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Hot 8 Yoga in Sherman Oaks offers a wide selection of classes that make it a great resource for individuals looking to look down their best. From hot yoga classes to sculpt and tone, the studio provides an array of options that cater to all fitness levels. With daily classes, the Hot 8 Yoga schedule makes it easy to fit exercise into even the busiest of lifestyles. Whether you’re just getting started or have been practicing for years, there’s something for everyone.

For those new to yoga, there are special introductory classes designed specifically for beginners. During these classes, experienced instructors will lead participants through poses at a slow pace so they can get comfortable with each pose before moving onto the next one. For experienced yogis, Hot 8 also offers more challenging classes like power flow and vinyasa with added heat.

Hot 8 does not limit itself solely to yoga”the studio also offers barre and sculpting classes for those interested in strength building exercises or core conditioning. The barre class focuses on toning arms, legs and core muscles with different ballet moves while continuing proper form and technique at all times. Sculpt classes utilize light equipment including light dumbbells and mats in order to target muscles throughout your body in order to build strength.

For those who want a full-body workout with less intensity but still deep focusing on strengthening the core muscles, there are Yin Yoga classes available as well. In Yin yoga sessions are slower paced compared to other types of yoga allowing participants to focus on their breath as they hold poses longer than usual while seeking moments of stillness during their practice.

The Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks schedule allows people from all walks of life find time for exercise with whatever suits their individual needs best ” whether that’s relaxing meditation session in the morning, sweat-inducing hot flow before work or dinner time quick break filled with stretching ” it is guaranteed that the studio has something that fits everyone’s schedule no matter what level of fitness they are at! Come give it a try!

Class Schedule

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks offers a wide variety of classes in different styles and levels, including: hot yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow, Restorative and Yin Yoga. Hot Yoga classes are based on the traditional form of heated yoga where poses are held longer and with proper breathing techniques to relax the body. Hatha yoga classes focus more on physical postures at the beginner level. Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow emphasizes an energetic flow of poses using breath in order to build strength and flexibility. Restorative Yoga is for complete relaxation where postures are held for several breaths. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced but deep practice targeting connective tissues as well as Stillness meditation practices. For those just starting out or looking to deepen their practice, Hot 8 offers workshops that take place over 4 weeks. In each workshop, students will learn the fundamentals of a specific style of poses in a safe environment

Class Descriptions

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks offers a variety of different types of yoga classes to suit everyone. In their Hot Flow class, expect to sweat and feel challenged with a combination of traditional vinyasa flow and calisthenic-style exercises that span the full range of asana ” from standing postures to inversions, backbends, binds, and more.

The Hot Core yoga class adds intense abdominal work and core conditioning exercises to the traditional sequencing format. This one is sure to challenge even the strongest practitioners!

If you are looking for something more relaxing then try the Yin or Restorative classes at Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks. These classes use longer holds to let pracititioners explore new areas within each posture. Props such as straps, blocks and bolsters are introduced to support postures so you can stay more comfortable as you find your inner balance.

If hot yoga isn’t your thing then there is still space for you here ” through their Yin/ Yang Fusion class. This class blends together elements from both hot flow and yin styles for a peaceful practice that helps stretch deep into connective tissues while also building strength, flexibility and endurance throughout each shape.

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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular, due to its health and wellness benefits. It’s a form of yoga practice that takes place in a heated room, which promotes increased flexibility and a deeper level of detoxification.

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks offers a variety of classes with experienced instructors available at all times. Hot 8 has a wide variety of class packages for individuals, couples, and groups, so everyone can find something that fits their needs.

The heat in Hot 8’s studios helps relax the body’s muscles more than traditional yoga classes, allowing practitioners to move further into poses than they may have been able to before. It also helps promote better blood flow and circulation throughout the body while stretching and strengthening each muscle group. Additionally, it aids in flushing out toxins from the body through perspiration and increased breath work.

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks not only helps build physical strength but mental wellbeing too by offering calming ambiance through dimmed lights and meditative music. Students are encouraged to take time between postures for introspection or mediation; moments for mindfulness can be powerful for physical relaxation as well as emotional clarity.

By engaging in hot yoga regularly, participants will reap long-term benefits such as improved breathing techniques, greater flexibility, increased joint mobility, increased mental clarity, improved concentration and focus, strengthened core muscles and ligaments, reduced stress levels and improved overall body strength. Furthermore the intense sweating caused by hot yoga leads to flushing out of built-up toxins from deep within the tissues which can help improve skin complexion overall resulting in an undeniable glow!

