How Can I Go To Isha Yoga Centre

Location & Directions

The Isha Yoga Centre is located in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India. If you’re travelling from abroad, it can also be accessed easily from Chennai and Bangalore.

To get there by train: The closest railway station is Tiruppur, which is about 25 km away from the Centre. You can take a taxi or bus from Tiruppur to reach the Centre.

To get there by air: The Coimbatore airport (IATA: CJB) is located about 50 km away from the Centre and provides daily domestic flights to major cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. From the airport, you may take a taxi or bus to reach the Centre.

To get there by road: The main highways to access Coimbatore and the Isha Yoga centre are National Highway 209/NH209 (connecting Mettupalayam-Chennai via Coimbatore), NH544 and State Highway 81 (connecting Palghat with Mysore via Tirupur and Palladam). The Isha Yoga Centre can be reached easily by car or bike with these routes.

If you decide to come by car, free parking facilities are provided at Isha Yoga Centre for those attending programs here.


At the Isha Yoga Centre, you can take part in various yoga classes and meditation sessions to help you stay balanced and healthy. Yoga classes offered include hatha yoga, kriya yoga, vinyasa flow, ashtanga, restorative and pre-natal. Each class consists of warm-up exercises and asana sequences tailored to the level of practice of each student along with breath techniques for various asanas. Meditation sessions include upa yoga, satsang chanting, shambhavi mahamudra from Isha Foundations teachings which provide key insights into yogic science while developing psychological balance and emotional stability. There are also several physical activities such as trekking and biking which encourage physical health in addition to many workshops throughout the year that focus on topics ranging from mindfulness to conflict resolution. As well, there is an Ayurvedic centre at the Isha Yoga Center where traditional treatments are administered to address a range of issues including stress management and general ailments. The centre also provides facilities such as a library, accommodation in dorms or private rooms, food stalls/kitchens serving Indian (vegetarian) meals and a bookshop selling items related to spirituality/yoga.

Accommodation Options

Isha Yoga Centre is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. To go to the centre, you can choose from a variety of transportation methods, including air travel. The nearest airport to the centre is Coimbatore International Airport. From there, you can take a cab or hire a car to reach the Isha Yoga Centre.

If you don’t want to fly into Coimbatore, you can simply use trains or buses. Trains are available from most major cities across India and arrive at the nearby Podanur Junction railway station. There are several bus services operating to/from various cities in Tamil Nadu that will allow you to go directly to the centre.

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For those who plan on staying near the Isha Yoga Centre there are plenty of accommodation options available. You can stay in a hotel, guest house or homestay near the centre. Alternatively, there are some ashrams nearby that offer spacious accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals.


If you are thinking of going to Isha Yoga Centre and want to hear other people’s experiences, you should check out the dedicated testimonials page. Here, members share their stories in an open and honest way about their experience at the centre. Some talk about the classes they enjoyed taking or any significant personal changes they noticed due to attending the programme. Others reflect on how supportive the instructors were, how well structured the classes are, and how unique and fulfilling it is to be part of such a spiritual community. Ultimately, these testimonials provide a great insight into attending Isha Yoga Centre and can help potential new visitors make an informed decision about if it is right for them or not.

Culture & Values

The Isha Yoga Centre is committed to creating a calming and peaceful environment for all visitors to experience. Respect, loving kindness, and acceptance are strong values that the community seeks to honour by welcoming all people regardless of background or identity. We encourage an attitude of non-judgement towards differences in opinion, beliefs and practices.

At the Isha Yoga Centre, we also strive to impart ancient wisdom on yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing practices as well as bringing spirituality into everyday life. Each program offered whether physical or meditative has been carefully crafted by yogic masters with knowledge that spans centuries. The benefits range from physical flexibility & strength development; stress & strain alleviation; improving relationships; increasing consciousness; healthy lifestyle changes; cultivating inner peace & contentment etc.

In order to go to the Isha Yoga Centre, you will need to locate its address which can be found online on their website or in a phone directory. Once located, you can look up program options available as well as fees if applicable depending on what type of program you wish to engage in. Upon arrival at the centre, it is important that visitors maintain respect for both the instructor and people attending in order to ensure a beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Photo Gallery

If you’re looking to visit the Isha Yoga Centre, there are a few ways you can do so. The easiest option is to simply go online and check out their website for information about their location and other details. There, you’ll find extensive travel directions that include driving instructions, as well as resources for making online reservations for accommodations located nearby. On the website, you’ll also find the Photo Gallery section dedicated to displaying photographs of the Centre, its grounds and classes in action to get an idea of what to expect before you arrive. You can also access their schedule of events with day-by-day listings that include details about yoga classes, workshops and programs offered at the Centre during your visit. Perhaps best of all, some of their live recordings are available to view on YouTube so that potential visitors can watch demonstrations and get an even better understanding of what types of activities will be taking place at the Centre upon arrival.

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One of the best ways to learn about Isha Yoga Centre is to visit its website. You can find out about the newest classes and workshops, as well as view photos of their facilities and read testimonials from former students. You can even watch Isha’s very own yoga videos to get a better feel for their style of instruction!

Another great way to gain insight into Isha Yoga Centre is to visit Isha events and retreats in person. This will allow you to not only observe their teachers in action, but possibly have one-on-one conversations with other attendees. Events are usually held yearly, however there may be some pop-up opportunities throughout the year. Lastly, local forums or discussion boards featuring reviews and experiences at Isha may also offer valuable insights into what it would be like to visit Isha Yoga Centre.

In addition, there are plenty of books available on traditional yoga styles that may provide an understanding of the basics that could facilitate your visit. Podcasts such as “Yoga Talks” featuring interviews with practitioners, teachers and academics in the field might also offer helpful tips on topics such as how to choose a class or instructor. Online courses dedicated specifically to exploring yoga styles offered by Isha are also a great resource if you’d like a more structured learning experience that can help prepare you for an upcoming visit.

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