How Do You Feel After Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is a slow, meditative style of yoga that focuses on embodying postures and really connecting with the body’s experience. It is the practice of floor poses held in stillness for a longer period, usually one to five minutes. Unlike other forms of yoga which are dynamic and invigorating, yin focuses on activating passive connective tissue in order to open up the body’s meridians, clear energy blockages and create balance within the body.

Yin yoga is beneficial because it gently stretches deeper layers of fascia while improving joint health and range of motion. It also encourages stress relief, relaxation and mindfulness as you focus more deliberately on what’s happening inside your body. The practitioner is encouraged to leave any sense of competition or expectation behind and simply focus inward instead.

The effects of yin yoga can be felt long after class ends. Students often report feeling more relaxed, centered and flexible after practicing yin yoga due to an increased awareness of their bodies’ limitations as well as an understanding of their own strengths. Practicing yin gives practitioners a full-body stretch that helps oxygenate their muscles during savasana (the lying down pose). Yin can leave practitioners feeling energized due to improved blood circulation from the deep stretching movements in addition to calming and grounding qualities due to its deliberate pace. In short, students can expect enhanced physical and mental clarity as well as improved flexibility following a regular practice of yin yoga.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga:

– Increased range of motion and enhanced flexibility due to increase of circulation in the joints, ligaments and fascia

– Improved posture
– Strengthening of muscles, tendons and joints over time, which can prevent injury in everyday activities
– Reduction of physical tension and stress
– Improvement in digestion, respiration and circulation
-Stronger connection between body, breath and mind.

Psychological Benefits of Yin Yoga:
– Enhanced awareness through deep relaxation
– A greater ability to relax when facing stressful situations or emotional challenges
– Improved concentration while focusing on each pose
-Letting go of control and learning to accept the fragility of life
– Greater emotional clarity as thoughts slow down during practice
– Deep feeling of inner peace when reaching a state of relaxation and surrender.

Benefits of a Regular Yin Yoga Practice

Regular practice of yin yoga can help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated due to the calming nature of the poses and stretches. Yin yoga allows the body to relax into a pose so that tension can be released, while at the same time deepening your breath which can enhance relaxation even more. As a result, many feel more energetic and relaxed after practicing yin yoga as they gain strength and flexibility in their muscles while calming the mind’s worries and anxieties. Regular practice also helps connect with inward peace, making it easier to handle any difficult situations or challenges that come up in your life. Other benefits include improving circulation, providing relief from pain and increasing range of motion throughout your body which can lead to improved posture and overall well-being. You may even notice increased focus and clarity in daily activities as core strength is developed through regular Yin Yoga practice. Lastly, committing yourself to a regular routine can help create discipline and commitment allowing you to find balance in your life not just on the mat but outside of it too.

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Post-Yin Yoga Feeling

Immediately after a Yin Yoga practice, you may experience an overall feeling of relaxation and grounding. You may notice that your body feels more open and relaxed, as the postures of Yin Yoga focus on releasing both physical and mental tension. You could also experience emotional clarity, as the long held postures in Yin Yoga can be quite meditative allowing for emotional release.

To remain centered in your post-Yin Yoga state, it is important to take some time to rest. Make sure to honor your body with plenty of water for hydration and allow yourself the necessary time to sit or lie down in stillness. You can also continue to bring mindfulness and awareness into your day by focusing your attention on deep breathing during moments of stress or tension. Taking this time will help maintain balance throughout your busy schedule and any emotions that arise outside of practice.

Tips to Access Your Yin Yoga State Outside of Practice

After yin yoga, many people experience a deep area of relaxation and inner peace. This relaxed state is often referred to as the ‘yin yoga state,’ and it can be incredibly powerful and useful in our daily lives. To access this state outside of your yin yoga practice, one tip is to take a few moments throughout the day to become aware of how your body feels, checking in with any discomfort or tension that may be present; holding space for this feeling without judgement then allowing yourself to slowly melt away into a relaxed state. You could also try setting aside time each day for some kind of mindful practice such as meditation, breath-work/pranayama or seated practices such as contemplative prayer. Taking these extra steps each day can help keep you connected to the same sensation of relaxation experienced during a Yin Yoga class.

Short and Long Term Benefits of Yin Yoga

The long-term benefits of Yin Yoga are vast and can be experienced in all aspects of life. Not only will a regular practice help to reduce stress levels, but it can also increase physical health and mobility. It also can bring about more balance between active and passive activities leading to a sense of wholeness and presence.

When practiced on a consistent basis, you will experience improved flexibility and range of motion which will lead to greater energy throughout the day. You may also find yourself sleeping better, having greater access to the creative side of your brain, and feeling an overall sense of peace and contentment. Practicing this type of yoga cultivates patience with oneself and reinforces gratitude for everyday blessings. Physically, we are able to remove toxins from our body through long holds in postures that promote increased circulation. Yin Yoga stimulates lymphatic drainage as well as calm the nervous system which is essential for proper biological functioning. When inertia is removed from the tissues, it allows for deeper release in joints and connective tissues giving us access to enhanced states of muscle strength & stability that offers support for everyday activities.

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In essence, Yin Yoga offers us higher levels of physical & mental vitality with improved stamina & endurance over time as well as emotional balance & spiritual awareness that brings us closer to our true-self so that we can more gracefully manage life’s transitions with ease


Yin yoga can be incorporated into your daily exercise routine in several ways. First, you may want to begin with a few simple poses that require you to hold them for an extended period of time such as Child’s Pose, Reclined Cobbler, and Butterfly pose. Start off by practicing one of these poses each day and increase the duration over time as your body becomes more comfortable. This can also help build more strength and patience while reaping the emotional benefits which Yin Yoga offers. Additionally, if you prefer having more structure in your exercise routine, there are numerous yoga studios offering classes specifically tailored to Yin Yoga. This allows you to join a group of like-minded people that can serve as additional motivation throughout your journey. Lastly, if you are looking for a comprehensive practice with guided instruction, there are apps such as “Yoga with Adriene” where you can gain access to hundreds of Yin Yoga videos from almost any device at any time! With all these options available, it is easy to see why Yin Yoga has grown in popularity so quickly over recent years – especially when its wide range of physical and mental effects have been taken into account! By incorporating Yin Yoga into your regular routine, get ready for enhanced relaxation and better overall health!

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