Goat Yoga Portland


Goat Yoga Portland is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines the fun of yoga with the beauty of nature. With classes led by experienced instructors, Goat Yoga Portland offers an exciting new way to reconnect with yourself while playing with friendly farm animals in the great outdoors. This creative fusion exercise is sure to bring relaxation and joy to people of all ages and skill levels. What makes this activity special is that it combines the benefits of yoga with the joys of interacting with animals for a truly amazing experience. From outdoor asanas on a field surrounded by goats, to cuddles on blankets in appreciation for their companionship, no matter what you do in Goat Yoga Portland, there’s so much laughter and satisfaction sure to be had!


Goat Yoga Portland is credited with being one of the first places in the world to offer goat yoga classes. The idea for goat yoga was pioneered by Lainey Morse, who started Goats On The Go at her Oregon farm in 2015. She was inspired to add goats to her traditional yoga classes after a personal experience of seeing how the presence of goats lightened her mood and improved her emotional health.

Since its inception, Goat Yoga has grown exponentially and Portland has become a hotspot for people looking to try out this unique experience. Classes are available across the Portland metropolitan area and have become a popular way for people to find greater peace, relaxation, and joy. Morse has written several books about the benefits of doing yoga with goats and regularly travels around the country sharing her story and leading goat yoga workshops.

Benefits of Practicing Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga Portland is a unique way to practice yoga in the presence of playful and friendly goats. In addition to providing an entertaining experience, practicing Goat Yoga has many physical, mental and emotional advantages for yogis.

Physical advantages include increased strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. A regular Goat Yoga practice can increase your core stability by strengthening the muscles that hold you up in various poses. As a result of this improved stability, you’ll be able to perform more advanced variations of traditional yoga postures properly and safely. Furthermore, diving into goat yoga poses can also improve cardiovascular health due to their rhythmic nature, helping to reduce overall stress on the body.

The mental benefits are twofold: on one hand goat yoga helps improve concentration as the need for focus increases when distracted with the presence of adorable goats running around; it also promotes mindfulness due to its calming nature which leads yogis closer to their inner self- awareness and spiritual growth.

Not only does goat yoga offer physical and mental benefits but there are also several emotional advantages too. Spending time with animals naturally boosts moods as they provide unconditional love and joy that have been proven to have a positive effect on one’s emotions. What’s more being able to laugh frequently while taking part in an activity is great for destressing which equates to feeling emotionally happier throughout your day even after the session is complete!

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Popular Venues for Goat Yoga in Portland

The practice of goat yoga in Portland is a relatively new phenomenon that is quickly gaining popularity. It combines the popular practice of yoga with the companionship of adorable goats. In Portland, there are several venues that offer goat yoga classes for those who are looking to get their zen on with a furry friend. One notable venue is My Little Goat Yoga, where guests can practice hatha yoga and vinyasa flows in an open meadow setting as goats wander around them or even jump onto their backs! Other popular options include Woolly Farm Yoga Retreat, Goatherd & Gals and MoonDance Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. These venues offer classes both indoors and outdoors so there’s something for everyone! Regardless of the venue, participants can expect to experience deep relaxation while spending quality time with the goats.

Safety and Care Tips for Handling Goats

When handling goats at Goat Yoga Portland, it is important to keep safety and animal care in mind. Here are some tips to help ensure a safe experience for both you and the goats:

1. Always supervise children closely when they handle the goats. Make sure that their interactions with the animals are supervised and confined to petting, brushing, and gentle scratching of their heads or necks.

2. Respect the goats’ personal space; avoid loud noises or sudden movements that may cause them distress.

3. Do not feed the goats anything other than what has been provided for them by Goat Yoga Portland staff—human food can make them sick.

4. If possible, wear closed-toe shoes while interacting with the goats as this reduces potential injuries from getting stepped on or kicked accidentally.

5. Be aware that a goat’s horns can become entangled in clothing; you should use caution when standing near them so as to not get hurt by their horns or unintentionally snag fabric on them as they move around you during activities such as yoga poses or walking paths.

6. Whenever possible allow the goats to approach you rather than trying to corner or contain them—give them plenty of room to roam freely!

Packing and Dressing for Goat Yoga

Before heading over to Goat Yoga Portland, you’ll need to make sure you’re packed and dressed the right way. It’s important that you dress for comfort and safety — after all, you’ll be surrounded by goats!

The best attire for a goat yoga session will be comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive and allows for movement. Consider bringing a pair of leggings or fitted shorts, as well as a t-shirt or tank top. Make sure that any clothing worn around the goats has no zippers, drawstrings, metal buttons or studs that they may nibble on and chew. Shoes are not necessary since goats can usually step over them easily, but if you wish to wear some flat shoes make sure they fit snugly so they don’t slip off when you move around. You may also want to bring a towel or blanket to put down in case the grass is wet and a bottle of water to stay Hydrated!

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Stories, Tips, and Advice from Experienced Goat Yoga Practitioners

Goat Yoga Portland is a group of experienced goat yoga practitioners who have come together to share their knowledge and experience in the practice of goat yoga. They offer tips, advice, stories, and techniques to help those looking to integrate goats into their yoga practice. Participants will learn how to select a goat that works best based on age, temperament, or size; ways to properly handle goats during class; how to use essential oils with goats; breathing exercises designed specifically for goats; postures that help relieve anxiety and stress in both humans and goats; stretching poses that provide deep relaxation for both the yogi and their goat companion; and even music selection tips for a truly luxurious experience. The Goat Yoga Portland team offers guidance in creating the perfect environment for each unique participant’s individual Journey through yoga. They also discuss other topics related to lifestyle, health, fitness and well-being for those interested in incorporating more of a holistic approach into their practice.


Goat Yoga Portland is the ideal way to unwind and take some time off from your daily stress-filled life. This relaxing activity is a unique combination of both yoga and goat petting, making it the perfect combination for just about anyone. With all the positive benefits that come with regular yoga practice such as improved balance, concentration, and mental clarity, combining it with adorable baby goats gives you an even better upbeat mood. The goats help bring about an atmosphere of joy and lightheartedness as they interact with humans in playful ways. Not only that but interacting with animals has been proven to reduce stress levels and lower cortisol levels – though it is unclear whether this comes from their unconditional love or just their presence alone!

In addition to its physical benefits – Goat Yoga Portland also offers significant psychological advantages. As you focus on the goats instead of any anxieties or worries you might have in life, your mind can be at peace and fully present in each moment. The slow, mindful movements combined with the joyful atmosphere created by the goats can help bring out a feeling of blissful happiness, joy and connection within yourself. Plus, since this activity is outdoors near nature while soaking up sunshine – it’s even better! There’s no doubt that Goat Yoga Portland is one of the most uplifting experiences around so if you’re ever looking for a way to relax and escape stress – grab your mat, head outdoors and experience Goat Yoga Portland today!

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