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Drift Yoga Seattle is a modern yoga studio based in Seattle, Washington. The studio was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating a space for people to learn and practice yoga, while also cultivating a community of support and understanding. Their mission statement is to guide yogis of all levels on their personal physical and spiritual journeys by providing an inclusive atmosphere, caring instruction, and empowering practices. Drift Yoga Seattle offers an eclectic mix of classes ranging from traditional ashtanga yoga to trendy power vinyasa. No matter your age, ability or level of experience, there is something for everyone at Drift Yoga Seattle. They also offer workshops, teacher training courses, special events and more for those interested in diving deeper into their yoga practice. Additionally, the studio provides mats and other props to use during classes which makes stepping onto the mat more accessible for everyone.

Benefits of Practicing at Drift

Drift Yoga Seattle offers an array of different styles of yoga for those looking to practice in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. At Drift, you can practice Hatha, Vinyasa, Yolates, Yin, Restorative and Aerial yoga.

Hatha yoga is known for its gentle movements, which emphasize proper alignment as well and mindful breathing. This type of yoga helps improve strength and flexibility while providing intense relaxation of the body and mind. Physical benefits include improved posture and circulation while mental benefits include improved concentration and feeling of calmness.

Vinyasa focuses on linking breath to movement with a dynamic sequence of poses to cultivate gracefulness, strength, balance and control in your body. Its flowing rhythm encourages practitioners to be mindful while deep stretching promotes relaxation. Physical benefits include increased muscle tone as well enhanced coordination while mental benefits includes greater awareness within the body as well improved focus.

Yolates blends Pilates and Hatha into one approach that challenges the core as well as improve flexibility. Asanas are approached with controlled breathing movements that increase strength along with balance/stability for better awareness of postures. Physical benefits involve stronger abdominal muscles as well more mobile joints while mental benefits involve developing internal mindfulness through movement awareness.

Yin yoga is focused on slow movements to provide deep stretches that allow practitioners to hold postures longer rather than creating flow like other formats did. Relaxation is emphasized in order to gain greater flexibility within deeper connective tissues besides physical structures such as bones and muscles; it also asks practitioners to explore deeper levels of consciousness while using imagery meditation techniques such principles encourage connecting with the present moment with acceptance and transformation rather than control or ambition at times when it could be felt uneasy or harder challenging ideas about living life gracefully in acceptance come up slowly but surely during this class format too that works alongside what’s happening within the physical body being worked upon too – alleviate tightness from all over; create suppleness from where trauma, wounds lay invisible/hidden ;learn how efficiency not effort affords insight into stillness; investigate how speed fits into patience & transforming force from tension letting go relaxes . . .

Restorative Yoga uses props such as bolsters (pillow shaped cushions) for comfort in supported poses meant to restore balance in the body through replenishing energy reserves by going deep rest mode! Mental clarity increases when combined with breath work if held long enough even just 5-10 minutes pre-pose will take over if it feels right relaxed breathing having space around releasing tensions held on mentally/ emotionally based practices then many types/styles might open up easily create openness sans judgements find out what style best stimulates energy production raise confidence enjoy new possibilities!

Cow And Cat Yoga Pose

Lastly, aerial yoga utilizes a hammock-like apparatus suspended from the ceiling used together w/ vinyasas & Yin style sequences creating access 2 postures described quite extraordinary feats including lifting off ground by inverting leg holds etc allow practitioner 2 reach higher state relaxation i nversion supports let slip away anxieties attach yourself earth again — reconnect thru calmness balance which cn be reached thru floating higher towards self love enlightenment mental decreases stress hormones ++endorphins released these feelings find way back even after class ends!


Drift Yoga Seattle offers classes taught by two experienced instructors, Danielle and Ryan.

Danielle is a certified yoga instructor with over 1,500 hours of training in different forms of Yoga. She specializes in offering alignment-based vinyasa flow classes designed to empower her students to reach their individual goals with thoughtfulness and breath. Before turning to teaching yoga, Danielle trained as a professional dancer and later studied the art of Shiatsu massage therapy ” giving her an insider’s knowledge for body mechanics that she passes along to her students.

Ryan has been teaching yoga since 2008 and spent several years practicing vinyasa in Mysore, India before receiving his certification from Bikram Choudhury International in 2010. Drawing on his more than 12 years of experience, Ryan strives to offer creative sequencing in his inspiring classes that incorporate elements of mindfulness practice without sacrificing fun or intensity.

