East Nashville Hot Yoga

Introduction to East Nashville Hot Yoga

East Nashville Hot Yoga is an experience like no other. It is a combination of traditional and heated Vinyasa classes flowing to contemporary music with strong, intuitive sequencing that links breath to movement. The heat, the music, and spiritual connections of all practitioners encourage a balanced mind-body practice. Designed to be accessible but challenging for all levels from beginners to advanced yogis alike, classes help build strength, flexibility, focus and connection in a fun and tone setting!

The practice of East Nashville Hot Yoga allows you to move out of your comfort zone and into possibilities. That’s what makes it so unique–it helps break down mental barriers and allow for self exploration with the transformative power of soulful music. Through creative sequencing and mindful instruction we combine dynamic breathing techniques with mindful poses leaving you feeling empowered and surrounded in energy from your fellow yogis. You’ll leave each yoga class even more connected than when you arrived!

History and Overview of East Nashville Hot Yoga

East Nashville Hot Yoga began in 2018 when hip hop artist and local entrepreneur Mike McCain saw a need in the community for an affordable and quality hot yoga studio option. His vision for East Nashville Hot Yoga was to make it accessible to all bodies, regardless of their ability level or physical capacity. Within its first year, the studio exceeded expectations with hundreds of students joining the program and participating in the regular classes offered.

Since then, East Nashville Hot Yoga has been featured multiple times on local TV news programs, including National Public Radio, NBC News affiliate WSMV Channel 4 News and CBS affiliate WTVF Channel 5 News. Furthermore, major publications like The Tennessean have praised the studio for creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages students of all backgrounds to join the program and commit to their practice.

Some notable highlights include hosting workshops led by renowned yogis such as Nikki Vilella, Seane Corne and Jonny Kest; a corporate wellness and yoga retreat program which brought together members from various companies located in Nashville; and several fundraisers that directly benefited those affected by natural disasters around the country. Additionally, there have been successful guest teaching initiatives featuring instructors from across the U.S., Canada and Europe as part of exchange programs that bolster community ties through hot yoga instruction.

Instructor Profiles

East Nashville Hot Yoga is a growing business in the East Nashville community. We are passionate about providing an environment for people to practice their physical, mental and spiritual health through yoga. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and have unique experiences, making them excellent additions to the team.

We have a range of instructors with different styles and skills. Kathy has studied yoga for over 20 years and is passionate about teaching others the power of breathwork. She shares her passion for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation with each of her classes, helping students to find balance in their lives amidst the chaos of everyday life. Similarly, Jimmy emphasizes meditation as part of his teachings, bringing a calming presence to the room which helps students achieve peace within themselves.

Our mission at East Nashville Hot Yoga is to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and supported while they practice yoga safely. Zena has an extensive background in alignment-based anatomy classes and works with all levels of students from beginner to advanced levels. Together with Zane’s flowy Vinyasa classes that build strength, flexibility and discipline from within, we are able to offer variety in our classes so that every student can find one that resonates with them!

We also have teacher workshops available throughout the year for those who wish to deepen their practice or even become teachers themselves! Mark offers workshops in restorative yoga which focuses on decreasing tension throughout the body while finding inner balance; while Linda teaches Ayurveda – an ancient Indian practice centered around self-care through seasonal diet practices and herbs. These two teachers bring essential knowledge that both beginners wanting to learn basics of yoga as well as experienced practitioners looking for some new inspiration can benefit from!

Benefits to Practicing East Nashville Hot Yoga

Practicing East Nashville Hot Yoga can provide a wealth of health and wellness benefits. Here are some noteworthy ones:

1. Improved flexibility: Through regular practice, your joints and muscles will gradually become more flexible and you’ll be able to move more freely.

2. Increased strength: According to the American Council on Exercise, hot yoga builds strength faster compared with traditional forms of yoga because of increased heat which creates more demands on your muscles.

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3. Stress relief: The combination of stretching, deep breathing combined with warm enviorment helps realese mental stress as well as physical tension giving you an overall better mood and clarity in mind through out the day.

4. Weight loss/ calorie burn: During hot yoga classes your body is working harder due to the heat creating an intense cardiovascular experience with many positive effects like aiding weightloss or maintaining a healthy weight over time.

5. Heart health: While doing hot yoga the heat makes it easier for you to break down fat stores in the body making it an effective form of exercise for those looking for ways to reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health overall.

Types of Classes Offered

East Nashville Hot Yoga offers a variety of different classes to suit a variety of needs and preferences. You can choose from traditional classes with hatha or vinyasa yoga, hot yoga classes featuring heated room temperatures up to 95 degrees F, slow flow classes which focus on mind-body connection and mental clarity, and power classes that are more intensive and physically challenging. East Nashville Hot Yoga also offers workshops, meditation experiences, and privates sessions for those who wish to deepen their practice.

Training Guide

East Nashville Hot Yoga is a unique form of yoga meant to help the practitioner strengthen and tone their entire body. In this custom style of yoga, a combination of traditional postures, specific breathing techniques and dynamic movements are used to create intense heat levels that are designed to increase flexibility and reduce stress. The goal is to leave practitioners feeling empowered, relaxed, energized, and ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.

The East Nashville Hot Yoga training guide provides an overview of the different postures and movements involved in this form of yoga. Postures range from standing poses like Tree (Vriksasana), Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I), Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) and Triangle (Trikonasana), to seated poses such as Cat/Cow (Marjaryasana Bitilasana) and Squatting Cactus (Kandvasana). Special attention should be paid to proper alignment when executing these poses, as incorrect or awkward positioning can lead to discomfort or injury.

