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Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic is a yoga studio that specializes in holistic health, healing, and growth through yoga principles. Founded in 2014 by two passionate yogis, Sandy Knightly and Richard Watson, their shared purpose has been to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to practice the ancient art of yoga. The studio has grown in size to become a vibrant hub for all things yoga.

The team at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic offers classes that have something special for everyone, from gentle hatha or yin classes for beginners, to innovative vinyasa or restorative flows for those who want to explore more challenging options. Classes are designed for anyone looking to deepen their practice no matter their skill level – from complete beginners to experienced yogis alike. They also have mediation including teachers from both Eastern and Western traditions as well as workshops and trainings such as Yin teacher training or Ayurvedic Health Mentoring. All classes at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic come with plenty of personalized guidance and support. On top of that, they always go the extra mile to make each visit memorable with uplifting music, dedicated light therapy rooms, beautiful natural elements like wood floors and grass walls, aromatherapy oils, lavender pillows, purified water fountains – the list goes on! At Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic they truly believe in creating a safe space where healing can happen – making it a place where authentic connection is possible. People often say they feel right at home when entering the studio – that’s exactly what makes it so special!

The Story of Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda is a thriving yoga studio in the inner-city suburb of St Kilda, Victoria. It was founded in 2012 by Sian Rea, who had a passion for helping others to find their own inner peace through the practice of yoga. Her unique style – combining traditional Indian and Tibetan practices with contemporary teachings – quickly attracted a loyal following of practitioners.

In its early days Grassroots Yoga did not have an official home; instead it operated out of various locations around St Kilda. Eventual success saw a move to Poplar Street in 2014, where the studio became incorporated. Today, the studio is managed by Lotte Oosterbroek and boasts some of Melbourne’s most experienced teachers, offering over 30 classes every week.

At Grassroots Yoga, participants are encouraged to develop their own practice both physically and mentally. Through incorporating relaxation techniques such as breath work and mindfulness into their classes, teachers ensure each individual practitioner is given the best guidance possible to gain personal growth from their experience. The studio also encourages mindful living through its blog which embraces holistic values to further spread awareness about the importance of yoga and meditation on modern day life. With a wide variety of courses suited for all levels from beginners to more experienced yogis, there really is something for everyone at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic.

Since opening its doors eight years ago Grassroots Yoga has become a beloved member of St Kilda’s community, having gained thousands of passionate followers and helping countless people discover their own journey towards physical or spiritual wellbeing. Whether you seek relief from daily stressors or seek to curb negative energy in your life Grassroots Yoga can help you achieve those goals through personalized planning that recognizes individual strength and limitations while seeking peace on a mental level equal to physical progress made in practice.

Types of Yoga Offered at the Studio

At Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic, we offer a variety of styles and classes for all experience levels. Whether you’re just getting started with your yoga practice, already an intermediate yogi or ready to take your practice to the next level with something more advanced, you’ll find a class that suits your needs at our studio. For those new to our studio, we offer ‘Foundation Classes’ which are designed specifically for beginners and focus on helping students build strength and develop understanding of anatomy in postures. We also have ‘Gentle Flow’ classes that provide basic instruction while maintaining an emphasis on breath work and relaxation. For experienced practitioners, we have level 2-3 classes including Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa. All these classes focus on refining movement in the body as well as developing strength, balance and flexibility in an open, relaxed environment. With regular retreats offered as well as special workshops focused on unique topics like meditation, Pranayama (yogic breathing) and Ayurveda (holistic healthcare system), there’s something for everyone here at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic!

Unique Features at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic offers some unique features that can benefit anyone looking to get into the practice. Not only do they offer regular yoga classes, but they also host a variety of special workshops and events throughout the year. These special workshops range from meditation practices, to sound healing and restorative yoga sessions. These sessions are ideal for those who need a refresher or just crave something different in their practice. Additionally, Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic offer music nights, which bring in energetic DJs to expressively move around the room as students raise their energy levels with their postures. Furthermore, teachers at the studio give private classes and partner up with nutritionists and healers during pop-up events for a holistic experience. These events are designed to promote relaxation and well-being through various complementary practices such as acupuncture, shamanic healing, intuitive readings and more!

A Yoga Plan As Individual As You Are

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic

Practicing yoga at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic offers many benefits to those who practice yoga. First and foremost, the classes are led by highly experienced and accredited instructors, giving you peace of mind that you’re learning from an expert source. They offer both heated and non-heated classes to accommodate your individualized needs and skill level. Classes range from hatha, vinyasa flow and yin yoga which are all tailored to a range of fitness levels so everyone can benefit no matter their experience.

In addition to providing the highest quality instruction, Grassroots Yoga also provides a calming atmosphere where students can focus on their practice without any outer distractions or disruptions. From the lighting to the music, students will find relief from everyday stresses in this peaceful atmosphere. The studio also offers massage therapies, allowing you to further your physical wellbeing through relaxation and stimulation. Finally, meditation classes are available for those looking for deeper spiritual healing.

Meet the Instructors

At Grassroots Yoga St Kilda, each of our instructors is highly experienced in the ancient practice. Each one specializes in a different style of yoga, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal needs. With years of knowledge and skill, these professionals provide compassionate guidance to help cultivate self-exploration and connection with your individual being.

Our instructor team includes Jane, who specializes in Hatha Yoga and enjoys guiding new students on their journey toward improved flexibility and balance; Adam, a recent graduate of an advanced Ashtanga teacher training program; Sita, an Intermediate Iyengar practitioner with a specialty in breath control techniques for establishing lasting peace; and Liam – curious student of meditation, pranayama (breathing) techniques, mudras (symbolic gestures) and mantras.

