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Introduction -What is Goodtimes Yoga?

Goodtimes Yoga is a yoga studio that focuses on creating an enriched and unique fitness experience for its participants. They provide classes and workshops focused on improving physical, mental, and emotional health, and aim to bring the joy of yoga to everyone who walks through the door. The team of experienced teachers provide expert guidance while they share their knowledge—the styles may range from traditional Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin or Kundalini Yoga. Each class uses breath as a foundation for movement, allowing you to gain greater flexibility and energy as you work with postures that can be modified to suit all levels of experience. Students are also encouraged to focus on wellbeing off the mat with meditations and mindfulness taught in their courses. In addition to this, Goodtimes Yoga also provides various workshops such as Yin Yang Sound Journeys and Acro-Partner Yoga Workshops which allow attendees to explore movement deeper than ever before.

Benefits of Practicing Goodtimes Yoga

Goodtimes Yoga is a unique and uplifting form of yoga that focuses on bringing joy and inner peace through your practice. Practicing Goodtimes Yoga can help to reduce stress and tension, increase energy levels, improve posture, build core strength, boost mood, and promote overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In addition to providing physical benefits such as improved flexibility and balance, it also encourages mindful breathing and meditation which can help reduce anxiety, improve focus and concentration skills. The practice also increases awareness of the body-mind connection which can result in improved relationships in all aspects of life. Lastly, by tapping into the power of community support during classes or workshops one can establish strong social connectivity with fellow practitioners to deepen their practice even further.

Types of Styles of Goodtimes Yoga

Goodtimes Yoga offers a variety of classes to suit all levels of experience and fitness. Depending on your goals and needs, there is likely a style of yoga available that will be perfect for you. Some of the more popular styles offered by Goodtimes Yoga include:

*Hatha Yoga: This style of yoga focuses on introducing basic postures and breathing techniques to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. It is suitable for all levels as it can be adapted to each individual’s lifestyle and body type.

*Vinyasa Flow: This style of yoga brings movement through the poses in a dynamic flow which allows for an increased range of motion, improved blood circulation, flexibility, muscle strength and a greater sense of well-being.

*Yin Yoga: Yin yoga incorporates longer held stretches that are held for several minutes at a time, emphasizing deepening into the stretch without straining the muscles or joints. It promotes healing by targeting deep connective tissues close to the bone structure which helps restore joint mobility and improve flexibility.

*Restorative Yoga: This gentle practice deeply relaxes both the body and mind while calming over-stressed areas such as tight shoulders or splintered hips. With an emphasis on mindful stillness during extended poses, restorative yoga reduces stress, increases energy levels and renews vitality.

*Power Vinyasa: This energizing practice is typically done at a faster pace using sun salutations as a way to work up a sweat towards building strength within both body and mind. It combines core strengthening exercises with powerful flows that include arm balances and inversions so be prepared for some added challenges!

Joining a Goodtimes Yoga Class

Joining a Goodtimes Yoga class is a great way to get fit and relax at the same time. Goodtimes Yoga offers classes for all levels of experience, so no matter if you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner looking for something new, there’s something for everyone. As part of the class, instructors provide instruction and guidance on proper alignment as well as cues to help ensure that all participants are safe and can keep up with whatever exercise is being done. Breathing techniques are also taught to help cultivate relaxation and mental clarity. In addition to providing physical exercise, classes often include gentle massage therapy, calming music, and guided meditation sessions – all designed to help students deepen their awareness of themselves and their surroundings. For those looking for deeper spiritual teachings while they practice yoga, courses focused on traditional Hindu teachings are available as well. Whether someone is looking to work up a sweat or achieve mental clarity in their daily life, a Goodtimes Yoga class has something for everyone!

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Meet the Team Behind Goodtimes Yoga

Goodtimes Yoga is a unique and enthusiastic team of instructors, trainers, yogis, and spa professionals. Led by certified yoga teacher and spa therapist Liz Turnley, the talented staff has more than 25 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and dedication to the studio, striving to create an inspiring, encouraging space where people can practice yoga safely and confidently. In addition to their comprehensive classes designed for the beginner to advanced student, they offer retreats and workshops tailored to specific needs. Their commitment to using organic and plant-based products during their services provides an additional boost of wellbeing for our clients. Through Goodtimes Yoga, Liz Turnley aims to provide clients with a supportive environment that will nurture personal growth inside and outside of the studio.

What Happens During a Goodtimes Yoga Class?