Gear Guide

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week, from gentle beginner classes to invigorating and challenging advanced sessions. Before diving into any hot yoga class, it’s important for newcomers to make sure that they have the essential equipment at hand.

First, participants will need non-slip yoga mats for stability. Since sweat can be plentiful in hot yoga classes, high-performance mats made from absorbent materials are ideal. For maximum traction and cushioning, thicker mats with rubber or PVC come highly recommended.

In addition to yoga mats, practice wear should also be appropriately selected. Light-colored clothes made from natural fabrics are best as they promote airflow and breathability during intense workouts. The right clothing should also fit close to the body so that it won’t become bunched up during poses.

Finally don’t forget about accessories such as towels and water bottles! In Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks classes, practitioners are encouraged to bring towels for personal use and stay hydrated throughout their meditation sessions by bringing along a reusable water bottle full of fluids. Towels specifically designed for hot yoga classes will help absorb sweat more effectively than regular bath towels.

Teacher Training

Hot 8 Yoga’s Teacher Training in Sherman Oaks is a way for prospective instructors to gain knowledge and experience from dedicated instructors. Participants will have the opportunity to learn valuable information about yoga, anatomy, alignment, postures, breathing exercises, and philosophy. Additionally, they will be able to hone their teaching skills through practice of on-the-job observation of seasoned teachers and student feedback. This program provides a great foundation for those interested in teaching yoga off the mat as well as in heated environment classes. Hot 8 Yoga’s Teacher Training is an insightful instrument that helps students become confident professionals with the knowledge they need to help others benefit healthfully from yoga instruction. Through this training program they can serve as ambassadors of mindfulness and wellbeing when it comes to implementing specialties such as meditation instruction and hot yoga. In addition to all these aspects of learning, the schedule includes time for participants to focus on the physical poses themselves, so that teachers feel prepared for any class period. With continuing support from highly qualified mentors available at Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks, aspiring instructors can look forward to a fulfilling career in not just physical fitness but also wellness for body, mind, and soul.

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Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks is more than just a place to practice yoga. Although yoga classes are the main focus of the studio, there is also an incredible sense of community that has been built among members who regularly visit the space. The Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks schedule boasts a wealth of different classes throughout each week, with an array of styles to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits your fitness level and taste. Every class offers a unique challenge, and many come with inspiring guest teachers from all around LA. During practice, you can interact with other people who share your passion for hot yoga and make meaningful connections with them. Even outside of classes, there are plenty of networking events and opportunities specifically designed for Hot 8 members to meet one another in a relaxed environment such as potluck dinners or wine tasting sessions at nearby restaurants. With such a thriving atmosphere, it’s easy to see why many practitioners keep coming back for more every day!

Membership Options

Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks offers several membership options for its students. All of the packages come with an unlimited number of classes and access to their studio amenities. While the most affordable package offers only a monthly subscription rate, there are also various discounted prepay options that allow people to purchase multiple months at once for a discounted rate.

For those who require more flexibility in their plans, Hot 8 also offers 10-pass and 20-pass packages, as well as CLASS PACKS which come with a 2-week expiration period and can be shared among family members or friends. In addition to this, Hot 8 Sherman Oaks also offers discounted 5 packs for seniors, veterans and those currently enrolled in college. Depending on the type of package you choose, prices range from $20 to $199 per month. There is also an option to freeze your membership if you know you won’t be able to attend classes regularly.

At Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks they strive to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of budget or lifestyle so even if none of these packages fit your needs, talk with a representative about finding the perfect plan for you!


Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks is the perfect place for someone who lives in or around Sherman Oaks to get all the physical, mental and emotional benefits of hot yoga. Their schedule consists of a selection of classes from heated Vinyasa flow to gentle Yin to one-hour express classes with various time and day options. They also offer specialized classes such as Pilates Barre Fusion, Hot 8HIIT and Restorative Meditation. The teachers are professionals who will guide you through each class with knowledge and care.

Aside from their vast array of yoga sessions, Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks regularly hosts events like community gatherings, educational workshops and retreats away from the city so you can rest, relax and recharge. With modern amenities like clean showers, juices and merchandise providing a full sensory experience inside their funky studio space, there’s something for everyone at Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks. It has become an oasis for anyone looking to find more balance in their life – empowering them with the therapeutic benefits of hot yoga designed specifically to suit individual needs. With its open-armed attitude towards every member as well as dedication to promoting health through fitness activities and relaxation techniques, it’s no surprise that Hot 8 Yoga Sherman Oaks is considered one of the best places in Sherman Oaks for practicing hot yoga!

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