Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge


The Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge is an excellent way to improve your skin and achieve a more youthful look. This program combines easy facial exercises that take just minutes per day with stretching and relaxation techniques. Through this challenge, you will learn how to tone your face muscles, increase blood circulation, eliminate wrinkles and puffiness, reduce double chins and jowls, increase collagen production, sculpt youthful contours in the jaw line and cheekbones, lift sagging eyelids, brighten dark circles under eyes and firm necklines. Additionally, you will also achieve greater mental clarity, stress relief and improved posture through this challenge. By taking up the challenge of doing Face Yoga Method exercises just 2-3 times per week for 28 days straight as instructed in the comprehensive guide – you’ll see dramatic results throughout both your face and body!

Benefits of Face Yoga Method

1. Increased Skin Hydration: Scientific research has shown that the connective tissue in skin cells becomes more hydrated when performing regularly face yoga exercises. This increased hydration helps to reduce wrinkles, combat premature aging and maintain elasticity of skin.

2. Improved Circulation: Regularly performing Face Yoga Method exercises helps to promote circulation in your face and neck, leading to an improved natural glow and overall appearance of healthier skin.
3. Reduced Fine Lines/Wrinkles: Studies have found that regular face yoga promotes collagen production and increases cellular respiration, leading to an increase in skin’s firmness and volume, ultimately helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.
4. Stress Relief: As with traditional yoga, Face Yoga Method helps to improve mindfulness and coordination between mind and body. Taking time out of your day to perform facial exercises can help alleviate stress levels by creating a sense of peace and relaxation within yourself.
5. Restored Luminosity & Radiance: Performing the 28-day challenge will boost your skin’s ability to retain water which gives you a brighter complexion as water hydrates from beneath the surface of your skin resulting in restored luminosity and radiance naturally .

How to Do the 28 Day Challenge

Step 1: Begin your 28 Day Challenge by forming a tight “O” shape with your lips in a puckered kiss. Hold the pose for several seconds and try to maintain the same expression for each repetition.

Step 2: Using eye movements, look up at the ceiling and then down at the floor. Alternate movements rapidly four times.

Step 3: Massage around your eyes with gentle pressure from your index fingers, making sure not to stretch or put too much pressure on delicate facial skin. Do this for several seconds.

Step 4: Tighten your facial muscles by biting down hard using your back teeth and try to maintain that same expression for thirty seconds.

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Step 5: Smile wide with closed eyes and transform that smile into a soft look if possible (this helps relax fine lines). Hold the pose for ten seconds while taking long deep breaths to help let go of stress.

Step 6: Open one eye and move it side to side as far as you can before switching sides, with each repetition do this four times per side.

Step 7: Begin pursing your lips together tightly like you are blowing a big bubble while putting some tension behind it- hold it before releasing slowly onto your cheeks and repeat three times.

Step 8: Place two fingers under each brow arch and raise them slightly before pressing down towards the bridge of the nose- keep breathing normally during these exercises so that you remain relaxed- do this 10 times followed by 10 earlobe pulls (using index finger & thumb to pull gently on either side of earlobe).

Step 9: When finished take a couple of moments enjoying yourself in front of mirror, giving yourself an honest compliment about how great you performed today’s exercises!

Day by Day Guide

For Week One:

Day 1: Start by loosening your jaw muscles and increasing blood flow to the face. Begin with long neck stretches, lightly pull down your earlobes in a circular motion, then smile and release. Follow that up with gentle massaging movements on key areas such as the chin, nose bridge, forehead, and cheeks. Finally, use resistance as you open and close your mouth; repeat this 8-12 times. Benefits include rejuvenated skin and refreshed facial muscles. Listen to relaxing music while performing this routine for an extra calming effect.

Day 2: Focus today on the eyes and cheeks by gently pulling down on both your lower eyelids and applying pressure around the cheekbones to release tension from these areas. Using gentle tapping motions near your brows, massage into each sheet of muscle below the eyes three times before moving onto the temples; do this again three times per temple area. Lastly, stretch out your upper lip over your teeth in an upward direction to reduce wrinkles around this area before resting it back in its original position. Music suggestions: Soft jazz or classical instrumentals to give a soothing atmosphere while preforming these exercises

Day 3: Open up all sinuses by doing eyebrow raises— pulling them up towards the skies—repeat 10-15 times before tilting the head back slightly and lifting eyebrows high repeatedly with slow resistive force 5-10 times while sustaining a monosyllabic vowel sound (ohm). Afterward tilt head side to side using light pressure against both hands on either side of face 8-10 reps each direction; breathe deeply through nose during this exercise to get full benefits. Finally, rub palms together until heated up then place over closed eyes for 15 seconds repeating 3 more time for relaxation effects. Health benefits include improved circulation in the sinus cavity, reduced puffiness under eyes, stress relief from massaging of facial muscles

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And so on….

How to Maximize Your Results

To maximize your results during the Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge, here are some tips and advice you should follow:

1. Nutrition Tips – Eating a balanced, healthy diet is key to gaining the most benefit from the facial exercises. Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet as they provide essential vitamins and minerals which can help tone skin, give it an energized glow, and plump underlying areas to reduce wrinkles. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

2. Lifestyle Adjustments – Perform the facial yoga exercises consistently throughout the 28 days for maximum results. Aim for a few minutes daily instead of doing longer sessions less frequently for better focus and effectiveness. When you have time, do more exercise or add new ones to keep challenging yourself. Avoid any excessive touching or rubbing of your face that might cause skin irritation which could hinder progress in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Rest Periods – It’s important to take regular breaks while doing facial yoga, meaning step away from it altogether at least one day per week (for example Sunday each week). Giving your face an occasional break helps it stay rested and rejuvenated, sending oxygen-filled blood throughout your skin cells to help nourish them and restore their youthful look more quickly and effectively than when exercising constantly without regular rest periods in between sessions.


The Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge is a great way to jumpstart your journey towards better skin and improved self-confidence. To help you stay motivated and dedicated to getting the most out of your challenge, we recommend providing customers with discounts or free bonuses such as a free trial class or additional schooling related to Face Yoga Method. Doing so not only incentivizes people to participate but also provides them with valuable knowledge that can help them achieve better results from their program. Additionally, this will give loyal customers something extra on top of their challenge which they’ll certainly appreciate!

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