How Bikram Yoga Changed My Life


When I decided to try Bikram Yoga, I wanted to understand what it was first. Bikram Yoga is a style of yoga developed by Indian guru Bikram Choudhury and adapted for the Western world. Unlike other types of yoga, the practice consists of a specific sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, performed in a heated room. This allows for increased flexibility and helps flush toxins from the body through perspiration.

Before committing to this type of yoga, I did some research and learned that Bikram was known for its ability to tone muscles and foster cardiovascular health. I also discovered several reviews online that supported people’s theories that it reduced muscle stiffness, improved posture and helped people lose weight”all things which I was aiming for.

Now that I had done my homework on what Bikram Yoga was”and why it could be beneficial”I made the decision to give it a try. In spite of being a little apprehensive at first because of my lack of knowledge on different poses, I thought nothing ventured nothing gained. Little did I know how this would change not only my physical health”but my mental state as well!

My Prior Knowledge of Yoga

Prior to taking Bikram Yoga classes, my only knowledge of yoga came from television and books. I had a skewed perception and saw it as something people did to stretch and relax, but not much more. The practice of yoga seemed too slow for me; I couldn’t wrap my head around why people would enjoy doing what seemed like physical training in molasses.

I decided to take my first Bikram Yoga class on a whim after being advised by a friend that it could help alleviate some of the physical pain I was experiencing. Much to my surprise, I began enjoying the practice of traditional poses in the hot room from the first moment. Not only did I warm up physically faster in the heated environment, but also mentally and emotionally felt more connected.

As I continued practicing, I started becoming mindful about how each pose worked on my body; how it made me feel lighter, as if gravity no longer controlled me as much. After each class, I felt energized yet relaxed”like some sort of detoxification had taken place within myself during each session”though at times it was more draining than others. Over time, this physical practice was teaching me new skills coming along with a ritualistic feeling: turning ordinary movements into spiritual ones ” mindfulness through movement ” slowly absorbing any newfound wisdom granted by this space and sharing that connection with others they had probably never noticed before within their bodies altogether.

In a nutshell, Bikram Yoga has challenged my body but has also changed my mind and spirit drastically ” connecting both of these aspects together further showing me therapy can be possible through challenging exercises alone! Long-term health benefits have been reaped from such discipline and regular practice as I feel stronger than before after every successive session; though every now then reminding myself its okay to also give myself breaks when needed so energy can replenish itself fully again in-between sessions too!

Life Before Bikram

Prior to beginning my journey with Bikram Yoga, I had a habit of putting too much on my plate. Over-achieving was both praised and expected of me by those around me, so naturally I was driven by the need to do more. This required some level of efficiency and detail in all of my tasks ” it seemed like no matter how hard I worked there was never enough time to complete everything that needed my attention. The heightened level of stress caused me to turn to unhealthy habits such as overeating or emotional eating when feeling overwhelmed, lack of proper sleep due to late-night work sessions, and loss of focus due to exhaustion throughout the day. Although these symptoms were becoming increasingly difficult for me to manage, I held onto the belief that it would pass eventually; I just had no idea how soon that would be.

When considering breaking out of this detrimental cycle, my first thought was exercise. So naturally I began experimenting with different types of fitness regimes until one day when a colleague suggested I try Bikram Yoga ” little did I know what transformative effect this would have on my life.

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The Journey Begins

Before I first tried Bikram Yoga, I had heard amazing things about the practice and felt like it was something that I wanted to try. So, when I finally stepped into my first class, there were a few things that stayed with me throughout the entire session.

The atmosphere was unlike anything that I had experienced before – it was energizing and inviting, something which made me feel like I truly belonged. The heat seemed unbelievably intense at first, but I soon found out that this was one of the core elements of the practice; an essential part of my journey towards finding balance within myself.

The instructors were highly knowledgeable and patient, always encouraging us to move deeper into each posture while taking time to explain every pose in detail. They taught us not only how to master each pose but also how to take it with us after leaving yoga class so we could carry it on throughout our lives.

Although stepping into my first Bikram class seemed daunting at first, it didn’t take me long to realize why people describe this form of yoga as life changing. Through committing to practice regularly, I have noticed vast improvements in both my physical and mental wellbeing; within a couple of months, many pre-existing health problems began diminishing which made me appreciate just how important yoga can be for our overall wellness.