Goodtimes Yoga is an energetic and fun yoga class designed to help you improve your wellness, inspire healthy movement, and bring joy into your life. During the class, you will be guided through physical postures that look to combine breath with movements. You can expect to experience a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises during the class while learning proper form, technique and alignment. You may also explore mindful meditation and relaxation exercises that involve focusing on body awareness or deepening breath to foster a sense of ease. The class culminates in a nourishing relaxation practice where you can cultivate a meditative state of stillness. Each Goodtimes Yoga session is intended to give practitioners physical and emotional benefits as well as leave them feeling uplifted and energized for the day ahead!

How Does Goodtimes Yoga Compare to Other Practices?

Goodtimes Yoga is an independently owned and operated yoga studio. It is unique compared to other practices in that they provide classes ranging from classic Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative yogas to more modern styles such as Aerial and Acroyoga. There are a variety of workshops and retreats offered throughout the year as well.

The teachers at Goodtimes Yoga range from experienced yogis to new practitioners, allowing students to find their perfect match for instruction. Each teacher brings a creative flair to their class that could be anything from guided meditation to laughter therapy.

Goodtimes Yoga also differs from other practices in the way it focuses on creating a space for self-care. Creative projects such as a gratitude jar help build community among students. They even offer Restorative yoga which includes aromatherapy breathwork & Reiki healing treatments along with sound healing journeys utilizing crystal singing bowls.

Students of Goodtimes Yoga have the opportunity to explore many different methods of practice while releasing physical and emotional tensions acquired through daily life—it truly is an experience unlike any other!

What You Need to Practice Goodtimes Yoga

Goodtimes Yoga is an excellent addition to any fitness routine. In order to practice Goodtimes Yoga, you will need a few items: a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and some supportive gear such as blocks or straps. Additionally, having a yoga teacher or guide can help you to understand the postures and practice safely. For beginners, you’ll need patience and dedication in order to learn all the foundation exercises before moving on, as each posture builds upon one another. Finally, it is helpful to bring along a positive attitude and an open mind – it will help you better connect with your breath and appreciate the journey of relaxation. With all these components in place, Goodtimes Yoga offers an excellent path towards physical fitness as well as mental wellbeing!

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Goodtimes Yogis You Should Follow

There are many yogis you can choose to follow on social media and learn from. Here are a few of the top picks for Goodtimes Yoga fans:

1. Mandy Ingber is an internationally known yoga coach and instructor who focuses on helping her clients tap into their true felxible potential. She emphasizes meditation and mindful movements that are designed to increase balance, grace, and harmony inside the body.

2. Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, a popular style that builds both physical strength and mental clarity with breath-focused flow. Utilizing dynamic pose sequencing, Sadie’s classes focus on core connection to ensure proper alignment in your practice as well as total mind-body fitness results.

3. Briohny Smyth teaches playful yet powerful practices with a unique emphasis on connecting to inner wisdom rather than relying solely on outer forms of accomplishment or measureable outcomes when it comes to yoga practice. She incorporates mantra chanting and intuitive approaches that help lift students up into embodying more authentic potentials in life beyond any single session or class.

4. Seane Corn has an inspiring style of teaching based around personal power and growth as she pushes her students towards creative horizons in asana practice without giving up on integrity and self-care principles for each individual’s experience in the room.

5. Baron Baptiste is renowned for his intensely fun classes with high energy levels that challenge participants to simply go beyond what they thought was possible physically, mentally or spiritually through his signature system combining postures linked together by mindful movement flow sequences and motivational verbal cues from instructors passionate about assisting you reach far beyond your comfort zones in life all around!


At Goodtimes Yoga, we take our commitment to providing excellent service and a quality experience seriously. Our experienced staff of experienced instructors are passionate about helping people reach their health and wellness goals through the practice of yoga, while providing an inviting, calm atmosphere that allows for deeper levels of relaxation and growth. With a wide selection of classes and styles, including beginner to advanced classes taught in various locations across the city, we provide something for everyone regardless of their level of experience with yoga. We are dedicated to helping our students learn and thrive while they enjoy the benefits that come with a regular practice. From exclusive introductory offers to accommodating class schedules to amenities like aromatherapy and heated beds, Goodtimes Yoga has everything you need for a truly unique, special experience. Add in our focus on mindfulness that helps bring more awareness into every aspect of life, along with personalized instruction and support from our staff members as you progress, it is clear that Goodtimes Yoga sets itself apart as a first-class yoga studio.

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