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Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is located in the bustling city of Pasadena, California. Established in 2014, the yoga studio quickly gained a reputation as an oasis of relaxation surrounded by the bustle of city life. It has become an integral part of the community and offers regular classes seven days a week at various times between 7am and 9pm. The studio also supports multiple local charities and sponsorships for special events such as marathons and breast cancer walks. Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena’s mission is to “heal, educate, inspire, and invigorate” their students through yoga instruction from experienced practitioners with a passion for teaching. In addition to offering traditional vinyasa and yin classes, they also offer high-intensity hot yoga classes that promise to leave you feeling energized, focused and relaxed all at once. With thousands of positive reviews from locals and visitors alike, Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed both inside and out!

Overview of Hot 8 Yoga Classes & Benefits of Practicing Hot 8 Yoga

Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is a yoga studio offering hot yoga classes designed to invigorate and reinvigorate the body, mind and spirit. Hot 8 Yoga focuses on breathing, flow and stretching. The heat is turned up in the practice room to allow practitioners to deepen their poses, reduce stress and eliminate tension. Classes are either 60 or 90 minute sessions with music played during the practice.

Each session at Hot 8 is designed to increase flexibility and strength by using hatha flows, postures and stretches while also working up a sweat. Each class is heated differently depending on the instructor teaching it, ranging from 85 degrees Fahrenheit upwards reaching 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with reducing stress levels and increasing flexibility, practicing Hot 8 can help improve circulation; improve digestion; boost energy levels; enhance mental clarity; relieve body aches; help clear toxins from your system; build muscles; reduce inflammation throughout the body; release emotions stored in muscles; accelerate weight-loss (when combined with a healthy diet); calm down nerves, reduce stress hormones; balance hormones for better wellness outcomes overall; remove toxins through sweat easily as well as strengthen your immune system.

Practicing Hot 8 not only helps heal physical ailments but also promotes spiritual growth through meditation by coaching students on how to become more mindful of their bodies making each class truly an enlightening experience in itself. All-in-all benefits of practicing Hot 8 Yoga include an improved sense of balance, focus and agility while helping you create a healthier lifestyle all around!

Reasons to Try Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena & Types of Classes Offered

There are many reasons to try Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena! The classes are designed with people of all ages and fitness levels in mind. Additionally, they focus on developing strength and awareness in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or an experienced yogi, the studio has something for everyone.

The studio offers a variety of classes to accommodate any schedule. Every session begins with focused breathwork and warm-up exercises so you can practice safely, learn proper forms, and build strength over time. Classes vary from body sculpting classes and intense cardio/strength sessions to power vinyasa and mindful meditation practices. Leadership classes also offer guidance on how to live a healthier lifestyle inside & outside of the studio with mindfulness practices like creating sustainable food habits, discovering more efficient approaches to studying & goal setting, or setting boundaries with yourself & others in order projects big & small. Truly there’s something for everyone who wants to take their health into their own hands!

Instructor Profiles

Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena offers a wide range of yoga classes and services taught by highly trained instructors. Whether you are looking for a practice to help you relax and unwind, reduce stress and anxiety, or simply improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena has an instructor to meet your individual needs.

Sequences For Beginner Yoga

One such instructor is Johanna Greenfield who has been practicing hot yoga for over ten years and teaching at Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena since 2017. Her passion for the transformative power of yoga comes through in her classes which combine both breath work and mindful movement with strong alignment cues. Her classes will provide a powerful yet gentle flow that will give practitioners the opportunity to explore the practice deeply while honoring their own unique body’s limitations.

Another instructor at Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is Mahina Monroe. Mahina’s approach to teaching believes that every being has its own wisdom, which can be unlocked if given the opportunity. She seeks to create an empowering space where students become aware of their body’s capabilities as they move through mindful sequences guided by her expert instruction. Mahina often utilizes music in her classes to bring an added level of depth and spirituality to each practice. In addition to regular yoga classes, she also serves as lead teacher on our quarterly retreats – giving students a chance to get away from day-to-day busyness in order to deepen their understanding of yoga with her guidance and support.

Studio Tour

Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is a premier yoga studio offering an array of amenities for yogis at all levels. The 3,000 square feet studio features gorgeous hardwood floors, brick walls and bright windows providing ample natural lighting. Plus, the facility features climate control throughout, to ensure a comfortable experience regardless of the season.

