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Glen Cove Yoga is an experiential studio located in the heart of Glen Cove, New York. This full-service yoga studio offers a variety of classes, workshops and events designed to help individuals craft a tranquil and mindful experience. From beginner-friendly group classes to multi-week programs facilitated by experienced instructors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What makes Glen Cove Yoga stand out from other studios is its attention to detail. Each class is carefully crafted with comfortable temperature settings, soothing music selections and high quality props that allow participants to move at their own pace. The teachers strive to create a welcoming environment with compassionate instruction so that attendees feel both supported and energized while they practice. Further, members of the studio enjoy access to personalized programing, private sessions and even one on one coaching if desired. Finally, Glen Cove Yoga mixes up the schedule weekly for plenty of dynamic content year round ensuring that each visit brings a fresh experience!

Benefits of Glen Cove Yoga

Glen Cove Yoga is gaining popularity as a form of exercise and relaxation. Practising yoga can provide physical and mental benefits to each individual who makes an effort to do so. Physically, Glen Cove Yoga increases flexibility, strength, and balance while developing better posture. It also stimulates the release of endorphins that reduce stress levels and improve overall wellbeing.

Mentally, Glen Cove Yoga encourages mindfulness by focusing on one’s breath, using meditation techniques and poses. Practicing regular yoga helps with releasing stress-related tension in muscles, thereby helping individuals develop clarity of thought and better concentration. This focus has been scientifically linked to increased productivity in other daily activities. By connecting the body with the mind through yoga practice, practitioners will then be able to self regulate their physical and mental health further.

Different people can benefit from practicing Glen Cove Yoga depending on what result or outcome they want for their specific circumstances or lifestyle needs: for instance, those looking for a physical workout can try power or restorative yoga classes; those seeking inner peace may take Yin or Vinyasa classes; others may prioritize more cool-down pilates exercises which prevent them from straining muscle groups when beginning an intense sport activity such as running or swimming. Regardless of choice, it is important to remember that taking care oneself with consistent mindful practice is essential in terms of achieving overall positive results.

Yoga & Meditation

At Glen Cove Yoga, we offer a variety of different types of yoga and meditation classes. Whether you are looking for relaxation, flexibility, strength-building, or something in between, we have something to offer.

We specialize in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow styles of yoga along with yin yoga and restorative yoga. Our Hatha classes focus on balance between your body, breath, and mind. They are suitable for all levels as each pose is held for a longer time to allow exploration within the pose. Our Vinyasa classes link breath with movement to create an invigorating yet calming flow. These classes will leave you feeling balanced and energized.

Our Yin yoga classes help students bring balance back into their bodies through the use of passive poses held for long periods of time targeting deeper layers of connective tissue such as ligaments and fascial networks. Our Restorative Yoga classes help create relaxation from both physical fatigue and emotional stress by using props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps to support the body in various postures for much longer holds than regular yoga classes.

We also offer meditation classes which cover various topics such as guided meditation visualizations, mantra repetition buddhist teachings, healing circles etc – perfect for those looking to cultivate their inner calmness or increase mindful awareness in everyday life.

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Instructor Profiles

The instructors at Glen Cove Yoga are each uniquely qualified to help their students reach their health and wellness goals. The studio prides itself on hiring experienced, educated and certified yoga professionals with a wide range of training philosophies, styles and backgrounds.

The head instructor of the studio is Shantel Dubonnet. She has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and is registered at the 500-level with the Yoga Alliance. Formerly a professional ballet dancer, she discovered yoga to maintain her strength, focus and flexibility while she was off from performing. Since then she has developed her own style of teaching focusing heavily on how basic postures can promote balance in our body & mind and breath work that encourages relaxation within those postures.

Irenne Giovannitti holds an Integrative Health Coach certification from Arizona State University and studies extensively in hatha, yin and restorative traditions. She received her 200-hour certification from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy School in partnership with Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she also taught college classes focused on overall well being through movement, meditation and nutrition education.