Moreover, what initially seemed like tedious poses has now become a way of life! By fully immersing myself in each sequence during class, it leaves me feeling stimulated and re-energized afterwards as if by some kind of miracle. And through focusing on engaging different muscles with deep breaths at all times, coupled with relaxing meditation sessions at the end of each class, I am certain that Bikram Yoga will continue playing an instrumental role in transforming my life for many years to come!

Mental and Physical Transformation

Before I discovered Bikram yoga, I had been going through a difficult time in my life. My energy levels were low and I experienced constant fatigue; at times, it felt like I was merely going through the motions. I decided to give Bikram a try and was amazed at how truly transformative it could be.

I started my Bikram journey attending classes twice a week. After just a few weeks, I noticed drastic changes in both my mental and physical states that extended far beyond the studio walls. It opened up stores of energy within me that no other exercise had done before. Physically, I felt lighter and more energized after each class with improved balance and an increase in posture awareness even when not in the practice room. Mentally, clarity began to set in as the classes provided me with an opportunity to be present and work through issues of self-confidence, faith, concentration and attachment.

My practice has become much more than just physical postures; it is my personal oasis where all of life’s worries seem to evaporate once I step onto the mat. The combination of heat combined with mindful breathing reminded me that when we take care of our body and our minds, nothing is impossible for us to achieve. This practice allowed transformative philosophies such as mindfulness and positive thoughts to become second-nature routines for me so that no challenge ever feels out of reach anymore!

The Benefits of Bikram

My life was changed for the better when I discovered Bikram yoga. Through challenging poses that involve intense heat, I discovered a newfound strength both physically and mentally. Before starting the practice of Bikram, I experienced frequent days in which my body felt immobile and tense. When I took my first class, this discomfort abated dramatically. After consistent practice, I became more flexible than ever before and could perform each pose with relative ease.

One of the most remarkable benefits of Bikram yoga was an increased awareness of my mind-body connection. As soon as I stepped into the heated room, my thoughts immediately shifted to making it through the class”blocking out all outside worries or anxieties. During poses like Half Moon and Standing Head to Knee, I focused intently on correctly aligning each movement while feeling the physical energy emanating from within myself and around me in the class atmosphere. With mindfulness came patience: Instead of rushing through a series of poses for a quick flow experience, each posture was done with intention analysis and understanding how it connected to every other part of my body in order for me to deepen and improve further each time.

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As well as improved flexibility and awareness, Bikram has allowed me to cultivate overall strength through intense full-body workout sessions”without having to carry weights or visit a gym multiple times a week. Simply using my own body weight during standing postures really made me realize how capable and resilient my body could be if given regular attention and care.

Ultimately, practicing Bikram yoga has been an invaluable experience for me that continues to evolve with every additional session under its belt; provided me with confidence, strength and flexibility; significantly lessened my previously tight muscles; strengthened both inside and out; helped develop resilience mentally and physically; opened up new realms of self-understanding; reminded me that anything is possible if approached with courage; helped nurture peace within myself in order to gain physical calmness from chaotic situations outside ;and ultimately reminded me that life is about adventure”which led me down more paths beyond what can be expressed here!

Looking Ahead

Practicing Bikram Yoga has opened up a new world of possibilities for me. It’s allowed my body and mind to work together to develop strength, focus, and mindfulness unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It has increased by confidence in my own capabilities and made me more self-aware. It has also opened up conversations with friends and colleagues about healthy approaches to achieving our goals, both physical and mental. Knowing that there is something out there that can help me reach a healthier peak in life is incredibly empowering.

In the future, I want to integrate Bikram Yoga into my daily schedule as a way of improving my overall physical and mental health. I believe this will help me stay motivated and focused on reaching any goals that are in front of me. Furthermore, continuing my practice will enable me to remain connected with those around me who have also benefitted from Bikram Yoga’s unique approach. Additionally, I plan on sharing this newfound knowledge with others so they too can discover the rewards that come with devoting time to mindfulness and yoga practice- something I believe everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!


It has now been a year since I started practicing Bikram yoga, and I can confidently say that it has changed my life for the better. It has opened up new doors of self-discovery, improved my physical health immensely, taught me to be patient with myself and others, provided me with a newfound mental clarity, and shown me the power of prioritizing time for oneself in this ever-busy world. Therefore, if you are contemplating trying Bikram yoga as part of an effort to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, I highly recommend it. For anyone struggling with stress or anxiety, want to boost their energy levels naturally and safely, or just want to be more mindful in their everyday lives – participating in this yoga practice is a fantastic way of achieving all that! Although it involves hard work and dedication initially, its long-term rewards will far outweigh any temporary discomfort during those first few classes.

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