East Nashville Hot Yoga also incorporates some unusual flows for practitioners who want an added challenge or increased intensity. Along with more traditional sequences like Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A & B) and Full Moon/Lunar cycles, additional flows involving faster paced transitions between each pose keep it fresh from week-to-week. In addition, movements such as Chaturanga Dandasan a(Four Limbed Staff Pose) require strength and determination while engaging various muscle groups simultaneously in order to build physical endurance over time.

Finally, complete the practice by taking part in the various meditation formats offered in class such as guided meditations or breath awareness sessions which are intended to bring about feelings of inner peace and mindfulness, thus encouraging mental clarity and restoring energy levels. With options for all ability levels, East Nashville Hot Yoga proves an effective form of exercise that enables practitioners to leave feeling physically renewed while mentally revitalized!

Instructions for Getting Started

One of the best and most effective ways to get started practicing East Nashville Hot Yoga is by taking a class at a local studio. Local studios typically offer drop-in classes or memberships, depending on your preference and budget. Before beginning any type of hot yoga class, it is important to consult with the instructor beforehand to assess if you are physically ready for such an activity. Additionally, be sure to wear lightweight clothing and pack plenty of water. If possible, try to arrive early so that you can fill out any necessary paperwork before class begins – this will help make sure your first experience with East Nashville Hot Yoga is enjoyable and stress-free!

Special Offerings From East Nashville Hot Yoga

East Nashville Hot Yoga provides high quality, modern hot yoga classes in a safe, fun and friendly environment. They offer a variety of classes that range from beginner level up to advanced poses, as well as specialty classes such as Hatha, Restorative yoga and more! Besides the hot yoga practices they also provide meditation classes, workshops on nutrition, sound healing sessions and holistic health services like massage therapy. East Nashville Hot Yoga strives to create a community where everyone is welcome and there’s something for everyone. They also host special events such as retreats and movie nights to bring the East Nashville Hot Yoga family closer together.

Alternatives to East Nashville Hot Yoga

Yin Yoga: A more meditative and restorative style of yoga, Yin focuses on postures that are held for 1-5 minutes. This slower approach is designed to give practitioners an opportunity to focus on one’s inner awareness while deepening their flexibility and strengthen the body in a gentle way.

Vinyasa Flow: This fast paced energetic style of yoga connects movement with breath as each pose moves freely from one pose to another. It seeks to help create inner strength through increased stamina and physical conditioning.

Tantric Yoga Pose

Bikram Yoga: Known for its heated studios, Bikram is a 26-pose sequence practiced in the same order for 90 minutes. The heat helps the body become warm enough so that you can safely stretch deeper into poses while creating an environment that produces toxins through sweat during your practice.

Hatha: A combination of physical postures and mental practices, this type of yoga seeks to balance the body and mind with a wide variety of postures creating steady movement, opposed to more intense or vigorous styles such as Vinyasa or Bikram.

Restorative Yoga: A therapy-based practice that uses props to support the body as it gently stretches sore tissues and reduces inflammation in tired muscles. It is a peaceful way to wind down from outwardly active lifestyles and enter back into stillness by entering passive stretches for extended periods of time.

Testimonials from Practitioners

East Nashville Hot Yoga is widely beloved by the local community – and many of the people who practice there say it’s changed their lives in a positive way. From newcomers to seasoned yogis, practitioners have praised East Nashville Hot Yoga for its encouraging instructors, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent facilities.

Many have commented on the highly-trained instructors, noting that they are incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely care about each individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. They make sure they go out of their way to help postures work for any skill level or body type – never pressuring anyone to move too quickly or do something that makes them uncomfortable.

Other practitioners sing East Nashville Hot Yoga’s praises due to the variety of classes offered – from Core Strength to Vinyasa Flow, chair yoga to pilates, there is something for everyone. They also applaud the atmosphere created within the space itself; with worn wooden floors, cozy lighting and abundant air plants, East Nashville Hot Yoga has a sense of calmness that practitioners adore. People comment on how improving both physical and mental health through attentive practice at this studio has been life-changing for them – aiding them on everything from stress management to toning up for races.

Nutrition Tips for Practicing Hot Yoga

East Nashville Hot Yoga is a fun and beneficial way to practice yoga. To make the most out of the experience, you should consider following a few key nutrition tips.

First, make sure to hydrate before and after your session. Make sure to bring a water bottle and keep sipping water throughout your practice as this is important to prevent dehydration. You can also drink electrolyte drinks or coconut water to replenish electrolytes which are lost through sweat during hot yoga.

Additionally, it’s important to eat properly before and after each session. Eating a light meal that is rich in complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal or brown rice can help provide energy for your practice. Also be mindful of eating nutritionally dense foods with plenty of minerals and vitamins like dark leafy greens and other fresh veggies, nuts, beans, avocados, etc – all excellent sources of healthy fats and proteins for muscle recovery after class.

Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself! Enjoying occasional indulgences like dark chocolate as an end-of-session reward (in moderation) can help create an enjoyable atmosphere that reinforces the rewarding feeling of completing a successful East Nashville Hot Yoga class!


East Nashville Hot Yoga is the perfect class for all your wellness needs. Located in the trendy, hip east side of Nashville, this studio is designed to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the benefits of hot yoga. With experienced and caring instructors, humidity-controlled rooms and heated classes lasting up to 90 minutes, it’s clear why so many people choose this studio for their workout routine. On top of these features, East Nashville Hot Yoga offers a variety of class options tailored to all skill levels, allowing everyone from beginners on up to experience the best in hot yoga practice. For those looking for an even more immersive experience, workshops and retreats are also offered which provide a more complete journey into wellness through movement and meditation. With all these options available, East Nashville Hot Yoga is undoubtedly the perfect place for you to reach your individual health and fitness goals.

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