Danielle and Ryan make an excellent team because they draw on their different backgrounds and skills to provide students with unique styles within the same class setting. They also share similar values when it comes to community building throughout each class, including lightheartedness and full-bodied support for every student regardless of experience or athletic ability. All are welcome at Drift Yoga Seattle!

Program Offerings

Drift Yoga Seattle offers four subscription packages: the Monthly Unlimited, 3-Month Unlimited, 6-Month Unlimited, and 12-Month Unlimited.

Monthly classes offered by Drift Yoga Seattle are held throughout the day during the weekdays and weekends. Different types of classes available include Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Hot & Slow Flow.

In addition to regular classes being offered throughout the week, Drift Yoga Seattle also offers special events and workshops for its members. These workshops range from Ayurveda 101 to Pranayama (breathing exercises), Meditation to Essential Oils and more! Most workshops that Drift Yoga Seattle holds will take place on Saturdays or Sundays with some exceptions for weekday evening events throughout the month.


Drift Yoga Seattle has built an incredible community of yogis that come to practice together. The studio regularly hosts weekend retreats and workshops, as well as special events, such as beach and outdoor yoga classes. During these events, yogis get a chance to bond with each other and build lasting relationships in the Drift Yoga Seattle family.

The weekly classes are not just about the physical aspect of yoga, but also provide the opportunity to socialize and build friendships with others who share the same passion for yoga. Drift Yoga Seattle has successfully created an inclusive environment through their welcoming energy and positive vibes.

Retreats and workshops have been particularly popular among current members of Drift Yoga Seattle’s community. These events provide advanced training on different techniques or methods led by experienced instructors. Photogenic moments that capture the joy and peace brought by Drift’s vibrant groups have been shared all over social media platforms, which have further strengthened their bond throughout their community.

Root Chakra Yoga Sequence

Overall, Drift Yoga Seattle is truly proud of its welcoming atmosphere filled with love, support and openness – core values that will remain part of this remarkable yoga studio for many years to come!


Drift Yoga Seattle has a solid fan base composed of happy customers who love the classes and overall experience the studio provides. It is not hard to see why – they offer an incredible range of classes, including heated power vinyasa, hatha yoga, restorative moves, pilates movement, and deep guided meditation. Most students have been raving about the energizing music selection and passionate instructors who go above and beyond to ensure that classes are tailored to meet everyone’s individual needs.

Jacob: “I have been practicing at Drift Yoga Seattle for almost a year now and I already feel like it’s become my second home. Everyone is so friendly and uplifting! The teachers are amazing; they’re genuinely invested in helping me reach my goals.”

Heather : “I love Drift Yoga because the yoga sessions are challenging but also really well paced. Plus I am always sure to see new faces at every class ” which keeps things interesting. Plus there is always a serene energy emanating from the space!”

Kristina : “Drift Yoga Seattle was exactly what I had hoped for when I decided to give yoga another go after taking a break from it. Every class I take here offers something unique; whether it be creative playlists that help keep me motivated during class or insightful reminders from my teachers during savasana that remind me to carry my practice off the mat too. Plus – their heated flow classes are perfect on chilly days like we get in Seattle!”

The testimonials don’t stop there–subscribers can watch some video or audio testimonials on YouTube or listen through podcast interviews with enthusiastic peers about why the studio has proved so popular in recent times. One repeated sentiment across all platforms is that no matter how experienced you may be with yoga, you’ll always feel comfortable and supported when stepping into Drift Yoda Seattle’s doors!


Drift Yoga Seattle is a wonderful way to practice yoga in a relaxed and comfortable environment. There are classes for all skill levels, with friendly and certified instructors to guide you through every step. Members have access to special deals, exclusive events and more. Membership allows you to enjoy the many benefits of Drift Yoga Seattle such as free rental mats, exclusive discounts, free seminars and special seasonal discounts on merchandise. The studio also offers a range of classes from beginner’s yoga to intermediate and advanced yoga practices. All classes strive to promote improved physical health, mental well-being and ultimate relaxation.

Become a member of Drift Yoga Seattle today for an amazing mind-body experience that will have lasting effects! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your body, your mind and your overall quality of life by joining today! Let Drift Yoga take you on a journey towards health, relaxation and peace of mind!

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