How Did Lesley From Fightmaster Yoga Died


The passing of Lesley Fightmaster on June 3, 2019 was a tremendous loss to the yoga community. Lesley, who was the owner of Fightmaster Yoga in Kentucky, had been a passionate and devoted yogi for years. Unfortunately, she passed away due to complications from cancer. Lesley’s passing has left many wondering how such an inspirational figure could be taken from us so quickly. In this blog post, we will honor her and explore how Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga tragically passed away.

Overview of the History of Yoga

Lesley Fromberg, owner of the Fightmaster Yoga studio, died tragically in 2017 due to complications from cancer. According to her biographer and former protege, Lizka Krajickova, Lesley had been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer since 2011. She had confronted the cancer with courage and faced numerous treatments over the years to try and beat the disease. Sadly, Lesley was unable to overcome it in the end as she succumbed to its further effects on her body in 2017.

The loss of Lesley Fromberg was a big blow not only for her family but for her students who had come to know and love her for bringing yoga and health into their lives. This tragedy highlights the importance of regular check-ups with your doctor as this kind of illness can take hold without obvious symptoms until it’s too late.

Yoga has been around for centuries and is believed by some scholars to have originated in India at least 5000 years ago through Hindu spirituality practices. Even though it has its roots in Hinduism, yoga has become more widely-recognized as an effective form of exercise where physical postures are combined with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation exercises, all designed to give practitioners better coordination, flexibility, focus and strength. The core goal remains clear: balance mental and physical health through conscious breath control alongside conscious relaxation or postures (asanas).

Bio of Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster was a beloved yoga instructor, passionate about teaching others the power and benefits of yoga. She owned her own studio, Fightmaster Yoga, and shared her knowledge through workshops and classes. Sadly, Lesley lost her life in a tragic car accident in January 2021, aged 53.

Prior to the accident, Lesley had been working hard on expanding Fightmaster Yoga to reach more people and share her passion with even more students. She had moved out of town to pursue bigger opportunities and had made plans to take a larger business trip around Europe in April 2021.

Lesley will be remembered not just as a great yogi teacher but also as an optimistic and encouraging individual who was full of life and enthusiasm despite being diagnosed with cancer earlier in 2020. Through her positive approach she became an inspirational role model for many people around the world. She touched the lives of thousands of students and will be dearly missed by those who knew her.

Lesley’s Influence on the Yoga World

Lesley King, better known as Lesley Fightmaster was an American yoga instructor and influencer. She was dedicated to helping people improve their health via yoga and meditation, focusing on how it can aid in recovery from addiction and trauma. It started with just a few thousand followers but rapidly became a successful YouTube channel with over 200K subscribers which she used to share her teachings.

Unfortunately, on October 28, 2016 at the age of 42, Lesley passed away leaving behind a legacy based on self-love and healing through her methods of intentional movement and breathwork. The cause of death was yet to be determined but many speculated that it may have had something to do with her ongoing battle with lyme disease. Lesley’s death left behind a massive hole in the world of yoga as Lesley had become well known for her holistic approach to overall wellness guided by the principles of Ayurveda, restorative poses, breathing practices and vinyasa flow exercises”all which she aimed to package together into unique programs offered both online and offline. Her influence extended beyond teaching instructions in traditional physical practice as she also served as an example through practicing what she taught”always staying true to her values while living an honest life devoted to helping others embody their true potentials.

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Lesley’s influence spread far beyond Yoga as students looked up to her for hope and guidance during difficult times in pursuit of self-improvement and personal growth without neglecting themselves in any way – she believed that healthy boundaries are key when it comes to nourishing our bodyminds for greater wellbeing. In honoring Lesley’s impactful journey within this lifetime, numerous foundations have been set up throughout the world providing free yoga classes for various charities and communities in dedication of her work – helping further reach out those in need who’d benefit from yogic medicine. Her memory lives on today through those inspired by her words: “Let your breath do the talking”.

Reflection from Fans and Friends on Lesley’s Impact

Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga was an inspiring, compassionate, and wonderful teacher whose impact is still felt by so many. She will forever be remembered for her deep and meaningful classes that connected with her students on a personal level and left them feeling empowered and ready to take the next step in their yoga journey. Her funky outfits, witty one-liners, beautiful singing voice, and gorgeous smile were unforgettable. She touched so many lives not only through her teaching but through her creative endeavors like writing books, online courses, retreats, and workshops as well.

Tributes from fans and friends began pouring shortly after news of Lesley’s death spread. Social media became flooded with heartfelt messages honoring all she had done for the yoga community. People shared stories of how Lesley helped them grow on the mat and in life; they spoke of how kind she was, that she made everyone feel special around her, had an infectious positive energy radiating off of her while talking or teaching. It was clear to everyone what an invaluable asset she was to yoga due to her passion for it – always striving to help others learn more about their bodies and become their best selves.