Solange Steinmetz has her 300 hour certification through Counter Balance research center where she worked extensively with Diane Bruni who focuses on teaching therapeutic principles aligned with traditional lineages of Hatha Yoga allowing the student to go deeper physically, mentally and spiritually. Solange’s passion centers around exploring meditative aspects of the practice while providing tools to bring awareness into each moment as it comes creating more mindful connection to both self as well as others.

Finally, Sadie Anderson is a certified Kripalu teacher who studied at Downunder School of Massage in Massachusetts for two years before achieving her 200-hour motorcyle wheeler certification from Let It Flow Yoga Training Institute in Austin TX.. Sadie believes that discovering your individual path can have immense healing effects not only by bringing clarity but also by adding faith into every day life experiences allowing them to become more mindful every step of the way.

Pricing & Membership Options

At Glen Cove Yoga, we offer a wide range of pricing and Membership options to meet your needs. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just starting out, we want to make sure our classes are as accessible as possible for everyone. We have multiple discount programs available for different types of practitioners and lifestyles.

For those looking to start their practice with us, we offer a free one-week trial period before committing to one of our membership packages. This allows anyone interested in yoga to sample the studio without paying any money up front. Once the trial period is complete, customers can choose from our different payment plans which range from monthly subscriptions to yearly commitments, depending on what suits them best.

Additionally, we offer loyalty discounts for customers who stay with us over time. We have 3-month and 6-month promotions which give discounted rates on monthly subscription fees. There are also discounts available when purchasing 10 or 15 class passes at once as well as multi-person family packs which consist of discounted membership plans when two or more individuals commit to enrolling together find great value in this option.

To further aid individuals trying to get started on their yoga journey, we also have several special packages on offer throughout the year such as group classes and special introductory offers on equipment rentals. All these specials allow beginners experiment and venture into the world of Yoga without putting too much pressure on them financially

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At Glen Cove Yoga Studio, everyone is welcome regardless of experience level or budget and there are plenty of pricing & Membership options available for all kinds of yogis!

Facility Amenities

Glen Cove Yoga offers a range of amenities designed to provide a relaxing and rewarding experience. Their facility features air-conditioned, large practice rooms with hardwood floors, sound systems, and natural lighting; providing an inviting environment for yoga classes. In addition, their boutique caters to yogis with special builds of gloves, mats, bolsters and blocks; giving the extra comfort needed during practice. The studio also provides professional massage services that help clients unwind from daily stress. As part of their commitment to providing high quality service and unique experiences, Glen Cove Yoga also offers special packages where members gain access to season workshops as well as nutrition consultation sessions. These packages are tailored for every level”from beginners who want to learn the basics to advanced practitioners who wish to explore more difficult postures. Above all that, Glen Cove Yoga believes in cultivating community by organizing regular social events such as movie nights and sound healing circles.

Community Outreach & Events

Glen Cove Yoga is committed to providing opportunities for the community to learn and grow in a supportive environment. To that end, they are constantly hosting events such as educational workshops, charity drives, and fundraisers. These events provide the opportunity for members of the community to network, gain knowledge, and support organizations that help their local area.

Glen Cove Yoga often partners up with organizations like charities & food banks in order to make proceedings from fundraising events go further by helping multiple causes at once. They also have staff members that are available to offer on-site instruction & classes at places like women’s shelters or senior centers- giving people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access yoga the opportunity to do so.

Finally, Glen Cove Yoga questions the status quo and delivers interactive “guerilla style” events around the city. These give people a chance to get outside of their comfort zones and practice their poses in unpredictable environments such as parks or beach fronts under the supervision of seasoned instructors. This helps promote an attitude of positivity and also teaches participants how to sharpen their skills while interacting with diverse groups of people.


Glen Cove Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes and activities for people of all ages and skill levels. By utilizing the area’s talented teachers, Glen Cove Yoga ensures that those who come to practice have access to the best possible instruction. Not only do they provide quality instructors, but also give students a place to relax and find balance in their lives.

In conclusion, there is no better place than Glen Cove Yoga for finding peace and harmony in your life. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is something here for everyone. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for updates on upcoming classes and events! Make sure you check out Glen Cove Yoga today”and bring wellness and relaxation into your life!

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