Aside from the beautiful interior design setting, Hot 8 Pasadena offers several amenities to help you practice yoga with ease. For example, if you need mat rentals or props such as blocks or straps – they got you covered! Private showers and locker rooms are also available for attendants to freshen up after class. Additionally, the provider’s retail store is stocked with high-end products like eco-friendly mats and supplements specifically tailored to yoga practitioners. Online classes and wellness retreats are also offered at the location on occasion. After your session take advantage of their complimentary tea bar where one can sample a wide selection of beverages including chamomile tea, green tea and oolong tea. This is also accompanied by tasty snacks ranging from nuts and seeds to dried fruit mix in case you need some added fuel after your workout! No matter what type of yoga experience you seek – Hot 8 has something in store for everyone!

Specialty Classes

At Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena, we offer a variety of specialty classes designed to take your yoga practice to the next level. Our emphasis on mindful and intentional movements emphasize full body engagement and breath-focused attention while sculpting muscles, cultivating mental clarity and restoring energy. Whether you’re seeking a more dynamic or restorative practice, we have something for you. Our specialty classes include:

Hot Flow – Featuring dynamic posture sequencing with a focus on core strength and balance.
Restorative Yoga – A relaxing practice that calls for gentle poses that use props for support along with mindful breathwork.
Yin Yoga– A deeply calming practice that emphasizes meditative postured held for up to five minutes as your connective tissue releases from a deeper level of opening.
Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga– Combines fluid movement with creative sequencing to build flexibility, strength and concentration.
Power Flow– Elevate your practice with an invigorating sequence built around challenging postures that focus on the entire body.
At Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena, our goal is to make yoga accessible regardless of ability level or experience. Through our various offerings of specialty classes, you can cultivate a safe space to reconnect your body and mind while receiving guidance from some of the best teachers in Southern California!

Community Involvement

Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is dedicated to giving back to its community. As part of their commitment, they are actively involved in numerous social impact initiatives that support and uplift their local community. They host monthly volunteer events with local charities and organizations, such as the LA Regional Food Bank, the LA Homeless Services Authority, and more. Hot 8 Yoga also partners with local elementary schools to provide yoga classes for students and donate mats and props to those who can’t afford them on their own. Additionally, they have hosted fundraisers from time to time in order to support individuals who have experienced hardship due to various life circumstances or illness. Hot 8 Yoga believes in leading by example, so we see this dedication to helping our society reflected in everything they do.

Flexibility Before And After Yoga

Health Tips

Eating healthy outside of Hot 8 Yoga classes is essential for getting the most out of your yoga practice. Whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, legumes, and whole grains are excellent sources of nutrition that can help fuel your practice. Make sure you’re also getting enough water throughout the day – hydration plays an important role in helping ensure that your body is functioning properly to support your physical activities. It’s also important to get adequate sleep to make sure your body has the rest it needs to recover from each yoga class. Make sure you take time away from the mat as well by exploring other forms of exercise such as running, swimming, or cycling; this will help keep your body engaged while also giving your mind a break from yoga. Staying positive and mindful of your thoughts will also improve both your overall well-being and productivity in class; meditating or journaling can be great tools for improving wellbeing and increasing motivation. Finally, don’t forget to give yourself time for resting or relaxing activities such as walking, reading or gardening – taking care of yourself helps create a balanced lifestyle!

Events and Special Promotions

Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena offers a variety of events and special promotions to stay up-to-date on the latest yoga news and deals. From guest teacher events to upcoming workshop opportunities, these events and special promotions can help you find the best opportunities within the community. Monthly newsletters provide members with updates on the studio’s latest news, ranging from featured instructor profiles to new class offerings. There are also regularly scheduled workshops focusing on different aspects of yoga such as meditation, flexibility, alignment and many more. Special offers throughout the year include discounts for yoga packages and various memberships. Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena values giving back to their local community; they have “Give Back” days where 20% of the proceeds go back to local marginalized communities in greater Los Angeles. In addition, Hot 8 Yoga organizes monthly volunteer days for members to give back by participating in activities such as roadside cleanup or helping local businesses distribute food/supplies.


Ultimately, the decision of whether or not Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is the right fit for you depends on your own yoga preferences, budget and schedule. Hot 8 Yoga offers classes at various physical locations as well as virtual, and the studio vibe itself is quite intriguing. If you’re looking for a contemporary style of yoga with modern music, potential to sweat and challenging flows then this studio could be up your alley. However, if you’ve been searching for a traditional practice like Ashtanga then it may not be what you’re looking for. Additionally, if budget is a major concern for you then Hot 8 Yoga may not be right because it tends to be pricier than some of its competitors. So consider these things before deciding definitively if Hot 8 Yoga Pasadena is right for you.

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