianity, it is important to remember that yoga is ultimately a personal decision. Therefore, it can be possible to practice yoga in a way that is compatible with one’s own faith journey.

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