Each instructor at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda is dedicated to fostering true physical and mental wellbeing through holistic teachings based on traditional principles. Whether you’re searching for more relaxation or a more active practice, we believe that every student can find something special here. Our instructors are supportive and encouraging; they will patiently guide you as you explore the power within yourself that belongs only to you.

Pricing Breakdown

Casual Class Pass:

The Casual Class Pass allows you to pay as you go and drop in to any of our classes as often or as little as you want. Prices vary depending on how many classes you purchase at once, ranging from $19-$17 per class. This is perfect for those who like the flexibility of attending only the classes they want.

Membership Plan:

If you’d prefer a more consistent yoga practice, then the membership plan might be for you. For just $99 per month, you can come to unlimited yoga classes (to be taken within 30 days). This plan provides access to both studio classes and livestreamed yoga sessions, so even if there is an event or illness stopping you from attending live classes, you can still keep up your practice from the comfort of home. Plus, it’s great value for money with each class costing just $3.30! Just be aware that there are higher prices for joining mid-cycle (pro-rata) due to discounted pricing in the beginning of each cycle.

Important Information About Attending Classes

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of its attendees. In order to do this we ask that all guests abide by the following rules:
Masks must be worn in the studio at all times, except when on the yoga mat engaging in active practice
Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to class start time
To ensure social distancing measures please keep 1.5 metres away from other people at all times while in the studio
Bring your own yoga mat and any other props you may need
We strongly advise against bringing belongings into the studio, except for your phone if necessary
Showers are available, but we suggest that you shower at home where possible
Sanitise your hands upon entering the studio and sanitise them regularly throughout class
We recommend leaving the studio directly after class if possible. This allows us to keep our numbers limited in line with government guidelines
Thank you for adhering to our rules and helping us make Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic a safe environment for everyone!

Top Tips for Newcomers to the Studio

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic welcomes new students to come and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere created by its knowledgeable teachers. To ensure that newcomers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, here are some tips for getting the most out of their yoga practice:

1. Wear comfortable clothing: It’s important to wear something loose-fitting and breathable to ensure your body has enough room to move freely during the class.

2. Bring a yoga mat if possible: Yoga mats provide cushioning against the floor, but it is not necessary if you do not own one as rental mats are available in the studio.

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3. Start with basics: If you are just starting out, a beginner or all-levels class is recommended as they will help ease you into yoga postures.

4. Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions during class or afterwards if needed – Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic’s teachers are always happy to answer them!

5. Respect personal boundaries: Give your body appropriate space to be comfortable, and don’t make any adjustments without first asking for consent from other participants.

6. Listen to your body: Although it can be tempting to push yourself further than what is recommended in class, it is best for your health and well-being if you listen closely and pay attention to what your body needs during each pose by staying mindful of any sensations that occur throughout the postures.

7. Enjoy & relax! Last but certainly not least – remember that coming to Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic should be an enjoyable experience so never feel like you need ‘push yourself too hard’. Take your time, relax & breathe into each position – no matter how long it takes!

Testimonials from Regulars

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic provides exceptional yoga instruction for beginners through to experienced yoga practitioners.

Customers from Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic have nothing but glowing praise for their classes. “I’ve been attending Grassroots Yoga for about six months now and I can honestly say it has changed my life! It transformed me from a stiff and unbalanced body to a strong, flexible and balanced individual with energy to spare!” said one regular attendee. Another offered the following assessment: “The classes are fantastic! They provide an incredible sense of community along with expert advice and anatomical knowledge that make the whole experience incredibly rewarding.” Lastly, one third customer commented: “I truly feel like I can explore the depths of my practice at Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic. Through going to classes here, I feel more aware of myself in body, mind and spirit and I’m thankful for every single class.”

It is clear that all customers find Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic’s classes highly beneficial, effective and accessible regardless of experience level. Each person praised the knowledgeable instructors who create an atmosphere which is both warm and supportive. Because of this experienced, individuals feel encouraged to further their practice on the mat by taking on new poses as well as advancing their mental clarity within each session. Furthermore, individuals report that they feel better after every class due to increased flexibility and strength in their body-mind connection which contribute to better posture, mindfulness throughout daily activities and above all else an improved overall sense of wellbeing in everyday life.

The Future of Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic

Grassroots Yoga St Kilda Vic is a community-oriented yoga studio in St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia. It is dedicated to providing accessible and holistic health care to its diverse local population, while bringing the newest trends in yoga instruction to its clients. In the coming years, Grassroots Yoga plans to expand its reach to more people that may not have access to quality yoga practice and instruction. To achieve this, it plans on increasing its focus on building relationships with other businesses and organizations in the area such as schools, employers, and healthcare providers. This will allow them to provide various services – from free classes to corporate team building sessions – that cater to different needs of those they serve in the community. Additionally, they are looking into introducing more varied class types such as restorative yoga and yoga therapy for populations with specific therapeutic goals or conditions. By growing their network of affiliate groups and organizations that can benefit from their classes, Grassroots Yoga hopes to promote positive well-being at an individual as well as communal level by empowering people with knowledge and support from experienced teachers.

Final Thoughts

Grassroots Yoga in St Kilda Vic has been an absolute joy to visit. With its welcoming environment, experienced instructors, and wide variety of classes, it truly is a great place to begin or further your yoga practice. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. For those looking for a class that focuses on relaxation and stress relief, Grassroots Yoga has plenty to offer—from traditional hatha classes to challenging vinyasa styles. Not only does this studio provide an excellent chance for people to reconnect with the practice of yoga, but it also stands out as a special place of learning and growth. We highly recommend anyone give this studio a try – you won’t regret it!

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