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Overview of Hot Yoga History

Hot yoga, also sometimes referred to as Bikram yoga or “hot vinyasa,” is a type of exercise that involves complete body conditioning with the use of heat to penetrate the body’s muscles for maximum stretching and increased flexibility. The practice originally developed in Calcutta, India in the early 1970s by Bikram Choudhury and eventually gained immense popularity across the United States in 2002. Its growing presence worldwide eventually evolved into its own specific style, along with numerous other practice styles based on Chaudhury’s original concept.

With its newfound ubiquity, hot yoga quickly grew from one distinct form”Bikram Yoga”to a plethora of forms including power flow and CorePower Yoga, all sharing similarities of intense heat (sometimes as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit), strong instruction, and constant focus on poses and postures. Today many studios offer their own take on hot yoga – some choosing different temperatures than traditional Bikram class at which point they become known as “warm” classes rather than “hot” yoga classes.

Daily Schedules/Group Classes

Monday: 7am ” Gentle Flow; 8am ” Hot Yoga; 9:15pm ” Dharma Flow

Tuesday: 5:45am ” Hot Yoga; 6pm ” Flow7

Wednesday: 7am ” Vinyasa; 8am ” Hatha Power Hour; 6pm ” Prana Flow

Thursday: 5:45am ” Hot Yoga; 11am – Vinyasa All Levels
Friday: 6 am” Gentle Flow ; 8 am” Power Hour
Saturday: 8 am” Gentle Flow ; 10 am” HotYoga Sunday : 9.30 ” Dharma Flow ; 11.15 ” Vinyasa Basics

Descriptions of the Instructor

At Hot Yoga Club, we are proud to offer a wide range of yoga classes led by experienced and passionate instructors. Our top instructor is Joanna Thomas, who has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and has a 500-hour yoga certification. Joanna’s knowledge and passion for the practice makes her classes upbeat and motivating while full of mindful practices. We also have Chase Meyer leading both Vinyasa Flow and Candlelight Yin classes in our studio. He takes special care in curating thoughtful sequences while guiding the students through an energetic experience. Finally, Saira Malik offers an introspective practice that emphasizes intuition as well as alignment. She specializes in helping new yogis discover their practice in an environment that is both safe and supportive.


Q: What is hot yoga?
A: Hot yoga is specifically designed to provide a challenging physical workout while using the heated environment to increase flexibility, help detoxify the body and improve vitality. It typically involves practicing a set of postures in dry heat, usually around 85-95°F (30-35°C) with 40-60% humidity. The system of hot yoga may vary depending on the school, but usually consists of a combination of traditional postures performed in an intense sequence which moves fluidly from one pose to the next.

Power Yoga One Hour Sequence

Q: Is hot yoga safe?
A: Most people can safely practice hot yoga, provided they take certain precautions during class. This includes staying well hydrated before and during class, listening to your body and taking breaks when needed, moderating intensity levels for your own safety and keeping up proper form throughout the practice. If you have any medical conditions such as pregnancy or high blood pressure, it is important to speak to your doctor first before attending a hot yoga class.

Q: What should I wear for hot yoga?
A: It is best to opt for lightweight clothes that will be comfortable and allow for your body temperature to regulate during class. Comfortable fitting shorts or leggings along with a light t-shirt are great choices. Avoid wearing baggy clothes as it can get intertwined with yourself and other practitioners throughout poses. Additionally, make sure feet are covered while on the mat – socks or shoes are both options if desired!

Sample Workout Routine

At the Hot Yoga Club, our classes are designed to give a full-body workout that’s tailored to your specific needs. Our yoga instructors will help you create your own personalized practice routine, which may include some of the following:

– Sun Salutations – Start your session with some basic sun salutation postures. These easy-to-follow poses will help activate your muscles and get your body ready for more intense poses.

– Standing Postures – Stand with your feet firmly rooted into the ground, keeping control in deep breathing as you move from pose to pose. With both open and closed postures, this section of class is great for building strength, balance and flexibility.

– Arm Balances and Inversions – Stretch and strengthen your upper body as you attempt some arm balances or inversions. These advanced postures are challenging but incredibly rewarding ” perfect for improving concentration and calming the mind.

– Forward Bends/Hip Openers – Stoop forward into deeper stretching poses that focus on opening up tight hips and relieving tightness in the lower back. Come out of these gentle postures feeling rejuvenated!

Lotus Hot Yoga

– Backbends – Feel refreshed after releasing tension in areas like the spine, shoulders and chest with our selection of backbends. You’ll be invigorated by the end of this exhilarating series!

– Corkscrews/Twists – Detoxify with twists designed to compress, move energy around the body while purifying organs like kidneys, liver and intestines. You’ll finish class feeling light and energized!

Finish off your session with a few minutes of savasana (corpse pose) before cooling down by rolling off mats slowly into child’s pose for final relaxation. Enjoy reaping all the benefits from this special practice journey!

Before and After Photos

Hot Yoga Club classes offer a great way to stay centered and gain strength. To show others how effective our classes can be, we should post before and after photos of people who have attended Hot Yoga Club classes. These photos can demonstrate, on a personal level, the positive body transformation that has occurred as a result of taking our classes. By having this visual proof of subects’ physical changes due to a regular Hot Yoga Club practice, we can further motivate current clients and attract prospective students. We should feature each client’s individual story, discussing any physical or mental health issues they have faced before attending Hot Yoga Club and the improvements in their overall wellbeing after taking our classes. Each photo should have an accompanying statement from the client about their experiences and testimonials about how much better they feel after practicing at Hot Yoga Club. This combination between visuals and words will make for powerful stories that will further motivate existing students and attract new students to join in on all the fun!

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