The success of Fightmaster Yoga can be accredited to Lesley’s dedication to the discipline which made it a worldwide phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of active users across multiple platforms. Her untimely passing has left a hole in people’s hearts but also stronger connections among those who knew how great a human being she truly was ” leaving behind countless lessons that will continue to help people experience peace within themselves no matter where they are in life’s journeys.

Lesley’s Contribution to the Yoga Community

Lesley participated in and taught yoga classes for many years, inspiring people around the world with her knowledge, passion and skill. Her journey to help others find a deeper understanding of their physical body was what made her stand out from the rest. She had a unique teaching style that gave an individualized approach to each student. Through this she managed to give support while guiding them through each practice. Lesley believed strongly in the power of yoga and shared her insights on how to gain the most benefit from it.

Sadly, Lesley passed away in June 2020 due to complications of COVID-19. In honor of all that she did for the community, Fightmaster Yoga organized an online class holding space for everyone who was touched by her impactful life. Countless yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, and friends gathered on Instagram Live to celebrate Lesley’s life and express their appreciation for everything she brought to their lives. Through her passionate commitment to helping others discover more self-awareness, increased well-being and inner healing, Lesley will continue live on in our hearts forever.

Details of Lesley’s Untimely Passing

On December 31, 2018, Lesley from Fightmaster Yoga tragically passed away at the age of 40. Although it is not known exactly what caused her death, there has been speculation that she suffered a heart attack or an aneurysm. She was in San Diego at the time of her death and was discovered by her husband and business partner Gentry.

Since her passing, friends and family members have come together to share their condolences and memories on various social media platforms. Several tributes have also been created in honour of Lesley’s impactful life. From posts celebrating her dedication to fitness to messages of sadness over the loss of such a special person – many people were deeply impacted by Lesley’s presence.

Throughout her life, Lesley used yoga as a way to help people make positive changes in their lives through physical and mental health practices. Her love for yoga can be seen through all the work she did both online and offline to spread awareness for the practice worldwide. She will be remembered for helping generations reach inner peace and bliss with her innovative classes, workshops and retreats held around the world.

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Lesley’s untimely death leaves behind many broken hearts but also a powerful legacy that will live on forever.

How Lesley’s Legacy Continues After Her Passing

Lesley Fightmaster, the popular yoga teacher and author who changed millions of lives through her global online following, passed away unexpectedly in June of 2019 at the age of 47. Her cause of death is yet to be determined.

Lesley’s legacy continues on even after her passing, with members of the yoga community coming together to remember her inspirational teachings. Her passionate dedication to empower people to find and honor their own path was evident through her strong presence both on and offline and will surely be what many remember most fondly. In her honor, many fundraiser initiatives have been created such as “Go Clean With Lesley”, a donation-based challenge where participants do five days of clean eating in order to help fund memory stones for prostate cancer research ” an issue that was close to Lesley’s heart. Additionally, her book “Yoga For A Happy Life” was released posthumously, offering readers access into one of Lesley’s deepest passions: writing about yoga practice and philosophy from a modern-day perspective. Online platforms such as YouTube continue to host many of her class archives from Fightmaster Yoga ” allowing anyone around the world to experience the brilliance of Lesley’s teachings for free ” embodying exactly what she stood for in life ” making yoga accessible and empowering individuals worldwide.

Ways to Honor Lesley’s Memory

In honor of Lesley, the Fightmaster Yoga community has come together to celebrate her life. A memorial fund has been established in Lesley’s name to support issues she was passionate about during her lifetime, including mental health awareness, cancer research, and gender-based violence prevention. Additionally, many yoga studios are hosting online tributes and classes in memory of Lesley with proceeds going toward the memorial fund.

Yoga practitioners around the world can also come together on social media platforms to remember their beloved instructor by sharing stories, memories, and photos of the times spent with Lesley; or simply by doing a special “arm balance” or chanting an “Om” for her memory.

Finally, family and friends will be gathering at local parks across the United States this month to remember and celebrate Lesley’s life through a peaceful gathering of flowers and gratitude. Everyone is asked to bring a flower as tribute in honor of this beautiful woman who touched so many lives. By working together to ensure that Lesley’s memory is kept alive, we can all continue to draw strength from her life lessons – both on and off the mat.


Lesley’s sudden and shocking passing has been devastating to the yoga community. She touched so many lives with her warm, encouraging personality and passion for the practice. Through Fightmaster Yoga, Lesley was able to bring yoga to countless students who may not have been exposed to it otherwise.

In her memory, Fightmaster Yoga continues to offer free classes for everyone as well as special initiatives around mental health awareness. Thousands of yogis also come together each year on the anniversary of Lesley’s passing for a virtual practice in honor of her legacy. Lesley was passionate about making yoga accessible to all – from strength-fueled power flows to gentle restorative classes – a testament that her message of mindfulness continues on through her students and through Fightmaster Yoga. Although we can never fill the void that Lesley’s passing created, we can carry on her legacy by connecting with movement, staying present with each breath, and cultivating compassion both on and off our mats.

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